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The Biggest Cake in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

In its development , humans create various types and forms of food according to the progress of the times and needs. Moreover, not only to make ends meet , there are individuals or groups of people that make a sensation of food to attract the attention of the world community . Yes , history is recorded in the name of the plume. Not only became famous and memorable of all time , but also can inspire others to do the same. Therefore , all human life will always be a sensation by the individual , or a group of people in the world’s attention through record-breaking attempts .

Food is a necessity that must exist to be consumed daily in order to survive . One of these foods as cakes , when someone said the word cake , then we can imagine is a dry food that is delicious with a round or square shape that looks sweet . The term cookie is derived from the viking era of ” kaka ” which later became known as cake . Whatever the name for a cake , butter cake , sponge cake , fruit cake , usually by just looking at it would make us want to eat it .

Along with the times not only in the field of technology and information , even in the culinary field took place some innovations . Start of shapes , sizes , colors and flavors . Currently cake variants develop rapidly with a variety of objectives , to increase sales or just have fun even listed his name as the record holder , which was honored in the Guinness World Records as the greatest . Interestingly , although the size is so big and made with great difficulty , there are some of those cakes are not presented due to the difficult preparation . If you really like the cake , the following will be given information about the world’s largest cake course with a delicious taste :


1 . Christmas Cake

christmas cake

christmas cake

Christmas cake is a large cake in the world , has a length of more than 1 km, made in China on December 1, 2011. Even the size of the cake sized five times longer than the record set in Paris , France . Christmas Cake in China is certified as the world’s longest Christmas cake . Christmas cake was made by 80 chefs and led by Yusuf Yaran , the material spends 900 eggs , 1 ton of flour , 200 kg of chocolate . In addition done by the chefs , pastry -making is assisted by 150 hotel staff who work for 24 hours . Once listed in the Guinness World Records , the Christmas cake is then cut into small pieces and sold at 30 cents per piece . The results of the bake sale are used for the medical needs of children with cancer in the four cities.






2 . Sponge Cake

sponge cake

sponge cake

Sponge cake is very popular in the world . Not surprisingly , the Austrian pastry experts want to make a giant version of the sponge cake . Finally, a sponge cake weighing 2.5 tons succeed they make and break the world record .

More than 3 thousand eggs mixed with flour and tens of thousands of pounds liters of milk which is then added sugar and fruits . Because the size is fantastic , the chef finally bake a sponge cake in the hall because it was not able to contain the usual kitchen . Chef team spent three days to make the dough and bake the sponge cake .

This cake mix with the base material with a cream-filled cake and sprinkled on top of about 500 kg of fruits , ie with 200 kg of blackberry , pineapple , and strawberry .

Werner cook this cake – making was proud to see the results of hard work which resulted in a giant cake with good taste . The organizers also expect the sponge cake will be officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest cake featuring the emblem of the city Seiersberg .



3 . Cheesburger

crabcakes and

crabcakes and

Cheeseburger is one of one of the world’s largest cake , this cake has a weight of up to 1 ton , there is a mixture of meat , lettuce and onions .











4 . Gingersnap

gingersnaps recipe

gingersnaps recipe

This ginger cake made by the chef from New York , Jon Lovitch , the State Miniature Gingerbread creations of Chef Lovitch consists of 152 houses , 65 trees candy , 5 trains , and even an underground railway station . The country is mostly made out of gingerbread and candies are made by Chef Lovitch .

With a weight of approximately 1.5 tons , Foreign Gingerbread became the largest ever in the world . This cake also received a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records .



5 . Fruit Cake

fruit cake

fruit cake

A man named Just Bake managed to register his name in the Guinness World of Records after creating the world’s largest fruit cake . Just Bake cake works were exhibited at the exhibition of food and cooking in Place Ground Bangalore , Karnataka , India , in 2011 . Fruit cake as high as 6 meters , 9 meters long with a weight of 3,835 kilograms , even after the event sold out exhibition ends . Based on the recognition of Just Bake , the fruit of making the cake he was assisted by 30 chefs . As for the fruit cake for which he spent 1,700 eggs , 550 kilograms of flour , 600 pounds of butter and 1,700 fruits . He made a big cake to enliven the Christmas holiday in 2011.


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