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The Cheapest Motorcycle in the World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine. Inline wheels, and at high speed, the motorcycle remained upside down and remain stable, due to the gyroscopic force, at low speeds, setting handlebars sustained by the rider gives stability.

Motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine. Inline wheels, and at high speed, the motorcycle remained upside down and remain stable, due to the gyroscopic force, at low speeds, setting handlebars sustained by the rider gives stability.

Motorcycle users are now increasing rapidly, especially in Indonesia, the motorcycle is very popular, because the price is relatively cheap, affordable for some circles, and the use of fuel efficient, as well as operational costs are also very low. In the period of Eid , the homecoming motorcycle used for long distance travel. This is because by using the bike will put more saving during the trip, in addition when it is arrived in a hometown it can be used as an effective vehicle.

Behind the considerable benefits, there is a risk if we drive a motorcycle, why is that???? Because there is no protective vehicles, such as car frame that made of steel frame, and features of a safety belt air bag, so they can minimize the risk, but the bike does not exist.

That was the explanation of benefits and risks of riding motorcycles; motorcycle is already very familiar in our lives. Moreover, the development of the motor in Indonesia is very rapid, based on data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) predicts this year will be 6.8 million units sold. In fact, in 2012 estimated sales of two-wheeled motor vehicles will reach 10 million per year. However, only few of us know the history of the development of the motor until today. Here is the history of motorcycles in the world :


The world’s first motorcycle
The first motorcycle was made in 1895; the inventor of the motor is Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, two German four-stroke engine experts. The world’s first motorcycle was already carrying the technology is still used as a Twin-Cylinder, 4 valve, water cooler and the engine of 1500 cc. although large-engine, apparently horsepower generated only 2.5 hp only at 240 rpm. This bike is also the first vehicle in the world using petroleum fuels. They called this discovery the vehicle with the name “Reitwagen” (car ride).

German motorcycle Era
In 1892, Henry Hilderband of Munich, West Germany introduced a new model motorcycles. And it was followed again by Werner Brothers in 1897. The first motorcycle sold to the public was made by the motorcycle factories Hildebrand und Wolfmüller in Munich, Germany in 1893.

Era Motorcycle USA
In 1895 motorcycle first came to the United States, specifically to the city of New York. In the same year, a U.S. inventor, EJ Pennington, in Milwaukee, demonstrate self-designed motorcycle. Pennington eventually regarded as the first to introduce the term motorcycle (motorbike).

Era British motorcycles
Triumph, the British motorcycle manufacturer decided to make motorcycles. In 1902, the company produced the first motorcycle, but still using the machines from Belgium. Later in 1905, Triumph motorcycle produced its own intact.

Era of World War I
At the time of World War I (1914-1918), the company is a manufacturer with a production motorcycle in the world. Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company closed in 1953 and the Indian brand was taken over by Royal Enfield.

World War II Era
At the times of World War II (1939-1945) by which motorcycles are made for military purposes. After World War II, in 1946, Italian designers, Piaggio, Vespa scooter introduced and immediately attracted the attention of the world.

Post World War II to the present
In 1952, Honda produces motorcycle known as a cub. Popularity duck type motorcycle is making a Japanese motorcycle companies such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki motorcycles modeled this type of duck. With a machine that is reliable and easy to maintain, as well as competitive prices make Japanese motorcycles, the Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, very popular and until now dominate the world motorcycle market.



Such was the explanation of the history of the development of the motorcycle, once we know what the motorcycle, benefits and risks, as well as the history of the motorcycle, then we will give information list of the cheapest motorcycle in the world, for those of you who have plans to buy a motorcycle with limited funds, I hope this information is helpful 🙂 :

1. TVS Motor Company

Country India TVS Motor Company prepares for 30,000 real or Rp 5.8 million per unit, and one of the cheapest motorcycle in the TVS models, which are made by the manufacturer TVS third largest in the State of India.

Indeed, TVS motorcycle itself has not claimed this as the cheapest. But, in terms of the model, and especially among the price will shoot down, this may be the least expensive vehicle. These vehicles will be available mid-2012.

Featured cheapest product is the Star and other TVS Sport 100cc 4-stroke engine, with 36,000 real or $ 7 million per unit. Apparently, the same engine platform remains a mainstay TVS (100cc), with the development innovation of its body design. The result will show the future direction of marketing TVS, what for urban or rural communities.

tata car

tata car


2. Motorcycle Dream Yuga

Honda Motor Co. launched a 110 cc sport bike Dream Yuga in India. This bike is a cheapest vehicle, because the price is only $ 819, when converted into rupiah at Rp 7.71 million.

In 2012, Honda will sell 300 thousand units of Dream Yuga in India. This motor made by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. of Japan. Yuga could strengthen Honda’s market share and generate revenue by 30 percent.

In addition to low prices, Honda claims fuel consumption is quite efficient Yuga. Motorcycle Honda Megapro is similar in Indonesia; adopted 109 cc water cooled engine four strokes with fuel consumption of 72 liters per kilometer. Yuga system also features a 8.5 horsepower carburetor, electric starter and starter foot.

Dream Yuga marketing in India is very appropriate, considering the motorcycle market in the country. In 2011, motorcycle sales rose 14 to 13.44 million units. This figure is 13 times larger than the motor market in the United States. Since then, Honda plans to focus on India and ten years into the future, with a market expectation of up to 150 thousand units in 2013.

kawasaki ninja

kawasaki ninja


3. Yamaha Motorcycles

Some time ago, Yamaha announced to immediately create the cheapest motorcycle in the world, with a price of Rp 4.6 million.

Cheapest motorcycle Yamaha Crux in India is a valuable 110 38 365 rupees, or about USD 6.3 million and exported in many countries such as China.

The latest model Yamaha it would surely make more popular Yamaha motorcycle in India. Especially if you look at India, the bike market is very high, because it is cheaper and more efficient than cars.Yamaha was targeting a 10 percent market share in 2016.

yamaha motorcycles

yamaha motorcycles


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