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The Best Restaurant in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

The restaurant is a place or building that is organized commercially organizing good service to all guests in the form of food and drink . There are several types of restaurants , namely :

1 . Table D’ hote Restaurant is a restaurant that specialized in selling food menu table d ‘ hote , which is an arrangement of a complete menu , from appetizer to dessert and specific , with a predetermined price anyway .
2 . Coffee Shop or Brasserie is a restaurant that is generally associated with the hotel , a place where regular guests get breakfast , lunch and dinner quickly with relatively low prices , sometimes the presentation done by way of a buffet .
3 . Cafeteria or Café is a small restaurant that promotes the sale of cakes ( pastries) , sandwiches ( sandwiches ) , coffee and tea .
4 . Canteen is a restaurant that is associated with the office , factory or school .
5 . Dining Room , located in a small hotel ( motel ) , a place that is no more economical than the regular dining spot . Dining Room is provided for the guests staying at the hotel , but also open for guests from outside .
6 . Inn Tavern is a restaurant at a low price that is managed by an individual at the edge of town .
7 . Pizzeria is a Pizza restaurant that specialized in selling , sometimes also in the form of spaghetti and other Italian specialties .
8 . Speciality Restaurant is a restaurant whose ambience and decor entirely adapted to the typical type of food served or theme . Such restaurants provide Chinese, Japanese , Indian , Italian and so on . The service is a bit much based on the country of origin procedures for the special meal .
9 . Familly Type Restaurant is a modest restaurant that serve food and drinks at a price that is not expensive , especially reserved for guests of the family or group .

That information about several types of restaurant , restaurant or eating place is no longer a difficult place to visit or acquired . Restaurant has a lot everywhere, in places where the shopping center , on the edge of the highway , at the playground or the mall and in areas crowded enough to make it easier for customers who are hungry and thirsty . Armed with that man on this earth millions and even billions , with the fact that eating is a basic requirement and the fact that the number one contemporary man with money over many choose to eat out for various reasons , business or restaurant business or restaurant does not seem to be endless . Some restaurants offer prices ‘ reasonable ‘ to attract buyers from among any course, some restaurants have special dishes for the culinary lovers , some restaurants even offer a ‘ name ‘ and service , some restaurants also offer a classy even with luxury services and tariff costs soaring . However , not every restaurant offers the best services for its customers . The following information will be given a list of the best restaurant in the world :

1 . El Bulli , Spain

ferran adria

ferran adria

El Bulli is a three-star restaurant run by chef Ferran Adria on the Costa Brava in Catalonia , Spain . Small restaurant in the bay Cala Monjoi , described as ” the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine in the world ” , with the hard work done by the chefs . Magazine has awarded restaurant El Bulli as the best restaurant in the world three times in 2002, 2006, and most recently , in 2007 .



2 . The Fat Duck , UK

best restaurants in london

best restaurants in london

The duck fat is a restaurant that got the title in 2005 as the world’s best restaurant by Restaurant magazine , and was runner-up in 2004 , 2006 and 2007 , no such upper -class restaurants of the world can be found in exclusive cities , the duck fat can only be found in a simple style house in a village in England .










3 . Pierre Gagnaire , France



This restaurant is run by a French chef Pierre Gagnaire named a very famous , he started his career in St. Etienne , where he won three Michelin stars . Pierre Gagnaire has an influence in the cooking that has been famous around the world . This restaurant is regarded as one of the best restaurant in the country of France in the field of ” French Modern ” . He is also the head chef at Sketch in London . In 2005 , both the restaurant into the top 20 industrial world by a magazine and Pierre Gagnaire restaurant was ranked third in 2006 and 2007 .








4 . The French Laundry, USA

the french laundry cookbook

the french laundry cookbook

The French Laundry is a restaurant located in Yountville , California , in the Napa Valley . The owner and chef are from France named Thomas Keller , who was also involved in the restaurant Bouchon , in Napa Valley , and Per Se , in New York City . French Laundry alumni include Jonathan Benno ( from per se ) , Grant Achatz ( of Alinea ) , Ron Siegel ( The Restaurant at the Ritz – Carlton Room ) , and many others .





5 . Tetsuya ‘s , Australia

Tetsuya 's

Tetsuya ‘s

Tetsuya Wakuda is the chef of this restaurant and have been recognized internationally . This restaurant is also regarded as one of the best restaurant in the world . Restaurant is located in the Sydney building occupies the former Seagram ‘s and have earned the highest ratings in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food in 2007 , Restaurant of the Year and Best Fine in Restaurant & Catering Association Awards 2005 .




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