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The Cheapest Handphone in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Hand phone is a communication tool, as with this tool we can communicate quickly and easily to our business associates, friends, family and closest relatives. Today’s these tools have become a primary need, almost 99% of people in the world has a mobile phone, therefore it is released the cheapest mobile phone in the world, which aims to ease middle class people to have it. The following are the various Mobile cheapest in the world :

1. Hop-On Mobile 1800

cheapest cell

Mobile Hop-On 1800 is the cheapest mobile phones, this mobile is not only available in the United States but also around the worlds, the price is only $ 5.00. The following is a specification Memory Hop-On 1800:

Size: 96.6mm (D) x41.6mm (W) x14mm (H)
Weight: 77g
Bands: Dual-band 850/1900MHz or 900/1800MHz
Battery: Standard Li-Ion 600mAh
Battery Life: Talk time 4 hours, standby time 150 hours
Ringer: Polyphonic (16 Midi)
Embedded Vibration: Yes
SIM Lock: Yes
Keypad Lock: Yes
Other Features: No screen, touch keypad with Braille signs


2. Alcatel OT-209


Alcatel OT-209 is the world’s cheapest mobile phones, as this phone is a manufacturer of Alcatel Guangdong, China. These small mobile phones has GSM networks and has features that are not less interesting, such as color screens, radio, flashlight, and Fake Incoming Call, only at a price of 99 pence, or about Rp. 14,254.







3. Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250

international telephone cards

Vodafone has released the cheapest mobile phone and does not have many features. The price is for $ 9.60 or about 14 thousand; this will be marketed in India, Turkey and eight African countries.

Vodafone 150 that launched officially at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is low-end mobile phones with features of a monochrome screen, sound, text and online payments. Though it is a low spec, Vodafone 150 could have major impact for developing countries.
For many people, mobile phone is the only way to access banking and health as well as tools to communicate easily and quickly.




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