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The Largest Cars Ice Cream in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Ice Cream is one of the drinks that demand a lot of people, ranging from children to adults , Ice Cream proved to be beneficial for health , what are the benefits ? ! ! The following information will be given :


1 . Maintaining heart health 
Consuming foods rich in flavonoids which are closely related to the low number of deaths caused by coronary heart disease . Allegedly , the content of flavonoids in chocolate actually maintain cardiovascular health by inhibiting LDL oxidation . Flavonoids in chocolate also acts as an antioxidant that can prevent premature aging .


2 . Stimulate the immune system 
By producing more cytokines , which are proteins that are produced as part of the immune system , the chocolate is beneficial in stimulating the immune system .


3 . Reduce the risk of breast cancer 
Based on the research Institute of Community Medicine , University of Tromso , Norway , in the International Journal of Cancer , consume 3 or more glasses of milk every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women .

One of them was one of the benefits contained in the Ice Cream is milk chocolate and , of course, makes sense Ice Cream becomes easier and more and more popular in all circles . Therefore , there is finally in some countries deliberately created the automobile giant that sells Ice Cream and Ice Cream dispenses large , other than that , great car Ice Cream has attracted the interest of children and adults . Here we will provide information Ice Cream car world :


Ice Cream Monster Truck Car
Ice cream is a popular children’s and adult ‘s , making a famous car manufacturer Skoda Auto to change the name of a car into a van version of the Octavia VRS ice cream world . Equipped with wheels as high as 152 cm and four mega speakers .

Great addition , the van is also quite high and weighing up to 5.5 tonnes . Ice cream van is painted pink with shades of yellow . The ice cream is great hat artificial cherries placed at the roof of the van .

For ease when buying ice cream , a ladder-was prepared to take the ice cream orders . Reportedly ice cream van is currently on tour to the UK and distributed 6,500 free ice cream that portion of its also very large .

In some countries ice cream vans for sale to use . Brightly colored painted with images of ice cream on the front or side of the car . Usually they will stop at a fairly crowded locations such as playgrounds or near schools .

monster truck mater

monster truck mater


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