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The Highest Airport in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Airports or airport is a facility where aircraft can take off and land . The simplest airport has a runway minimal but large airports typically include various other facilities , both for operators and flight services for its users . The airport is also located in the defined area on land or water including any buildings , installations and equipment , which are intended either as a whole or in part for the arrival , departure and movement of aircraft .

Now , the airport is not just a place for up and down plane . During its development , various facilities are added such as convenience stores, restaurants , a fitness center , boutiques and famous brand especially in new airports .

Usefulness airports other than as a human traffic terminal or passenger , as well as freight traffic terminal . To that end , in a number of airports that the status of international airport customs officers stationed . Airports in Indonesia with the status of international airports include Kuala Namu ( Deliserdang ) , Soekarno – Hatta ( Cengkareng ) , Juanda ( Surabaya ) , Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman ( City of Balikpapan ) , Hasanuddin ( Makassar ) and many more .

This means of transportation , it is growing and the demand by the public , therefore some countries in order to make the airport can be very convenient , in some countries there that makes the highest airport , the goal in order to facilitate the departure of the flight . Here we will provide information about the airports in the list of the highest airports in the world :


1 . Daocheng Yading Airport
China is ready to open the country ‘s highest airport in the world in May of 2013 . Plans revealed after successful testing by Air China . An activity test flights carried by Air China , the national airline of China , at the highest airport . The trial last week declared a success after the Airbus A319 took off from Chengdu at 06:00 and arrive in Daocheng at 07.30 local time .


The highest airports in the world are located in the southwest of Sichuan , China . Airport named Daocheng Yading is in the height of 4,411 meters , which means 77 meters higher than the current highest airport . Air China will start offering flights between Chengdu and Daocheng when this airport began operation in May of 2013 . Meanwhile , these other airlines , such as heading Chongqing , Kunming , Guiyang and Xi’an , will be considered next .

With the opening of the airport with a runway of 4,200 meters , then the choice of transportation between Chengdu and Daocheng become more diverse . This also is good news for the tourists who had been objecting to the two-day bus journey is quite a challenging route between Chengdu and Daocheng .

feet above sea level

feet above sea level


2 . Courchevel Airport
The airport was built to serve a visit to a ski resort in Courchevel , France . However , the length of the runway is only 580 meters plus the presence of a hill in the middle of the runway , making only a special certified pilots are allowed to fly the plane and land there .

endangered animal list

endangered animal list


3 . Tenzing – Hillary Airport
High mountain on one side and a cliff thousands of feet on the other side . This airport is located at an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level , so there is almost no enough power for takeoff .

Tenzing – Hillary Airport is a small airport in the town of Lukla in eastern Nepal . In January 2008 , the government of Nepal announced that the airport would be renamed Airport Sir Edmund Hillary , the first person who reached the summit of Everest . The airport itself is quite popular because many who use it as a starting point for climbing Mount Everest .

nepal airport

nepal airport


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