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The Largest Tree House in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

The tree house is a house built on a tree, not a house made from trees. Nature is the ultimate goal of human life, because man can not live apart from nature. The progress of time, modernization, technological, cultural, social level sometimes much forget about human nature to be united with nature. Many humans – humans who ignore their natural life. In the highest levels in humans will ultimately miss the friendship with nature or with the term “back to nature” (back to nature). With back and friendly nature of life was more peaceful, beautiful, beautiful, and comfortable. This condition eventually people want to become friends with nature. Many people who want to have a tree house. Because by having this human tree house feel a sensation that can not be bought with anything. Here we will provide information about the tree house in the list of world’s largest tree house :

The Minister’s Tree House Tree House

The tree house is located in the area of Crossville, Tennessee, USA. Created by Horace Burgess, who did construction piecemeal over a large tree.

Horace started to build on the tree in 1993, and was completed 11 years later, in 2004, and was crowned the world’s largest tree house in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Costs should he spend approximately US $ 12,000 or Rp. 108 million, an amount that is reasonably priced given the overall width of the tree house building is 10,000 square meters.  There is a lot of room that contained in it, among other places of worship, a place to play basketball, the top level for the chorus, in addition to rooms which are numerous and also a balcony and corridor.

Horace does not build a tree house on a tree, like a home usually another tree. But it builds on top of the 6 tree lined. Spent 258,000 nails, this tree house to be the dream of every children who like adventure.


The building has 10 rooms and some of the large room in the middle. There is even a room where there is a mini basketball hoop as a garnish. Inside this building there is also an old church bell weighing nearly half a ton.

Many tourists who have visited this house. And they usually capture every room there, not being charged anything for this visit to the tree house. First time visiting here, visitors will see a tower 30 meters high tree house.

The tower that attracts the visitors. They will rise to a peak, then amazed to see the sights flower gardens and forests of extraordinary beauty. However, in 2012 the building was closed to tourist visits due to fires that had occurred in this house.

Fire Department says it is still very risky home had given all the material derived from wood which can be fragile anytime without previously known. Obviously this is very dangerous. And still not known when the official big tree house reopened, of course, many people are still curious about the grandeur of this tree house and expect that the Minister’s Tree House will be revisited by tourists. Here we will provide images tree house The Minister’s Tree House :


tree house builders

tree house builders


tree house hotel

tree house hotel


tree house designs

tree house designs


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