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Information about Talanx Insurance

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Talanx is the third largest country in Europe and the eighth largest in the German insurance group by premium income. Hannover -based Group is active in some 150 countries. Talanx operates as a multi – brand provider with a focus on B2B insurance. Rating agency Standard & Poor’s , and have given Talanx Primary Group for the financial strength rating of A + or strong stable and Hannover Re Group a stable AA – or very strong . Talanx AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the MDAX. The vision and mission are owned by the insurance company are:

Vision insurance group Talanx is the leading global B2B.

Talanx is optimized mission the cooperation between the Divisions, which makes it possible to take advantage of promising opportunities wherever they appear in the global insurance market.

Talanx AG is an insurance company based in Germany. Talanx insurance operates in the field of insurance and financial services sector. The company diversified its activities into five divisions namely : Industrial Lines , Retail Germany , Retail International , and operations of the Company , and also owns and operates several brands , including AmpegaGerlin ie asset managers and fund providers , Hannover Re is non-life reinsurance , HDI consists of division of Retail Germany and Retail International , and HDI – Gerlin , which consists of divisions , namely industrial Lines insurance products for trade and industry segments . In addition, the Company also operates Magyar Posta, neue leben , TU Europa and brand news . As at December 31, 2012 , the Company operates a number of subsidiaries located in South Africa , Austria , Germany , Italy , Chile , Brazil , Ukraine , Argentina , USA, UK and Poland .

As for Talanx Group offers customers in the field of protection. German insurance group is the third largest in the country. Talanx operates in property or accident insurance, life insurance, and financial services , as well as reinsurance in both casualties and property or life category . Brands include HDI – Gerling and HDI Direkt , which provides insurance to private customers , industry , and Aspecta , provider of individual insurance and investment products , which Talanx Hannover Re has only 51 % , is one of the world’s largest reinsurance company , surety fund AmpegaGirling and asset managers . Talanx operates in 150 countries around the world.

The insurance company is also expanding into several countries , one of which Talanx International AG ( AmpegaGirling ) , with effect 1 July, has taken over the Polish insurance company Warta SA TUiR of Belgian KBC Group . With the take-over, NEWS has been a member of the German Talanx Group.

Contract signed between Talanx and KBC conclude an agreement on the acquisition NEWS reached on January 20, 2012. Because no objections from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on the take -over stock NEWS by Talanx , it means the closing of the acquisition process TUiR NEWS and NEWS -owned Life Insurance Company .

NEWS is one of the largest insurance companies in Poland with a strong market position in all business segments and a highly recognized brand. In 2011 , the Group collected NEWS nearly PLN 4.8 billion in gross written premium by the company at 2.5 billion and 2.3 billion Life by non-life companies , in accordance with national accounting regulations . Income generated is about 139 million PLN according to PAS, and € 42 million under IFRS.

Up to Now, Talanx has been operating in Poland through two companies in motor, general liability, property and life insurance one of them is in TU SA and HDI Asekuracja HDI – Gerling Życie TU SA . In addition, on June 4, 2012, Talanx and Meiji Yasuda announced the completion of taking over a majority stake Europa Group, based in Wroclaw. With the second closing of this transaction, Talanx become the second largest insurance group in Poland after 2010 according to statistics published by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

One of the first strategic decisions taken by the management of Talanx is to establish two separate brands in the non-life insurance sector – NEWS and HDI, taking into account their differences. There will also be two separate sales networks. But even so the insurance company still exist and more advanced, with guidelines on strong vision and mission.

That last bit of information the insurance company Talanx, hopefully with that information to gain knowledge about the insurance companies in the world . for those of you who are interested to enroll , or want to know more detail information please contact at :

Contact Information
Talanx Insurance
Riethorst 2
30659 Hannover , Germany
Phone : +49-511-3747-0
Fax : +49-511-3747-2525


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