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The Famous Chef in Indonesia

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By : Ririn Sholiha

If you speak good culinary course, we’ll find out who cooks or it’s Chef. Speaking chef must not only among men, but there is also a female chef.

Chef or cook is a person who prepares food to eat. This term sometimes refers to the chef, although these two terms cannot be equated in a professional manner. The term of chef at a restaurant or a restaurant kitchen is usually refers to people with little or no creative influence on the food menu, and have little or no influence whatsoever on the kitchen. They usually are all members of the kitchen under the head chef chef.

In Indonesia alone there is several State and beautiful woman chef chef man who is quite well known, the chef women and men are often graced the screen in a variety of television cooking shows. The following information will be given the famous chef in Indonesia:

1 . Farah Quinn

a famous chef

a famous chef

Name : Farah Fauzan Quinn
Birth : 8 April 1980 , Bandung -Indonesia
Occupation : Head chef , celebrity chefs , models
Years active : 2008-present
Spouse : Carson Quinn
Children : Armand Fauzan Quin

Her childhood in Sumatra, she often spent to help the mother in the kitchen . He began widely known after guiding culinary event Ala Chef in Trans.

Before getting into the culinary world, Farah continued studying Finance at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States. Majors who actually did not want him to enter. It’s known he preferred studying economics rather than learning the recipes. But then, this brown -skinned woman sure, wishes will certainly be challenged by the father. That’s why Farah decided to major in finance. After successfully in completing her undergraduate degree, Farah decides that she will only work for something that she likes. Bids went on S2 of the father was denied.

Farah admits that she is not typical office workers. That’s why Farah began his career in “Lydia’s Pittsburgh”, a famous Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . He also continued his education at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute and took a special expertise in the field of pastry or cakes.

After graduating, Farah moved to Phoenix, Arizona. He then worked at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. Farah also had to follow the World Pastry Championship and get a chance to learn to cook at Chef Ewald Notter and Colette Peters. In 2005, Farah brings good luck in the meeting of the G8 in Sea Island Georgia. Under the guidance of Chef James Mullaney , he created a special dessert menu . Dessert was served to some people like First Lady Laura Bush and other world delegates.

In 2005, he was married to Carson Quinn. She and her husband later opened his own restaurant “Camus “in Phoenix, Arizona. The restaurant was awarded 4 stars for food as well as many other awards. Farah gained much fame. Because of the restaurant, the name Farah began fame. He often appeared in several newspapers and magazines. “Camus ” then has been sold.

One day she showed her portfolio to Helmi Yahya . The Famous presenter was interested in and then invites Farah to appear as a guest star in an event after that she was contacted by the TV station, Trans. TV and offered to bring a cooking show. Farah said yes. Farah hosted an official Quinnn “Ala Chef ” on Trans TV since November of 2008 .


2 . Marinka Rinrin

famous chefs

famous chefs

Birth Name : Maria Irene Susanto
Other Name : Rinrin Marinka
Born : March 22, 1980 , Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation : Chef
Years active : 2009-present

Maria Irene Susanto , better known by the call Rinrin Marinka is an Indonesian celebrity chef . Hobby of cooking is growing since elementary school. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, Australia with special expertise French Cuisine & Patisserie. She also teaches at Magic Pantry Cooking School, Kemang .

Education ever he traveled namely :
• SD – junior Gandhi International School , Jakarta
• SMA Pelita Harapan , Karawaci , Tangerang
• Completed Art & Design KVB Institute College Certificate IV Sydney , Australia (1998-1999)
Attending Visual Communications , Fashion Design Majoring KVB Institute College Sydney , Australia (1999-2002)
• Completed the Grand Diploma of French Cuisine & Pattiseire Le Cordon Bleu Sydney , Australia ( September 2002 – April 2004 )

the Sexy beautiful body women who become judges on the television show Master Chef Indonesia, which aired in one of our private television is indeed true – truly remarkable . Chef Marinka also remarkable enchanting when acting judges every dish that was served the participants in the gallery Master Chef Indonesia.


3 . Aiko

ubud villas

ubud villas

Name : Aiko Sarwosri
Birth : 8 April 1980 , Medan -Indonesia
Occupation : Chef celebrities , models , movie stars
Years active : 2011-present

Aiko Sarwosri , Solo- Japanese mulatto woman began widely known after guiding the culinary Color Trans7 . She loves to cook since he was in junior high school and got serious with the world of cooking since high school. Smart and sexy chef impression inherent in her , making many fans who commented on in cyberspace .






4 . Karen Carlotta

chef jobs

chef jobs

Name : Karen Carlotta
Born : August 1, 1982 , Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation : Chef , Model
Years active : 2010-present

Karen Carlotta is a model , a celebrity chef and Indonesia. He joined several competitions such as the Wedding Cake Competition Food Hotel Asia 2006, and a silver medal. In Switzerland appointed to join the competition Californian Raisins Competition, second prize. When returning from Singapore, he joined Maxi becoming a chef for private dining, which is usually held company, the socialite, or officer for a private event or office. Her busy activities are getting increase on television, chef demos for the show, and preparation of opening a restaurant.

Education ever traveled is as follows:
– S – 1 Faculty of Economics, University of Tarumanagara , Jakarta 1999-2003
– Diploma Shatec pastry & baking , Singapore in 2005-2007

Work experience he’s ever done :
– Junior officer of Bank Panin , Jakarta ( June-December 2003)
– Pastry trainees Swisshotel The Stamford , Singapore ( April to December 2006)
– Pastry commis Laurent Bernard Chocolatier , Singapore ( January-November 2007)
– Pastry chef de partie One Rochester , Singapore ( December 2007 – May 2008 )
– Pastry chef One Rochester & One Twenty Six , Singapore ( May 2008 – February 2009 )
– Executive pastry chef One Rochester , One Twenty Six , and One Caramel , Singapore ( February-May 2009)
– Owner KC Patisserie ( July 2009 – December 2010 )
– Owner AMKC Food Concept ( November 2009 – present )


5 . William Wongso

famous chefs

famous chefs

Name : William Wirjaatmadja Wongso
Born : 12 April 1947 , Malang – Indonesia
Occupation : Chef , Entrepreneur , Consultant , HOST

William Wirjaatmadja Wongso or better known by the name of William Wongso is a well-known culinary experts in Indonesia . He is widely known as a culinary expert who mastered the art of European and Asian cuisine. William was originally aspired to climb a career in film and photography as his father, Soewadi Wongso (See Hwa Wong) , but expertise in cooking father love growing interest in the culinary world . His expertise in cooking is not acquired through formal education but studied directly with the owner of the roadside stalls to the renderer class food at restaurants or hotels. He made frequent visits to the home cooking and directly interact with the experts.

Career he’s ever done include:
– Owner ” Vineth Bakery ”
– Owner ” William Cafe Artistic ”
– Owner ” William Gourmet Catering ”
– Own Restaurant ” Hanamasa ”
– Own Restaurant ” Munik ” and PT .Sarimunik Mandiri that produces a traditional Indonesian seasonings.
– Chaine des Rotisseurs Indonesian President Chapter (1986-1993) .
– President of the International Wine & Food Society Jakarta Branch (1991-1994 ) .
– Advisory culinary airline Garuda Indonesia.
– Involved in the Industry Advisory Council at Bina Nusantara University, Department of Management
Hospitality, as culinary advisor.
– Guiding the show “Cooking Adventure with William Wongso “at Metro TV.

Ever he get the award are:
BNSP Competency Award 2008 from the National Professional Certification


6 . Rudy Choirudin

association of chefs

association of chefs

Name : Rudy Choirudin
Born : October 28, 1964 , Surabaya – Indonesia
Occupation : Chef , Presenter , Author

Rudy Choirudin known as culinary experts and cooking performers both on television and in the show off air . Rudy is also known for its innovation in the manufacture of basic ingredients. In addition, Rudy also wrote several books on cooking.

The sixth of seven children of the late R and RA Sabaria Soedakso Zannah grow in an environment that is familiar with the world of cuisine. Her mother was a successful restaurant entrepreneur since managed to conjure food stalls into the top four. Unfortunately his mother four times also had to close the restaurant because it had to follow her husband who served in other cities.

Rudy was very close to his mother, has been familiar dishes with various herbs since childhood. Even in junior high, Rudy has learned to modify dishes. Rudy continued his secondary school in Lampung, he then returned home to finish his high school. In 1985, Rudy went to Jakarta to continue to Trisakti Tourism Academy. Rudy also attended various seminars on food and cooking, and achieved many accomplishments in various cooking competitions and festivals cooking. Rudy found the basic ingredients in 1987 and actively introduced.
Rudy had been a restaurant manager in the Java Garden Restaurant (1988-1990) , lecturer Culinary Institute of Indonesia (1990-1991) , one of the presenters on Radio Women in Jakarta (1991-1994) , and specifically to the editorial staff of the magazine dishes Kartini women ( 1988-1995 ) . Rudy became famous as the name of the event and Recipes Appetite archipelago Okay Rudy on RCTI.

In addition to filling the active cooking, Rudy is also quite active in writing books. Some of his books include Practical Recipes With Seasonings Basic Red (2001 ) , dish Archipelago ( 2000) , Pretty in Plastic Cake Mika (2004 ) , Layer Cake Mini Series : Fruit (2007 ) , and Layer Cake Mini Series : Cheese (2007 ) .


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