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The Largest Aircraft in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha


Aircraft is an aircraft that is heavier than air , fixed wing , and can fly on his own . In general, the term is often also referred to the aircraft with aircraft or aircraft or aircraft with enough same purpose as a vehicle that could fly in the atmosphere or the air . But in the world of aviation, the term different aircraft with aircraft , aircraft term is much broader sense because it has included airplanes and helicopters .

Since the early era of flight began in the 20th century , the experts continue to develop aircraft that are larger in size and is able to fly faster . The goal was to make more and more goods or people who can move from one place to another in a short time .

When the discovery of an aircraft is a historic thing for humans . At first people could only dream to fly in the air . Humans think that there might be an object heavier than air can fly in the air . But Wright Brothers-right denied these Assumptions by creating the first manned aircraft . From the invention of the aircraft was the one then be developed until now can carry Hundreds of passengers.

Now almost every country must have a plane as the air transportation links between provinces in the country and between countries . The presence of aircraft in modern times and the very important role that technological progress quite rapidly . Moreover, having a large aircraft with luxurious facilities is a matter of pride . Proud to be one of the hundreds of passengers a large aircraft because not everyone can have the opportunity to climb the iron bird . Expensive ticket prices are comparable with luxurious facilities provided on the plane . Here we will provide information about the largest aircraft in the world :

1 . Antonov 225

largest military aircraft

largest military aircraft

This aircraft has a length of 275’7 with size 290 wing span and is able to release the maximum load £ 1,322,750 . In Ukrainian Mriya means ” dream ” or ” inspiration ” . Aircraft capable of flying with a load weighing 250 tons , was made in 1988 , namely in the Soviet era and is touted as the largest aircraft in the world . Antonov An – 225 Mriya is a cargo aircraft ( transport ) but the original purpose of creation is to transport the Buran space shuttle replaces Myasishchev VM – T which is one of Soviet space project .

But along with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 , the Buran project was discontinued . Soviet Union collapsed and broke up into 18 countries , one of which Ukraine , where Buran space projects done . No more Soviet , no more glory , no more funding , ” The Inspiration ” were silent , deserted in an airplane hangar wreckage . After not operating for nearly 8 years since 1993 . In 2001 , the aircraft was re- operated with a heavy carrier flight number previously UR – 82 060 82 060 CCCP – until now . What is interesting is this plane had landed at the air base Iswahyudi Magetan to bring 4 orders Sukhoi Indonesia from Russia in 2008.



2 . Aircraft Hughes H – 4 Hercules

spruce goose plane

spruce goose plane

Aircraft Hughes H – 4 Hercules has a length of 218’6 with a wing span size of 320 , and is able to release the maximum load £ 400,000 . This aircraft was first built during World War II is still in progress. Manufacture of this aircraft completed on November 2, 1947, and had only flown once before finally retiring . Hercules is the largest flying boat ever built , and has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in history . This aircraft survived in good condition at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville , Oregon , USA .

Hughes H – 4 a length of 218 feet or 66.65 meters , has a wing span of 319 feet ( 97.54 meters ) , 24.18 meters high , and can carry the weight of 180,000 kilograms ( 400,000 pounds ) 3,000 miles . This aircraft has a single large stomach , eight engines produced by the government at a cost of U.S. $ 22 million and Hughes own expense of $ 18 million . For reasons difficult production process , H – 4 and then retired , and is now on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville , Oregon , United States .



3 . Airbus A380 – 800F 

new airbus a380

new airbus a380

Airbus A380 – 800F is the largest passenger aircraft in the world , who began serving his debut commercial flight in 2007 , by Singapore Airlines . The aircraft has two decks , with a wide body construction . Airbus A380 passenger plane 800F is made in France with a capacity of 853 passengers in a single class or 644 in the second grade level . This aircraft has a range of 8208 nautical mile trip or 15,200 kilometers . Aircraft cost $ 318 million . Four Rolls Royce Trent 970B engines power aircraft in the 70,000 lbf . The maximum cruising speed of 676 miles per hour with a flight altitude of 43,000 feet .

Airbus A380F aircraft had a wing span size of 261’8 . Airbus A380F aircraft had a long three – deck cargo that can carry a payload of 150 tons over a range of non – stop up to 10,400 km . in addition, can also fly non – stop from Boston to Hong Hong , or within 15,200 kilometers . The A380 gigantic 73 meter long , has a wingspan of 79.8 meters , 24.1 meters high , the price is USD 330 million aircraft , Airbus has sold 192 units of this model .



4 . Airbus A380 – 900 seats 

aircraft of the world

aircraft of the world

Airbus A380 is a 900 passenger plane traveling from France with a range of 8,100 nautical miles or 15,000 kilometers . The aircraft can carry 900 passengers in a single classroom setting and 656 in dual class configuration . Aircraft cost $ 337.5 million . Four Rolls Royce Trent engine plane B is used to help achieve maximum cruising speed of 676 miles per hour and maximum flight altitude of 43,000 feet .





5 . Boeing 747 8 

boeing airplanes

boeing airplanes

Boeing 747 8 Boeing is the largest aircraft with 700 passenger seats . The new aircraft reportedly sold 5 units at a price of USD 351.4 million .








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