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The Highest Mountain in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Various countries have different mountain peaks, this time we will discuss about the list of world’s highest mountain peaks of which there are 10, all included in the Himalayas, let’s see together:
1. Everest, Himalayas, Nepal / Tibet, 29.035 ft / 8.850 m

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Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world when measured from sea level. Summit ridge marks the border between Nepal and Tibet, a peak in Tibet. In Nepal, according to Sanskrit is the mountain is called Sagarmatha for Dahi Heaven and in Tibetan Chomolangma or Qomolangma for the mother of the universe, is pronounced in Chinese language 珠穆朗玛峰 (pinyin: Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Feng). The volcano is getting his English name from the name of Sir George Everest. This name was given by Sir Andrew Waugh, the surveyor-general British India, the successor of Everest. Everest is one of the Seven Summits of the Main in the world.


2. K2 (Godwin Austen) Karakoram mountains, Pakistan / China, 28.250 ft / 8.611 m

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or Karakoram mountain is the second highest mountain in the world. Located in the Karakoram of Pakistan and the Himalayas between the People’s Republic of China, is a national mountain in Pakistan. This high mountain reaches 8.611 meters (28.251 feet). That said, this is more difficult mountain to climb than Mount Everest because the weather is bad. K2 is also higher in the surrounding area when compared to Everest. K2 is dubbed the “Mountains Cruel” because of this. In 2004, only 246 people who managed to climb to the top. At least 56 people died while trying to climb it. Unofficial name for K2 is Mount Godwin Austen, named after the name of the person who first climbed it. Besides these mountains also named Qogir (derived from Chogori), Lamba Pahar, Dapsang, Kechu, Ketu, etc..


3. Kangchenjunga, Himalayas, India / Nepal, 28.169 ft / 8.586 m

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Kangchenjunga SewaLungma (Limbu) is the third highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest and Chogori) with a height of 8586 meters (28,169 feet). This mountain is also the second highest mountain in Nepal. Kangchenjunga means “Five Treasures of Snow, because it consists of five peaks, four of which reached more than 8450 meters. Treasure symbolizes the five objects belong to the god of gold, silver, gems, grain and the scriptures. Kangchenjunga called Sewalungma in Limbu language and consecrated in religious traditions Kirant. Three of the five peak (main, central, and southern) limit Utaradari Sikkim district of Sikkim region, India and Taplejung District of Nepal, and two others were diDistrik Taplejung.


4. Lhotse I, Himalayas, Nepal / Tibet, 27.940 ft / 8.516 m

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5. Makalu I, Himalayas, Nepal / Tibet, 27.766 ft / 8.463 m

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That was a list of the world’s highest mountain peak, for those of you who like a challenge, go up the mountain should be tried


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