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The Grandest Castle in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

The palace is the grandest and most luxurious buildings; some of the palace has a history that is different from the castles that ever suceed, because of the beautiful and unique history, lived in the palace is to be the dream of everyone.

The palace – the classic palace is established to mark on a government and to put a mark splendor of the empires or states, but some of which was set up with a very beautiful and majestic structure. The following is a list of the grandest palaces in the world :

1. Winter Palace

the hermitage museum

Winter Palace is the palace during winter in Saint Petersburg is located in the Russia, this palace is the official residence of Russian Tsars. The building was designed by many renowned architects, including Rastrelli Bartolomeo who popularized the style of Baroque Elizabeth. Palace with green and white has a rectangular elongated shape. The palace has 1786 doors, windows 1945, 1,500 rooms and 117 units of the stairs. In view of the front of the palace building has a length of 250 m and a height of 100 feet. It’s really a real residence ruler.


2. Mohatta Palace

mohatta palace

Mohatta Palace is one of the grandest palaces in the world; the Palace is located in Karachi Pakistan. The Storey building and has its own characteristics, with brown and white, which can be viewed from the front right – really looks majestic, beautiful and luxurious.







3. Malbork palace 143.591 m2

windsor castle

Malbork is the world’s largest palace which located in Poland, founded in 1274 by the Teutonic Knights used as its base to defeat the enemies of Poland and to set their own governmental powers in the northern Baltic region. The palace was expanded several times due to the increasing number of the Knights until they yield to Königsburg in 1466.






4. Summer Palace, Beijing, China

palace of schonbrunn

The Summer Palace is the largest palace and also the best preserved imperial garden in China. In its original language, this castle named Yiheyuan, or Garden of Harmony and Health. As the name suggested, the Summer Palace is only used as a palace of the China’s emperor family of vacation in the summer. On a typical day, they live behind the walls of the main imperial palace known as the Forbidden City in the centre of the city.




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