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The Famous Comedian in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Comedian or a comedian is one who entertained the audience , especially in making the audience laugh , droll manner , is an attempt to make others laugh , or just to make others happy . The trick vary, depending on the comedian and usually adapted to the conditions that will be made to laugh . The most common way is with utter joke , the subject of jokes other people , or yourself. Alternatively, behavior can be made-up to look cute and ridiculed in front of others .

In the United States the more famous is the sole or standup comedy jokes , a comedian standing in front of an audience and say monologue about something . These types of jokes as much dependent on how the delivery and content of the story . Examples are single comedian Chris Rock , Eddie Murphy , Robin Williams , Jim Carrey , Jerry Seinfeld , Jeff Foxworthy , and Eddie Izzard .

In addition, there are several groups of British and American comedy such as Monty Python and the Marx Brothers .

Entertainment comedians is a very pleasant spectacle for the community . A wide variety of entertainment in the world , from music , movies , opera , and others , but the entertainment is favored by most people , because it makes the people who watch it to laugh , no wonder so many comedians were quite famous and professionals around the world . The following information will be given in the list of comedians famous comedians in the world :

1 . Charlie Chaplin

the best of charlie chaplin

the best of charlie chaplin

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin , Jr. . KBE was born on April 16, 1889 in East Street , Walworth , London , and died in Vevey , Switzerland , Switzerland , on December 25, 1977, when Charlie Chaplin was 88 years old , he is a British comedy actor who is one of the cast famous in the history of Hollywood films in the era of black and white film , as well as a successful film director . Acting on the silver screen make Charlie Chaplin as one of the best performers mime and clown are often used as a model for artists in the same field .

Chaplin was one of the most influential figures and most creative in the silent film era . In the films , Chaplin was known double – doubles , ranging from the main role , director , script writer , music illustrations to filler . Career in entertainment lasted for 65 years , he started as a child actor in the Victorian stage and music hall comedy show in the UK , and continue working until before his death at the age of 88 years . Chaplin life full of ups and downs , ranging from childhood that are in poor families , to arrive at the peak of fame Hollywood star and a symbol of culture . Personal life that glitters lots of praise once invited controversy .

In the films , Chaplin often plays the character ” The Tramp ” , a homeless man who had cut whisker plots dignity of a nobleman . Costumes in the form of jackets , trousers greatness , and everywhere carrying a stick and wearing a top hat .


2 . Rowan Atkinson

biography of rowan atkinson

biography of rowan atkinson

Comedian Rowan Atkinson , known by the name of Mr . Bean , this man be a man act funny , selfish , and resourceful are often ridiculous situations and his actions caused .

In daily life, Mr.Bean driving a Mini Cooper in the early episodes orange output in 1969 , but over time changed to output 1977 with the lime green and black hood .

Humor in this show is more physical . The main characters rarely speak or even not speak at all in most of the episodes . This event demonstrates how Mr . Bean tried doing simple activities , such as going swimming , apartment decorating , or taking a test . One of the actions of Mr. . Bean , who reportedly most favored by fans , is when his head wedged in a giant turkey as he tried to spice it up . Cuteness usually appears when he implemented his own solutions to problems regardless of others.

Mr . Bean is the only significant character in a comedy show on television , every appearance of Mr. . Bean is always accompanied with Teddy , and her favorite teddy bear , while the other characters are just as a comparison against the various oddities that did . besides Mr . Bean , there are two recurring supporting role , as his girlfriend Irma Gobb , played by Matilda Ziegler and a car Reliant Regal Supervan three-wheeled light blue .

This event used the opening scene from the second episode onwards , described Mr . Bean falls from the sky in the light of light . Many theories about the meaning of this scene , ranging from the possibility of Mr . Bean is an alien , an angel sent to earth , or a man who has experienced an alien abduction ( abduction ) were then subjected to a variety of strange events . But the producers of this series found the scene was intended to demonstrate that Mr . Bean is a common man who has suddenly become the center of attention ( but animated series gives a clearer sense ) . Whatever the meaning of the scene , which obviously Mr . Bean is a character that appears alone in the world , childish , and sometimes appear not to understand the basic aspects of working in the world .


3 . Eddy Murphy

eddie murphy comedian

eddie murphy comedian

Edward Regan ” Eddie ” Murphy Born on April 3, 1961, he was an American stand-up comedian , actor , writer , musician , and director .

Movie Box Office Murphy making it the second highest paid actor . He was a regular cast of Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984 and he worked as a stand – up comedian . He comes out 10 of Comedy Central’s list of 100 best stand- up comedians of all time .

Eddy Murphy received a Golden Globe award for her acting in 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop series , Trading Places , and The Nutty Professor . In 2007 , he won the Golden Globe for best supporting cast and was nominated for an Academy Award as best supporting player for his role as the solu singer James ” Thunder ” Early in Dream Girls .

Eddy Murphy was also the voice of Thurgood Stubbs included in The PJs , Donkey in the Shrek series and the dragon Mushu in Chinese Disney ‘s Mulan . In some of his films , he plays multiple roles in addition to his main character , for a tribute to his idol Peter Sellers , who played a double role in Dr . Strangelove and others . Murphy has played multiple roles in several films such as Coming to America , Wes Craven ‘s Vampire In Brooklyn , the Nutty Professor films , where he played a major role in two incarnations plus his father , brother , mother , and grandmother , Bowfinger , Norbit , and Meet Dave .


4 . Jimmy Tarbuck

comedian jimmy

comedian jimmy

Jimmy Tarbuck OBE or Tarby was born on 6 February 1940, he was a British comedian . Jimmy Tarbuck was a schoolmate of John Lennon . His first TV show was It’s Tarbuck 65 , in 1964. He also became the host in many TV shows such as Winner Takes All , Full Swing , and Tarby ‘s Frame Game . While the last host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium , in 1965 .

In 1980 , he became the host of the event, Live From Her Majesty ‘s , Live from the Piccadilly and last Live from the Palladium ,

Tarby appeared in four series of BBC One ‘s Strictly Come Dancing in 2006, but he was fired because of a doctor’s advice . In 2008 , Jimmy Tarbuck back to the TV , when Emma Bunton became his co – host .







5 . Bill Cosby

bill cosby comedy

bill cosby comedy

Bill Cosby was born on July 12, 1937 in Philadelphia , United States . Now 75 years old , he is a comedian and actor who is also the United States , a writer and television producer . He starred in the situation comedy The Bill Cosby Show in the late 1960s . He is also a filmmaker cartoon series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids , in addition to appearing in the film series The Electric Company education as much as two seasons running .

Throughout the 1980s , Cosby starred in The Cosby Show with himself as producer . This situation comedy movie series last aired for 8 seasons from 1984 until 1992 , and is still frequently played back .

Cosby sitcom that was first circulated in 1996 was the movie that starred the following series . Furthermore, from 1998 to 2000 , Cosby hosted Kids Say the Darndest Things. In addition to appearing in the film series , he also starred in several feature films , appearing in stage comedy , and selling as commercials .


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