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The Best Boarding Schools in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Full boarding schools ( SBP ) is a premier collection of high school devoted to the students who got a brilliant decision in the UPSR and PMR . The purpose of this kind of school of origin embodiment is to provide opportunities for bumiputera students outside the city. This is because in the beginning , only boarding school boarding schools in the UK , such as the Malay College Kuala Kangsar , which is devoted to the children of the King . But now , all full boarding school is the same and is open to all Malaysian citizens .

At boarding school full- time study has been arranged by the school and every student needs to adhere to the schedule . This is a unique boarding school full of life compared to the daily lives of students in regular schools . In each year , has become a tradition every full boarding school to compete in Day School boarding Brilliance Full Cup victory for Prime Minister .

Many parents send their children to boarding schools . In addition to training children to socialize , boarding schools also train children to be independent and disciplined . Moreover, if the international school , the environment is filled by students from various countries would be more open mind of the child window . Research has shown that children in the hostel more independent than others .

For students who already have proficiency in English , boarding school providing an international perspective that they will not find anywhere else .

Boarding school does offer a variety of other benefits that you will not find in regular schools , such as small class sizes that help teachers provide individual attention and encourage participation . Students in boarding schools generally get more opportunities to interact with teachers . Good boarding schools also often have facilities that do not have a regular school .

This can often be reflected in the depth of the subject and offers out of school activities . The range of activities in the arts and sport for example can be much more extensive than what is available in the regular school .

Although no definite structure in the boarding school , students learn quickly to adapt to the new environment , and learn how to be independent . Thus they can be ideal for students looking for a fresh start that can learn how to make choices in a way that they do not have when staying at home . This is something that will give your child a greater chance of finding a place in a university and succeed when they get there .

Now there are many boarding school to be a home away from home and have a number of options which allow the children to keep in regular contact with their parents , either through Mobile or Skype and many more tools to communicate on the weekend .

There are many reasons why Boarding Schools can change your child’s life , but the most practical one is the opportunity to become proficient in English and be independent . For those of you who are interested . Here we will provide information about boarding schools in the list of the best boarding schools in the world :


1 , JFK International – Switzerland

european boarding schools

european boarding schools

Switzerland is famous for its school dormitory , one of the school ‘s JFK International . Students here amounts to about 60-70 people in the age range 5-14 years . At this school every student is treated like family . And more interestingly, the school is located in a village at the foot of the Alps .

JFK is internationally renowned for excellence in education , the interaction between students and teachers to be one of the most important factors in developing the talents of each child . Kennedy School is the ideal place for children to grow and thrive . The curriculum is designed specifically for JFK international school and provides students with a wealth of experience through activities , excursions and sports . Fundamental to success is a strong belief that every child is a unique individual with different needs .


2 . Branksome Hall – Canada

best boarding school in america

best boarding school in america

Established in 1903 , Branksome Hall specialize to a boarding school for women . Hierarchically was complete , from elementary school to university . Amazingly this school uses the International Baccalaureate curriculum , the curriculum has been recognized in the prestigious worldwide .


Branksome offers a strong liberal arts curriculum that develops critical thinking and inquiry skills , encourage a balance between academics and co – curricular options , and emphasize a global perspective . Boarding students may enroll in Branksome from Class 8-12 , and enjoy enriched programs in your neighborhood that cares . Branksome has an international outlook , with many highly qualified teachers who have international teaching experience , and girls from Branksome can now be found in the best universities in the world .


3 . Diocesan School for Girls – New Zealand

boarding schools in america

boarding schools in america

One more girls’ boarding school . This school has a long history and has been established for over a century . In it there is a dynamic learning center , classrooms edge , and recreational facilities are also spectacular .







4 . Westminster School – England

american boarding schools

american boarding schools

To see how prestigious the school , just look at the graduates . There is architect Christopher Wren Winnie the Pooh creator AA Milne , up to the present day pop stars such as Dido and Gavin Rossdale . In the last five years almost half of the graduates of these schools made it into two of the most prestigious universities in the world , Oxford and Cambridge .

Meanwhile , the origins of the school can be traced back to the monastic school of the Benedictine monastery that was founded more than a thousand years ago . During each of the past five years , 50 percent of students accepted by universities of Oxford and Cambridge , 45 percent choose appropriate courses for them in another country’s leading universities , and 5 percent had been taking place at universities in America .


5 . Woodstock Hill – India

native american boarding schools

native american boarding schools

Woodstock Hill Located in the foothills of the Himalayas , Woodstock is one of the most luxurious school in India . Established in 1854, this school has a goal of creating graduates who have a caring spirit and high sense of responsibility . do not be surprised if many graduates who become social workers in India .

The school provides education for students aged 3 to 18 years , although the hostel is only available to students from Grade 3 onwards . Woodstock has an international reputation for excellence , as demonstrated by the fact that most of the students come from countries other than India .


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