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The Largest Carrier in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

The aircraft carrier is a warship designation to load the aircraft in large numbers . His job is to move the air power in naval fleet as supporting naval operations . In addition , it is also used as a command center operations and as detterence force or effect on the opponent flinch . As the ships that carry aircraft , fighter aircraft carrier has a higher flexibility than any other warship . In addition to the usefulness of battle , the carrier also has other functions such as reconnaissance , air superiority , or provide assistance . When the 2004 Aceh tsunami , U.S. Navy ships lose one parent in providing humanitarian assistance to the victims , searching for missing persons , and transporting the bodies of victims .

The aircraft carrier is a ship used by a country to transport all purposes including the war fighter in it . So in other words an aircraft carrier can be interpreted as a vessel which strengthens the Navy in carrying out a mission or operation . The largest carriers in the world dominated by the aircraft carrier of the United States . As a superpower , the United States certainly will always complement their war fleets with advanced technologies , including the existence of super-sophisticated aircraft carrier .

Carrier is a need for armaments are phenomenal and very fantastic sophistication . In addition to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of military troops , aircraft carrier is also functioning as a shelter ourselves fighter planes as well as a floating air base for an attack strategy . The interests of the defense of a country on the make their ships competing to produce the high-tech aircraft. Here we will provide information on the world ‘s largest aircraft carrier :

1 . Nimitz Class , United States

us navy carriers

us navy carriers

Nimitz class aircraft carrier has a full displacement of 97,000 tons , is the largest carrier in the world . Nimitz -class aircraft carrier first operated in May 1975, while the Nimitz class aircraft carrier of the tenth or the last . Age of each of the Nimitz class aircraft carrier is about 50 years old , and only requires a one-time improvement in mid- life is 25-30 years .

Super aircraft carrier has a length of 332.8 meters and a wide flight deck 4.5 acres that is able to accommodate more than 60 aircraft . Accommodate 3,000 to 3,200 crew , 1,500 water wing and 500 crew.

Nimitz class uses two nuclear reactors that provide a maximum speed of over 30 knots . Sea Sparrow missiles , Phalanx close- in weapon system ( CIWS ) and Rolling Airframe Missiles ( RAMs ) be provided on the ship to address potential threats . Ship Nimitz – class aircraft carrier will be replaced by the next class aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford ( CVN 78 ) , scheduled in 2015 .



2 . Admiral Kuznetsov, Russian Federation

navy carriers

navy carriers

Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier operated by the Russian Navy . Built by Nikolayev South shipyard , Kuznetsov get ranked as the second largest carrier in the world . Has a displacement of 58,500 tons to 67,500 tons .

Area of flight deck 14.700m ² ( 3.6 acres ) , making Admiral Kuznetsov able to accommodate jet fighter Su – 33, MiG – 29K and Su-25UTG/UBP STOVL , as well as helicopters Ka – 27 and Ka – Ka – 27PLO 27LD32 . The aircraft carrier manned by 1,960 crew , 626 air wing and 40 flag staff .

Russian aircraft carrier is driven by a steam turbine propulsion system that provides a maximum speed of up to 32 knots . Armament consisted of anti – ship cruise missiles P – 700 Granit , AK – 630 AA , and CADS – N – 1 Kashtan CIWS and rocket launchers RBU – 12000 ASW UDAV – 1 .



3 . Liaoning, China

navy carriers

navy carriers

Liaoning be the only carrier that operated the Navy of the Chinese People ‘s Liberation Army ( PLAN ) . Originally built by the Soviet Union as the next ship of Admiral Kuznetsov class , but construction was never completed . In the Soviet Union , Liaoning previously named Riga and Varyag .

Chong Lot Travel Agency based in Hong Kong bought at an auction in Liaoning in 1998 with the idea of converting it into a floating casino but never realized . Ship ” orphan ” is then transferred to Ukraine after the dissolution of the Soviet Union . Liaoning later acquired by China and completed construction in Dalian Shipyard , China , to further serve PLAN . Liaoning was officially put into operation in September 2012.

The aircraft carrier is armed with missiles HQ – 10 , 1030 CIWS and anti-submarine rocket launchers ( ASW ) . Full load displacement of 59,000 tons and powered by a steam turbine propulsion . Flight deck able to accommodate about 50 aircraft , including fixed wing aircraft and helicopters .



4 . The Charles de Gaulle ( R91 ), France

navy carriers

navy carriers

The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle ( R91 ) is a surface ship first French nuclear-powered , and the largest warships in Western Europe . This ship is also to be the only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier who operated outside the United States Navy .

The aircraft carrier refit a new experience for six months , was completed in July 2013 ago. The ship can accommodate 40 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters including the Rafale M , Super Etendard , E – 2 Hawyeke , SA365 Dauphin , EC725 Caracal and Cougar AS532 .

Ships with a full displacement of 42,000 tons and carries 1,350 crew 600 water wing . Power plants consist of two water reactors K15 which gave it a maximum speed of up to 27 knots .



5 . Sao Paulo ( A12 ) , Brazil

hotel sao paulo

hotel sao paulo

Sao Paulo ( A12 ) is the fifth largest carrier in the world , with a full displacement of 32,000 tons . This is the aircraft carrier Clemenceau from class currently operated by the Brazilian Navy . Initially the vessel is operated by the French Navy in 1963 with the name Foch ( R99 ) , then sold to Brazil in 2000 .

São Paulo carries 1,920 crew , which consisted of 1,338 crew and air wing 582 . Flight deck can accommodate 39 aircraft , including fixed wing aircraft and helicopters .

Armament consisted of SACP system crotale edir , Simbad launchers and weapons for the protection of sea surface and air threats . Sixth boiler produces 126,000 personnel , which makes horsepower São Paulo has the full speed of 32 knots , one of the conventional energy carrier which is currently the fastest Navy operated the world .


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