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The Largest Toy in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Doll is a kind of toy that can form all kinds, especially humans or animals, as well as fictional characters. Stuffed toys can be said to be one of the oldest, as in the days of Greek, Roman or Egyptian have already stuffed. But the function, form, and materials used in it was different once between then and now.

Generally dolls are made as children’s toys, but are sometimes used for ritual functions relating to the nature or things that are supernatural or mystic ceremonies such as a religious ritual in ancient times. Now because the times are so advanced it became extinct , but the doll still a lot of fans , not only for children’s toys only , adults – was also a fan , liked it very much because even they are willing to spend a lot of money to collect them .

Then what if there are dolls which are very large, want to know!! ! The following information will be given a list of the biggest doll in the World :

1 . Largest doll one

thomas and friends toys

thomas and friends toys

This stuffed doll in the list of the largest in the world, comes from the city of Camaguey , Cuba . And has a height of up to 4.87 meters.

Because these dolls are very high, when first shown on Friday, February 5, 2010 ago, this doll lifted using a crane. The doll itself is made by 13 people over nine months. The author hopes this doll artists entered the Guinness Book Record as the record of the highest in the world dolls ever.







2 . Two Great doll

biggest toy store in the world

biggest toy store in the world

The dolls is in the list of the world’s largest doll , made of snow . Usually the height of snowman is as well as the height of children, but this doll is differs from usual snowman. Olyimpia is a snowman located in Bethel, Maine with 122 feet high over 1 inch, and it is managed to beat the previous record.









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