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The Famous Restaurant in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Restaurant is a place or building that serves food and beverages to customers , to be consumed as a necessity in order to repair or restore the conditions that have been reduced after doing an activity .

The definition above the top of the food and beverage defined in the sale as well as the manner of presentation and service are Provided to customers who come to enjoy a meal or just to relax . There are several Types of Restaurant , following the info :

1 . dinning Room

Is a restaurant that serves food and drinks with a quality number one . The technique used is a ministry of service in Russia and France . Structuring the table is full of Elaborate Cover or appetizer to dessert .

2 . Café
A place that provides food and beverage sales .

3 . Specialty Restaurant 
Is a restaurant with its own distinctive characteristics from the atmosphere , interior , equipment , food , beverages , music by the maid uniforms tend to exhibit the hallmark of a region or country . Such as Chinese Restaurant , Korean Restaurant , Sundanese Restaurant , etc. .

4 . cafeteria
Is a restaurant that serves food and soft drinks which are generally the food was finished with fast service , food laid out neatly , guests staying pick or take food to his taste , payments are made at the cashier located in the tip .

5 . Pub
The pub is a place where more specialized beverage sales than food sales . The pub atmosphere is usually more focused on customer comfort with presenting various streams music by DJ-and by some local artist to artist world .

That was the types of restaurant , Restaurant or eating place is no longer a difficult place to visit or acquired . Many restaurants everywhere. In places the shopping center , on the edge of the highway , in the playground or the mall and in areas crowded enough to make it easier for customers who are hungry and thirsty . Armed with that man on this earth millions and even billions , with the fact that eating is the number one basic requirement and the fact that people of today are a lot more money choose to eat out for various reasons , business or restaurant business or restaurant does not seem to be there endless .

Some restaurant offers the usual price to attract buyers from any circles , some restaurants have special dishes for the culinary lovers , some restaurants even offer a name , luxury and service , even some classy restaurant offers dishes with luxury service at a high price . However , not every restaurant offers the best services for its customers . Here we will provide information on the world famous restaurant , of course, that taste delicious cuisine , a comfortable place and good service , this is it information :

1 . San Sebastian , Spain

Basque region , Spain , a region known for its tapas , Spanish -style snacks with exceptional taste and unique flavor of a sexy and distinctive Spanish . San Sebastian is located in the Basque region is the town called ‘ Tapas Cultural Center ‘ .


2 . Mougins

Mougins is located in France that is a small town in the south of France is famous for the right temperature for the affairs of the stomach . Residents are only 16,000 people , will also make this small town feels very comfortable , especially this small town turned out to have 50 restaurants . With a list of names of world-class chef who opened the restaurant in this small town , not hurt you to stay a while and feel the culture of world -class belly .


3 . Luxembourg

Small country which is not more than 500,000 inhabitants has a dozen restaurants with Michelin stars grace . The capital of Luxembourg , Luxembourg City , which is only 75,000 people live , has several restaurants with three Michelin stars .

State influenced the culinary culture of France, Belgium and Germany is very rich with the best fresh fish and also a variety of cake and pastry creations that await your arrival .


4 . Gothenburg

Maybe you will be surprised with the number of restaurants that received a Michelin star number in Sweden , but in reality , Gothenburg has a five star restaurant with a prestigious boon to the culinary world at 28 + , Basement , Fond , Kock & Vin and Sjomagasinet . The largest city in Sweden this is very pampering the residents and visitors . The best chef in the world average stay in this city , and seafood is a mainstay of the city ‘s population of 500,000 people .


5 . Palermo

palermo restaurants

palermo restaurants

Palermo is located in Italy , this restaurant is a Sicilian culinary culture that is reflected perfectly in the typical food of Palermo . When in the city , you will enjoy vegetables , fish and wheat grains with various flavors typical Mediterranean and the Middle East .

Palermo offers the best of Sicilian food that you can meet in Il and Osteria Altri Tempi Mulinazzo , which serves typical Sicilian classic flavors like Vampaciucia c’Anciova , pasta dish with tomatoes , anchovies and wine . Focacce certainly can not miss , bread fried in oil cow , with the content of the spleen and lungs of cattle or Aranc is the best wine and beef .


6 . Ludlow , England

Ludlow is located in Egland which is a very small town , population just 10,000 people , has the highest number of restaurants outside of London which was awarded a Michelin star . So you can imagine , you do not have to stand in line for a taste of world -class offerings in this small town . In fact who knows , the house down the road your hotel is one of the world -class chef .


7 . Las Vegas , Nevada , USA

Las Vegas is famous for various things glamor and gambling , but of course also a place that would be interesting for those of you who want to experience luxury living . A variety of world -class chefs consider this gambling city as their second home , Gordon Ramsay , Mario Batali , Thomas Keller , Emeril Lagasse and the best restaurants opened their branches in the city . Guy Savoy with roast beef gravy butter , Commander’s Palave that New Orleans -style French toast , Firefly for Spanish -style tapas and also Joel Robuchon who earned three Michelin stars .

Grocery market in Las Vegas is the perfect place to look for classy groceries .


8 . Bologna , Italy

bologna restaurants

bologna restaurants

Bologna is the culinary affairs indeed a very impressive city . The town is located in an area called La Grassa which means fat , a separate promise that there would be food that is very rich in flavor .

Pork is the main menu in this town , but certainly the most famous in the city are preserved meat products , such as mortadella , and prosciutto cotechino are not all made from pork and a variety of pasta such as tortellini , tagliatelli , Paglia e parmigiano reggiano fieno as well .

For classic Italian food , you may have encountered in the Al Pappagallo and for tortellini , you can visit Da Bertino . As for taste Italian culinary wealth , it’s time you visit Via Clavature market , which serves Italian culinary wealth in front of you .


9 . Edinburgh , Scotland

Not only because there are 3 restaurants earned three Michelin stars ( Martin Wishart , Number One and The Kitchen ) , but also because Edinburgh is a mixing of various cultures . Everywhere there is always a friendly pub awaits in every corner of the city and there is always a festival that awaits you . And most exciting is the Taste of Edinburgh Festival , where you will find all sorts of Scottish food and drink typical of all Scotland .

Scotland’s capital is indeed a paradise for food enthusiasts , as markets , food producers , tea houses , pubs and hotels are almost all high standard .


10 . Singapore

singapore casino

singapore casino

Every year in July , the country entered into the Singapore Food Festival , which will present a variety of Asian -style delicacies , including the hallmark of Singapore , Spicy Crab Sauce . Please stop by to Clarke Quay or Boat Quay which is the breeding places are also a variety of restaurants and visit Chinatown Food Street and Lau Pat Sat Festival Market for the best local food .

Top restaurants in Singapore include One Rochesterm and Lei Garden , with the main dish scallops in black bean sauce and grilled shark that tastes good .



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