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The Most Unique Mirror in The World

January 18th, 2018 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

Mirror is a slippery surface and can create perfect reflection of objects. And objects that can send a message whether someone has appeared as he wishes or not.

Initially mirrors of glazed stone pieces like obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass. The obsidian mirror found in Anatolia (now Turkey), is about 6000 BC. The glossy stone mirrors of central and southern America are about 2000 BC. Mirror-making materials, one of which is from the shiny copper made in Mesopotamia in 4000 BC and in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC. While in China, a mirror of bronze was made in 2000 BC.

The metal-coated glass mirror was created in Sidon (present-day Lebanon) in the first century AD, and a glass mirror with a gold leaf resting was mentioned by a Roman author named Pliny in his Natural History, composed sometime around AD 77. The Romans also developed a technique creating a rough mirror of blown glass covered with molten tin.

There is also a reflective parabolic mirror first described by an Arabic physicist named Ibn Sahl in the 10th century. Ibn al-Haytham discusses convex and concave mirrors in ball and tubular geometry, performs several experiments with mirrors, and solves the problem of finding a point in a convex mirror at where light coming from one point is reflected to another.

In the 11th century, clear glass mirrors were produced in Al-Andalus.

At the beginning of the Renaissance, Europeans perfected a method of coating glass with tin mercury. Both the date and location of the discovery are still unknown, but in the 16th century Venice, a city known for making glass, became a mirror production center using this technique. The glass mirror from that period was once a very expensive luxury item.

Justus Liebig invented a mirrored glass mirror in 1835. The process involves the deposition of a metallic silver layer into the glass through the chemical reduction of silver nitrate. The process of coating glass with a reflective substance (silvering) is adapted to mass-produce mirrors. Currently, mirrors are often produced by vacuum deposition of aluminum (or sometimes silver) directly onto glass substrate.

In the days of now is mirror is easy to find, in every area and place, and almost everyone is always carrying a mirror. Here are all kinds of mirrors included in the list of the most unique mirrors in the World :

1. Razorblade Mirror
A nice design piece of British Suck, Razorblade Mirror is based on the shape of a typical razor. Designed by Phil Sims and ideal for shaving mirrors or just an attractive decoration for your living room wall. Currently used by Sweeney Todd, and sells for £ 74.99.

razorblade mirror

2. Narcisse Mirror
Derived from French branded Domestic has launched a collection of mirrors by designers such as Matali Crasset, 5.5 Designers and Ich & Ka. According to their website, Narcisse is a collection of mirror artists. The key aspect of this mirror lies in the quality, design and workmanship of the frame.

narcisse mirror

3. Ironing Board Mirror
An interesting concept by designer Aissa Logerot, an innovative mirror and can be used as an iron when tilted while mirroring in a horizontal position. According to the designer, “This mirror is the object of a link between two sequential actions of an iron suit and dress up.”


4. How Tall Are You Mirror
Are you as small as Kylie? Or big like Hulk Hogan? Measuring altitude with numbers is very much behind, now we can all measure height as high as celebrities now. This mirror listed 120 celebrities by actual height.

how tall are you mirror

5. Touch Screen MP3 Mirror
Touch Screen MP3 Mirror is a Stocco mirror The maitre has a touch screen console in the lower right corner, offering easy programming and radio operation, date, barometer, and MP3 player so you can sing as you please while in the shower or when dressed.

touch screen MP3 mirror

6. Interactive Mirrors
Interactive Mirror is a mirror conceptualized by Alpay Kasal. The interactive mirror features both proximity, pointing, and combined sensors and infrared pollutant studies.

interactive mirrors


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