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The Best Movie Theaters in Indonesia

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By : Ririn Sholiha
Movie theaters are one form of entertainment that is most in demand by the people of Indonesia. Of children, adolescents, adults, to parents all happy to watch a movie together. Moreover, since the Indonesian film begins to shine 10 years ago until the 2015’s, of course, more and more Indonesian films were made, especially a movie that is now quite famous and attracts many communities, starting a movie about the story of romance, war, comedy, and much more. In addition, many viewers who appreciate the work of the nation’s children.

Best Film award given in the Indonesian Film Festival held since 1955. Only three times organizing, 1967, 1977, and 1984 award for best film not given. In the implementation of FFI 1977, the jury requires four (4) elements (directing, playwriting, structuring photography and editing) all achieved by a film in order to be the best movie. Because there is no such, it was decided no best film. Since 1985 it was agreed that the award for best film to be awarded. Below we will give you information Indonesian cinema films in the list of movie theaters the best in Indonesia :

1. The Raid : Redemption

the raid redemption dvd

the raid redemption dvd

The Raid is the first Indonesian film box office entered the United States (US) and had perched on the 11th as the most watched movies in US theaters. The film includes original Indonesian martial art Pencak Silat which was screened in 875 theaters in the US. Besides the US, the film also played in several other countries. The Raid has won three prestigious awards of the world, among other Cadillacs People’s Choice Award, the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 and the Best Film at once Audience Award- Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

The film is produced by Ario Sagantoro and directed by Evan H Garet and starring Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, Ray Sahetapy, Joe Taslim, Dony Alam, Pierre Gruno and Tough Satrya. The Raid is also included in the Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and became a favorite movie version of the jury. The film is also rumored to be remade by Screen Gems, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment.

After the US siarnya rights purchased by Sony Pictures Classic, Sony invited Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park as music director (music score) of the film.


2. Mode Anomaly

new movies at theaters

new movies at theaters

The film is produced by Lifelike Pictures produced Sheila Timothy and considered successful because highly appreciated in various kinds of movie world. After doing a world premiere at the second largest film festival in the United States the South By Southwest (SXSW) 2012, in Austin, Texas on March 9 to 17 in 2012 and then, the film director Joko Anwar artificial received wide response.

The film was also selected aired on “Midnighters”, a sexy special event featuring films selected for the fantastic genre aired at midnight. The film, starring Rio Morrow also received a positive response from critics and bloggers films in America.

Mode anomalies had also won a number of awards, among others Bucheon Award in South Korea. Having won this prestigious award, some foreign films investors reportedly expressed their interest to be involved in the production process.

Indonesian films in English is indeed targeted to foreign markets. This thriller about a man who must save his family who lost while on vacation in a forest. In the forest, he had to struggle to escape pursuit of a mysterious killer.


3. The Witness

movie theatres

movie theatres

Indonesian film also received positive response in other countries, is The Witness, thriller genre movie. The film, directed by Muhammad Yusuf has been aired in the Philippines since 21 March. For the first time Indonesian films can be commercial aired there, not merely as a filler in any film festival.

Before aired to the public, Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB), an official body of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, to give an A for The Witness. Not only that, some even argue cinematographer media Philippines-Filipino filmmakers have to learn to make films from Indonesia.

Not only in the Philippines, according to producer Sarjono Sutrisno, The Witness also be played in a number of Asian countries. The plan of June will be aired in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and Dubai.

Films for over 18 years is about a woman named Angel (Gwen Zamora) is haunted strange dream. He dreamed that the youth attempted suicide by shooting his own gun into the mouth. The movie will begin playing in theaters country on April 26, 2012.


4. Lovely Man

korean movies in theaters

korean movies in theaters

Lovely Man is an Indonesian film nominated Osaka Asian Film Festival, Japan along with other Indonesian movie titled Sky Blue. The election of two films from Indonesia this is special because every year the Film Festival in Osaka just pick one film from each of the participating countries. According to organizers, the second film is judged worthy to qualify for the quality and uniqueness. In the event finally Lovely Man was awarded Best Actor for Donny Damara.

Lovely Man movie was screened in cinemas Cine Nouveau. The film is directed by Teddy Soeriaatmadja was able to attract enough viewers in Japan who are interested in quality Asian films. In their own country, this film was awarded Best Male major player in the event that Donny Damara Indonesian Movie Award (IMA) in 2012.

This film is basically a family movie that tells a father and son who had not met each other. In this film presented a polite child figure, veiling and a boarding school graduates, who finally met with the father who grapple with the hard life as a transsexual in the capital Jakarta. Meanwhile, the musical children playing in the Umeda Sky Blue Garden Cinema. In the film, the director, Lasja F. Susatyo, depicting everyday problems in children in Jakarta and how they cope with their own problems. One of the theme is about the differences and mutual respect these differences.


5. Reaching Dreams (Sing to the Dawn)

cave of dreams

cave of dreams

Reaching Dreams is animated Indonesia that has been shown to a number of countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, and Russia. Managing Director of Kinema Systrans Multimedia produced the film explains that the film is also marketed to Germany and Eastern Europe.

This film is a three-dimensional animated film in Indonesian first musical that tells the struggle brothers, Dana and Rai, in defending their villages to be destroyed building contractors.

Reaching Dreams performed by 100 local animators from the production house based in Batam with a production cost of US $ 5 million. Story ideas taken based on the novel by author Singapore, Minfong Ho, entitled Sing to the Dawn. His book was written in 1970 and became mandatory in Singapore literature. The premiere of this film is not even in Indonesia, but in Singapore.

In the series in Singapore this movie entitled Sing to the Dawn with English dubbing. This film is targeted to penetrate the international market. Having premiered in Singapore in October 2010. New screened in Indonesia september 2011.  Pause time that year, according to General Manager Kinema Goddess Pintokoratri, used for translation into Indonesian. Indonesian version of the main character voiced by Gita Velasquez and singer Indonesian Idol, Patton. Screening in Singapore, the film is only able to reach 300 thousand spectators.



6. Leaves on Top Pillows

movie theater seating

movie theater seating

Leaves on Top Pillows is Indonesian film made in 1998 and directed by Garin Nugroho. The film is quite worldwide with several International awards. This film tells the story of a mother who named Mercy (Christine Hakim) and their three children Heru, Sugeng, and mouse deer living in the streets of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  The film is produced by Christine Hakim’s production house Film namely Christine Hakim. Although supposed to be finished in October 1997, but due to the economic crisis in Indonesia, the film eventually settled in Australia. Settlement funds come from several sources such as the Hubert Bals Fund, NHK and RCTI. This film has also been made for the TV version.


The story focuses on where the three children living from selling marijuana and living on the streets in the hope they can get out of poverty. The root of the problem they are actually due to Mercy always ignore them. Every night these three children are always fighting for possession Leaves Pillow fight Mercy. but their hopes were dashed when their destiny ended tragically.

The recognition achieved this movie :
1. Asia-Pacific Film Festival – 1998 – Best Actress – Christine Hakim
2. Asia-Pacific Film Festival – 1998 – Best Film
3. Singapore International Film Festival – 1999 – Featured in the category of Silver Screen Award Best
4. Asian Feature Film – Garin Nugroho
5. Tokyo International Film Festival – 1998 – Special Jury Prize – Garin Nugroho


7. Sand Whispering

amc movie theaters

amc movie theaters

Whispering Sands Films directed by Nan Achnas. In this film, the beauty of Mount Bromo shown remarkable. In addition, the film is supported by a senior actress Christine Hakim at the time newcomer actress, Sastro Dian Ward.

Acting both rated very intriguing movie watchers. Other senior artists who support this film that Didi Petet, Dik Doan, Slamet Rahardjo, Mang Udel, and Dessy Fitr.

Whispering Sand able to achieve international awards, such as Best Cinematography Award, Best Sound Award, and the Jury’s Special Award for Most Promising Director for Asia Pacific Film Festival 2001, best female artist, Asiatique Deauville Film Festival 2002 best female artist at the Singapore Film Festival Inter-nation to-15.





8. Rainbow Warriors

rainbow warriors movie

rainbow warriors movie

Rainbow Warriors welcome in Indonesia also in obtaining a positive response in the international world. The film is adapted from the novel by Andrea Hirata with the same title also became one of the films screened at international film festivals fukuoka 2009 in Japan.

After a successful series in cinema homeland, and other countries such as Spain, Italy, Namibia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, USA, Australia, and Portugal also show a film about the dreams of 10 children in a remote village in the educated.

The film was finally awarded the Golden Butterfly Award for best film at the International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults in Hamedan, Iran. Other international awards, the best film ever to be nominated at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2009, as well as the best asian movie editor, 2009 in Hong Kong.

The film, directed by Riri Riza, it has also been played in Barcelona Asian Film Festival 2009 in Spain, singapore international movie festival in 2009, 11th Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2009 in the United States.


9. Denias, Singing on the Cloud

foreign movies 2014

foreign movies 2014

The film is directed by John de Rantau and produced in 2006, starring Albert Fakdawer, Ari Sihasale, Nia Zulkarnaen and Marcella Zalianty.

The film also made it into the selection committee of the Oscars in 2008. The film tells about the struggle of a boy named Papuan tribal Denias to get a decent education. The whole setting is done at the location of this Paradise island. The story in this film is an adaptation of the true story of a boy named Janias Papua.

A film that should be watched by those who claim to care about the world of education in Indonesia. A film that can open our view of how education in this country is still very expensive, it is still very complicated and many occur discriminations that do not make sense. In this film we can also see the beauty of the province of Papua, which captured so beautifully.




10. The Photograph

home movie theater

home movie theater

The Photograph is made in 2007. The film, directed by Nan Achnas it was also going to enter the selection committee for the 2008 Oscar foreign film category, although that is finally selected movies only Denias, Singing on the Cloud only. The film is starring, among others, by Indy Barends, Kay Tong Lim, and Shanty.

The Photograph also been aired at the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) to-12 in South Korea.









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