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The Famous Muslim singer in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha


The singer is a person who uses a voice pitched with songs accompanied by music or not. Nowadays music has become a very important part for some people, even into entertainment needs.

The flow of music until now the number has reached thousands. There is homage to pop music, dangdut, rock, reggaae and others. One of these streams of religious music are pretty much favored by most people all over the world. Here we will provide information about the Muslim world famous singer :

1. Sami Yusuf

muslim music

muslim music

British man who bred Azerbaijan is one of the outstanding musicians Muslim. With different music, Sami Yusuf promote Islamic values through his songs. His first album, entitled Al-mu’allim which was released in 2003, at the age of 23 years, success in the market with 3 million copies sold. Then the second album, My Ummah-which was no less successful with managed to sell 4 million copies. And third album Wherever You Are was until now still continue to demand.

Sami Yusuf has also collaborated several times with Outlandish, a band from Europe, along with Connor Reeves in the album Wherever You Are. And one song is titled Supplication become one of the Original Soundtrack in the film The Kite Runner.

Sami Yusuf songs not only speak English, Sami Yusuf often mix it with other languages, such as Urdu, Arabic, Farsi (Iran), India, Turkey, and Malay.

For his achievement, in 2006, Time magazine called it “The Biggest Muslim Rockstar”, then Sami Yusuf is also included in the “500 Most Influential Muslims in 2010”. In addition to singing, Sami Yusuf is also active in his charity activities, such as in Africa and Haiti Earthquake moment.

2. Maher Zain

r & b songs

r & b songs

Maher Zain is a Swedish man who was a singer known for her album entitled Thank You God, in which there are the songs that became hits, such as Thank You Allah, Insha Allah, For the Rest of My Life. Maher Zain who was born in Tripoli, Lebanon is using this type of RnB for the song, it is no wonder the songs were made public.

In 2006, Maher Zain got a chance to plunge into the world of music even higher, she invited him to the United States by one of the producers of music, but here he hesitated and finally decided to go back to Sweden and deepen Islam. The results are amazing, some years later, Maher Zain successfully rocked the world through his songs.

Even in 2011, some of his songs made the other language versions, such as the song “Insha Allah” and “For the Rest of My Life” is converted into Indonesian language, the title was changed, “For the Rest of My Life” becomes “Throughout life “. Aher Zain had also collaborated with other Muslim singers from Canada, Irfan Makki in “O Prophet Greetings’ Alaika” and “I Believe”. The album Thank You Allah-8x Platinum also won in Malaysia, and 2x Platinum in Indonesia.

3. Yusuf Islam

yusuf islam tour

yusuf islam tour

Yusuf Islam is a Muslim musician who is now 63 years old. He is a Muallaf, his real name is Cat Stevens. Originally it was known as Rockstar in the 1960s until the 1980s.

Life changed in a moment he was in Morocco and hear the sound of the Azan, he was touched with the azdan. Then at some point he was stranded on a beach in Malibu, California, United States. At that time he said, “Oh my God! If you save me, I’ll serve to you! “, Then finally Cat Stevens survived and began to concentrate on religious matters.

Initially had thought to embrace Buddhism, Zen, I Ching, and others. However, one day he was given by his brother, David Gordon presents the results of a visit to Jerusalem, the Holy Qur’an with English translation. Finally, study theĀ Qur’an and Cat Stevens converted to Islam on December 23, 1977, and changed his name to Yusuf Islam. The name of Joseph is taken from one of the names of the Prophet.


After becoming Muslim, Yusuf Islam had a vacuum of world music before finally returning to the music scene in 1995 with the theme of Islam and humanity. At least 10 successful albums released by him, and became one of the successful musician.

4. Zain Bhikha

muslim religion

muslim religion

Zain Bhikha was born on August 9th 1974 stairs in Pretoria, he is a nasheed vocalist of South Africa. Her album has been circulating in many countries, including the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, Turkey, the Middle East, Malaysia and Australia. Zain Bhikha is one of the icons of Islamic music.

Zain Bhikha, a musician from South Africa 38 years old. One of the Muslim musician who still exist today, there are at least nine albums released from 2000 to 2011 One of the songs is titled Give Thanks to God became hits. Zain Bhikha also has a distinctive voice, some even say his voice like the late Michael Jackson.



5. Native Deen

hip hop songs

hip hop songs

Native Deen is an Islamic Musical groups from Washington DC Native Deen formed in 2000 consists of three persons, namely Joshua Salaam, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Naeem Muhammad. Native Deen refers to Hip-hop music, so it can be accepted by the general public. One of the popular song is I’m Not Afraid to Stand Alone. Until today Native Deen has had four albums, namely Not Afraid to Stand Alone, Deen You Know, I Am Near, The Remedy.




6. Raihan

muslim religion

muslim religion

Raihan is a phenomenal team of singers from Malaysia. Formed in 1996 by Nazrey Johani, Che Amran Idris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim, Amran Ibrahim, and Azhari Ahmad. Achievement to date has released 11 albums, and some songs not only speak Malay, but also Indonesian, English, French, and Chinese. Achievement also got many awards, her albums sell well, thus making it one of the world’s best singers team.

Raihan also had to keep changing personnel, and one of its personnel, the Azhari Ahmad, died in 2001 Today, Raihan comprised of five members, namely Che Amran Idris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim, Amran Ibrahim, and Zulfadli bin Mustaza.

Raihan also once held the International tour, such as in Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Johannesburg, and others.

Raihan also been performed in the presence of Queen Elizabeth in England, and had also collaborated with Yusuf Islam, Miloud Brugge, Mecca2Medina, and others.


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