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The Cheapest Car in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Many people complain if using motorcycle, but because of minimal with an income, most people are still use motorcycles. Now, there is good news, there has been made the cheapest car in the world by international car companies. These are following explanation of the world’s cheapest car :

1. VW


VW cars for only one passenger. This new type of car come from Shanghai countries, this car is one of the World’s Cheapest Car. It is not a toy car or a car experiment. This Car is the latest design in aerodynamic oval shape that really can be driven on the highway. It is ready to be marketed as a passenger car in Shanghai, it’s price if converted into US$ is about US$. 500. So it is very cheap isn’t it.

This VW Car specifications are :

1. Fuel tank capacity = 6.5 liters
2. Speed = 100-120 km / h
3. Fuel efficiency = 110 km / liter
4. Mileage with a full tank = 650 km



2. Tata Nano

tata nano

Tata Motors Corp. comes from the Indian state, has attracted public attention because the price is very cheap and affordable around 100,000 rupees (US$. 2,500). This car was made to seize the attention of motorcycle’s owner that amount almost 45 million in the country of India.

Tata Nano is shaped hatchback with four seats. The car as a hard work during four years, will be made for all levels of people without neglecting safety standards, fuel saving and exhaust emissions regulations. Tata Motors is promising, the Nano’s fuel consumption is only five liters for 100 kilometers.

With only a quarter of price than car price in lower middle class in Indonesia, the Nano is offered without air conditioner, electric windows and power steering. The first phase, the Nano will produce 250 thousand units for the type of diesel and will be driven up to 1 million if the positive market response.

Now with 2,500 dollars money in hand, perhaps it is hard for us to get a used car in good condition, but Tata nano car promise giving a really brand new.


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