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The Latest Batik Fashion Style for Women in Indonesia

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Batik is one way of making fabric . Besides batik can refer to two things . The first is the technique of coloring cloth using the night to prevent staining in part of the fabric . In the international literature , this technique is known as wax – resist dyeing . The second notion is the fabric or clothing made with these techniques , including the use of certain motives which have peculiarities . Batik Indonesia , as the overall engineering , technology , and development -related motives and culture , UNESCO has been designated a Cultural Heritage for Humanity Oral and Nonbendawi ( Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity ) since October 2nd 2009 .

Now , batik is growing , not only among adults who like to wear batik , teen – was now beginning to love it , because the latest models provide a variety of batik batik clothing such as ladies clothes , men and sarimbit or couple in a wide selection of models , designs , motifs and attractive color . The area is famous for its batik Indonesian city of Solo is named as one of the city ‘s famous as the center of the batik industry in Indonesia , in Solo City shops offer a selection of unique batik Solo, Pekalongan various typical clothes , Jogja and so forth , and offer a variety of models modern batik shirt both in the design and use of colors and motifs by using quality materials .

Latest batik shirt can certainly overcome boredom batik lovers . Batik is one of Indonesian national identity , which must always be in the preserve batik with batik thus will always be there and there will be no other nation recognizes if batik originated from another region . Batik is one of the ever-evolving fashion from time to time , at first only in the form of batik into a cloth that is used by women in ancient times , and when fashion began to evolve where the clothes had been there and growing , the batik shirt The batik began to sink so lacking in interest by the people of Indonesia , especially for young people . When batik clothes began to be developed then it is enough to make a lot of interest , and then batik always developed , both for the model and also the kind that adults and adolescents – can be used batik is still modern . Here we will provide information the Latest Batik Fashion Style for Women in Indonesia :

1 . One Women Batik Shirt

batik shirt

batik shirt







2 . Two Women Batik Shirt
Baju Batik Batik is named Couple or more fitting called a fashion sarimbit or couples . Is a kind of clothes that have similarities in terms of colors and patterns are used . Sarimbit Batik is a fitting choice for those of you who want a compact and harmonious in batik clothing .

batik shirts for women

batik shirts for women












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