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The Famous Bread Company in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha


The Company is an organization established by a person or group of persons or other entities whose activities do production and distribution in order to meet the economic needs of human beings. Production and distribution activities carried out by combining the various factors of production, namely human and natural capital. Production and distribution activities are generally conducted for profit. But there is also a production activity whose purpose is not for profit. Such as charity, religious, etc. Production may be a result of goods and services.

Broadly speaking, companies can be classified into:
1 . Service Company (service firm), is a company that sells services activities. Examples are accounting firms, law firms, etc. Beauty salon
2 . Trade Company (merchandising firm) is a company whose activities buy finished goods and resell it without doing the processing of the goods. For example dealers, department stores, grocery stores, etc.
3 . Manufacturing / Factory / Industrial (manufacturing firm) is a company whose activities are process raw materials into finished goods and then sell the finished goods. An example is the shoe factory, bakery, etc.

For those of you who are interested to this food!! ! The following information will be given at the world famous bakery company:


1 . BreadTalk 

BreadTalk is a popular network of Singapore-based bakery that also has branches in Southeast Asia and the Middle East .

BreadTalk was founded on March 6, 2003 by George Quek, an entrepreneur who previously started a successful food court chain in Singapore, Food Junction. The concept is different than with other bread shops in General, by observing the appearance of the shop designed to look exclusive and exposes the kitchen bread making to its visitors through the transparent glass.

Thanks to the marketing strategy of the customer (consumer marketing) is good, when it first opened, BreadTalk stores are often filled with visitors who are willing to stand in line to try its products.

The most famous is the bagel bakery which abon is emblazoned on it. This bread is a great signature food BreadTalk and now much imitated by various other bread shops. In Australia, there is also a bakery which has the name, the logo, as well as a similar concept, called BreadTop

bakery products

bakery products


2 . Holland Bakery 
Holland Bakery must be familiar to you. Holland Bakery is one of the famous bread-making centres. Holland Bakery is also known as the top bread company in Indonesia. Holland Bakery bread recipe made by best Cheff originated in Netherlands. Bread assortment is a selection of exceptional high tastes make bread company survived until now with the flavor invites your appetite. Holland Bakery has a whole range of food that is served especially bread, fresh bread, but with variations of flavor, Cheese John, Onde-onde until the pudding in molds to the unique shape of crocodiles, fish, rabbit, mosques etc.

Holland Bakery still exist and continue to evolve with the motto “TOP QUALITY” which became the main guidelines in serving and satisfying the desires of the customer in the form of bread, cake which is delicious and of high quality. Feel the love in every bite of bread Holland Bakery. Holland also serves Bakery parcels for New Year, Christmas and Idul fitri holiday.

wholesale baking supplies

wholesale baking supplies


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