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The Largest Man Made Floating Objects in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha


This article will discuss about the Man-Made Largest Floating Objects in the World, but before going that it would be helpful to know the meaning of float or floats. Here’s the explanation:

Terms of Floating Objects on the Law of Archimedes are still relevant with regard to the fluid on the terms of floating objects. Here the object is described as having certain conditions in the water or fluid then it can be said that a floating objects, if the object meets the requirements:

• The density of objects smaller than the density of the fluid;
• Heavy objects with Archimedes style.

If the above requirements are met, any objects that are going to be floating above the water. Then, the question arises why solid objects floating on the surface of the water?

If you insert a cork into the water, the floating corks. Conversely, if you enter a sewing needle or a stone into the water, sewing needles or stone sinks, although the size of the needle or rock smaller than a cork. What factors led to a solid object can float on the water surface? The Slope below will explain why.

The force of gravity works on any object that is in the earth’s surface, therefore any body of mass has gravity. If gravity (w) solid objects smaller than the buoyant force (FA) of water then when solid objects thrown into the water, things move up and float on the water surface.

gambar 1

Objects move up and float on the surface of the water because there is net force or resultant force directed upward acting on the object, where a large net force = buoyant force – gravity.





Σ F =  ρ water  g Vobjet – ρobject g Vobjet
Σ F =  (ρ water  – ρobject) g Vobjet

Description: ρ = density, g = acceleration of gravity, V= volume of object submerged in water ( all the parts of objects submerged in water ) , P = pressure , A = surface area , m = mass of the body .

Based on this equation it can be concluded that the direction of movement of objects submerged in water is affected by the density of objects and the density of water. If the density of water is greater than the mass of the object then the object moves upward once thrown into the water (floating objects) .

When the object floating on the water surface, large buoyant force must be equal to the gravity of the object so that the resultant force is zero and the object is in static equilibrium (stationary objects).

FA = w
ρ water  g V1 = ρobject g V2
ρ water  V1 = ρobject V2
ρ water    =  V2
ρobject           V1

Description: ρ = mass density, v1 = volume of object submerged in water, v2 = volume of the object as a whole.

When objects floating on the surface of the water, the volume of the object immersed in water is determined by the volume of the object and the mass ratio of water to the mass of the object. If the object floating on the surface of a liquid other than water the density of water is replaced by the density of the liquid.

Thus had little explanation for why objects can float on the water, then any floating objects that have been created by humans, and in the list of the largest man-made floating objects in the world. The following information will be given :

Freedom Ship

Regular cruises seem small compared to the largest man-made floating objects in the world are named Freedom Ship.

Freedom Ship is a ship with the concept of “floating city “proposed by Norman Nixon of Freedom Ship International. By design has a length of 1400 meters ( 4500 feet ) , width of 230 meters ( 750 feet ) high and 110 meters ( 350 feet ) , Freedom Ship four times the length of the largest cruise ships in the world today Oasis of the Seas .

This includes the design of ships that completed in the world, consisting of luxury apartments, shopping malls, discos, bars and pubs, parks, swimming pools, several sports fields, airports, cinemas and entertainment venues as well as other public facilities in the area of ship 160,000 m².

Freedom Ship is not just a cruise ship, but in the concept as a “place to move “as a place to live, work, rest, travel or just as a place to stop it.

This ship will circumnavigate the world, has facilities such as a terminal for ferry boats, hydrofoil boats and even airplanes to stay or move up from other places from around the world.

Budget to make a super large ships is around six billion U.S. dollars (6 billion U.S. $) and has now swelled to eleven billion U.S. dollars (11 billion U.S. $) in 2002 .

container ship

container ship


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