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Tips Overcoming Difficult Child Fat

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By : Ririn Sholiha

While the body of a skinny child when eating a lot, then the mother must immediately act. There are some tips you can apply to solve the problem, such as:

1. Understand the meaning of skinny first. Remember the mother, thin body does not always mean sickness or unhealthy. Mother must also consider the height of the child. Mother can calculate with the BMI formula to determine whether the child has an ideal weight (BBI) or not. (Read also: Milk weight gain baby, How to raise the baby’s weight).
2. Note the number of calories in the food that the child will consume. Mother can see in the table of food calories to estimate the daily needs so that children no shortage or excess caloric intake.
3. Eat slowly. Make sure he chews approximately 32 times. Remember, do not be too hasty. If he chews quickly then the food is difficult to digest by the stomach so tend to be removed as dirt.
4. Meet the nutritional needs in a balanced way, ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, fiber and vitamins.
5. Vary the dishes to increase the child’s appetite (Read also: How to cope with toddlers difficult to eat, Overcome the baby difficult to eat MPASI).
6. Finish the portion of food with child activities. If he is a child who is actively moving, then the portion of food should also be added so that he can get more energy. Vice versa.
7. Occasionally check the child’s stool in the laboratory, the goal to know whether he suffered from intestinal worms or not.
8. Encourage the child for recreation. Delight in his heart. Ask how his days are at school. A depressed child usually has a body that tends to be skinny.
9. If the child shows symptoms that are not fair then immediately take medication to the hospital.
So are some of the causes of skinny children when eating a lot, and also tips to overcome them. Hope can help the mother in the face of a difficult child fat.

that’s tips to overcome child fat, may this information useful. Keeping children to always live healthy, healthy diet and one of them taking natural traditional medicine. We of the team wonderful thing provide herbal medicine to gain weight in children who come from plants – natural plants, which we have been a natural capsule without preservatives, to make it easier to consume, and have registered POM TR and DEPKES RI. If you are interested to order, order can contact directly at our email Here is a list of our herbal remedies that can gain weight in children :

1. Spirulina “Nutrition Super Complete”


Derived from raw material spirulina pure waters of Jepara and processed hygienically and lawful, but it has a high nutritional content, it is suitable in consumption for all ages, especially for children who are growing, pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as in the recovery process after pain and increase endurance.
4x beef protein, iron 60 – 68x spinach,
2x alfalfa chlorophyll, calcium milk 5x, 25x bertakaroten carrots, vitamin E 3x shoots of wheat.
– As a health supplement.
– Super Food (rich in nutrients, protein and vitamins).
– Increase endurance.
– Healthy blood.
– Anti-oxidant and anti-virus.
– Improve the digestive system.
– Detoxification.
– Hard worker.
– Pregnant and lactating mothers.
– The growth of children.
– Enhancing immunity.
Contents : 60 capsules

2. RADIX COFFEE BOX “Coffee healthful and refreshing herbal”


Radix herbal coffee concoction made from extracts of maca, noni and various other herbs, combined with a special coffee and savory vegetable Krimmer and best refined sugar. Coffee Radix uses technology “double extraction” with a composition of 80% of robusta coffee and 20% Arabica coffee. RADIX caffeine content is very small, only 0.24% so it is safe for all ages.
The image of the original coffee taste with herbs tremendous benefits. Special health drink mixed with some herbal genuine synergies. Has many benefits that no doubt, and can directly enjoy the benefits. Through the extraction of herbaceous aromas and flavors so that the enjoyment of coffee to stay awake but have better benefits. Herba contained in coffee radix has an active ingredient content is higher and the quality can be maintained.
The main herbs used are Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia) which has been trusted for generations and proven to be effective.
– Coffee
– Sugar
– Krimer
– Pasak Bumi
– Other Herba
1. Increase stamina and vitality.
2. Maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels of the heart.
3. Making the formation of red blood cells.
4. Increase sexual desire and improve fertility.
5. Reduce fatigue.
6. Overcoming depression.
7. Improving mental fatigue.
8. Preventing osteoporosis.
9. It has a diuretic effect.
10. Reduce the risk of headache
11. Helps alleviate sleep disorders.
Package Contents : 15 Sachet
Package Contents : 30 Sachet


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