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The Best Movie Theaters in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Cinema is a place to watch the movies using wide screen . Pictures films projected onto a screen using a projector . The first cinema in Indonesia was established in December 1900, I Jl Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta , first -class ticket costs two guilders ( silver ) and a second-class ticket is half silver .

Cinema began in ancient times around the field Gambir ( now Monas ) . Building the future resembles the cinema hall with walls of woven bamboo and tin roof . After completion of the screening, the cinema was then taken around the city to another . This cinema is known by the name Talbot name of the cinema owners . While other film attempted by a man named Schwarz .

The place is located about kria in Kebun Ginger , Tanah Abang . Before finally destroyed by fire , the theater occupies a building in New Market . There is another theater named Jules Francois de Calonne is the name of the entrepreneur is contained in Deca Park . De Calonne is the first open-air cinema in the field , which today is called ” misbar ” , drizzle disbanded . De Calonne was the forerunner of the Capitol cinema located at the Water Gate .

The films are screened in the cinema of the past is a movie without sound . Usually accompanied playback music orchestra , which did not connect with the film . Some films when it is a favorite of society is Fantomas , Zigomar , Tom Mix , Eddie Polo , Charlie Caplin , Max Linder , Arsene Lupin , etc. .

Now , the films that screened in theaters with a different era, first , of course, the film is more interesting and creative , and have a lot of changes from the cinema and the film that aired , a better place , as well as film . For those of you who like to watch movies. The following information will be given movie theaters in the list of the best movie theaters in the world :

1 . IRON MAN 3
Marvel Studios became a box office champion of the world. After The Avengers become grossing film in 2012 , now turn to Iron Man 3 which fill the position. With total revenues of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars , Iron Man 3 as well so the only films that reach the 1 billion U.S. dollars in 2013 . The film, starring Robert Downey , Jr. . This was reported as the film with the biggest income in Indonesian cinema of all time , which stood at around 15 million U.S. dollars .


Most successful animated film of 2013 was Despicable Me 2 from studio Illumination . With the popularity figures increasing cute minions , Despicable Me 2 managed to conquer the world with fantastic revenues stood at 918.8 million U.S. dollars . This success is expected to be repeated again by going to the movie made a spin – off titled Minions in 2015 .


The Hunger Games or Catching Fire had raced at the box office as the first film , The Hunger Games . The film that put Jennifer Lawrence as main character is successfully reached 802.3 million worldwide as of December 31, 2013. Because the film was screened in cinemas , this number is predicted to increase again .


4 . FAST and FURIOUS 6
Fast and Furious 6 is a rare example of an increasingly successful series of films in each sequel , even in the fifth sequel . Fast and Furious 6 , which also displays Indonesian actor , Joe Taslim managed to shake the world with the acquisition of 788.7 million U.S. dollars . These results also launched plans sequel , Fast and Furious 7 which will be circulated in 2015.


Pixar animation studio still has to win the game . Monsters University , the prequel of Monsters , Inc. . This managed to acquire 743.6 million dollars worldwide . This result would be something that is encouraging considering Pixar’s new movie will be out for release in 2014, and will be back in 2015 .


The new beginning of the famous superhero , Superman is greeted very well by the public . Revenues of 662.8 million U.S. dollars around the world is proof that Superman still has the power to make a profit . This success is expected to further worsen when the sequel would be circulated in 2015 , which also will feature Batman and Wonder Woman .


Games actress Sandra Bullock and the use of sophisticated visual effects turned out to be successful in attracting audiences in the world to watch it in theaters . Space 3D thriller format is successfully reached 653.3 million U.S. dollars in the series in cinema – cinema . Thus , Gravity becomes best-selling film with an original story of the whole year 2013.



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