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The Funniest Cat in The World

March 1st, 2014


By : Ririn Sholiha


Cats are one of the most funiest creatures in the world, they are one of the pets that pretty much interest people, it has many variety – different types and names, such as the example of Angora cats with a distinctive coat that is pretty much in love and interest many people, Cats also known as the domestic cat or Housecat to distinguish it from other cats and felids, it is a small carnivorous mammal that is valued by humans for companionship and its ability to hunt vermin and household pests. For you fans of the cat, here is a list of the cutest cats in the world:


1. Angora Cats

angora cats

Angora are one of the funniest cats in the world and has a distinctive coat, cats of this type is differ than the other cats , his attitude is very funny at all, people who see it will surely admire the cuteness of this cat.









2. The cat Felis silvestris Catus

cat information

The cat Felis silvestris Catus is a type of carnivoras. This cat is also one of the funniest cats in the world; these animals had been getting along with human life since at least 6000 years BC, from a cat skeleton on the island of Cyprus. Ancient Egyptians of 3500 BC has used cats to keep mice or other rodents away from crops barn.
This moment cat is one of the most popular pet in the world. Cat lineage that officially recorded as a cat or a pure-breed (pure breed), such as Persian, Siamese, manx, sphinx. Cats are usually bred in captivity official animal. The number of cats race is just 1% of all cats in the world, the rest is a cat with a half-breed like stray cats or cats home.



3. Persian Cats

persian cat for sale

Persia is a cat with long hair that is marked with a round face and short muzzle. Universal ranked number one is the most popular because it is very loving and loyal. One of the oldest cat race, he took his name from his originated Persia (Iran). Recognized by the cat fancy since the late 19th century, it was first developed by the British and especially by American farmers after World War II. In Britain, it is called as an artist or musician of classical Persian music. Although Persia has a high price and need maintenance treatments every day, this is more than compensated for by personality, but his hair could be a nightmare to maintain, sometimes it’s growing to 3 inches in length. Persians require a comfortable environment to feel safe.



4. Siamese cats

funniest cat

Siamese are one of the first distinctly recognized as breeds oriental cat. Fo noted that the exact origin of the Siamese is unknown, but believed to have originated from Southeast Asia. The breed standard of the Siamese modern showed its elegant, sleek, stylish, flexible and muscular body. It has a triangular-shaped head, with a thin snout, almond-shaped eyes and tilted. The hair is short , shiny, smooth, soft, tight and adhered to the body. Siamese is characterized by typical pointed color scheme. A Siamese cat always wants to be center of attention. They want to be noticed. Cats are very communicative, yowling in a rasping voice for attention or just to chat. They tend to be too noisy or cry a lot if you ignore it. They are slender and athletic with big ears. Their fur is short and lay close to their skin. They love to caress, and very loyal and close to one person. They are very intelligent and loving.


5. The Maine Coon cat

maine coon cats

The Maine Coon is noted for great bone structure, rectangular body shape, and long hair flowing in the body. The breedings can be seen in various colors and are known for their intelligence. Maine Coons are one of the biggest races in the country. For male cats the average weight is about 12-18 pounds ,in females are usually about 10-14 pounds. They are tough, gentle and loving with long hair but does not require much grooming as the Persian. The personality is kind that will make them very safe with children. The One addition that they would be a very loyal to the family.



6. Ragdoll Cats

ragdolls cats

The Ragdoll is one of the largest domesticated cat with a sturdy body, frame large feet and proportionall. This cat breeds with blue eyes and a different color point coat. This is a semi cats – big and muscular artist with a soft and silky fur.It is developed by the controversial American breeder Ann Baker, the best cat is the one that known as a docile and calm temperament and affectionate nature. The name “Ragdoll” is derived from the tendency of original individuals that limp and relaxed when picked up. They are very gentle, relaxed and affectionate. They are perfect for any household. They were so tame, the things that could be harmful for them is going out because they will not defend themselves if they attack other animals.




7. The Exotic cat

exotic cats

The Exotic Shorthair has a gentle and calm personality reminiscent of Persia, but more alive than its long hair ancestors. The character are curious and playful, this cat is friendly to other cats and dogs. They rarely meows sound. They do not like to be left alone, and needs the presence of the owner (or sound or smell that is reminiscent of the master, such as radio continues). They tend to show more affection and loyalty than most breeds and make excellent lap cats.They are calm and steady nature makes them ideal apartment cats for city residents. Nonetheless, Exotics retain some of the energetic spark of their ancestors “The American Shorthair” and they often capable of hunting mouse.


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