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Phoenix Group Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan

History and information about Phoenix Group Insurance

Phoenix Insurance

The insurance company was founded in 1857, as The Pearl Loan Company and operated from the Royal Oak Public House, on the contrary, at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1914 changed its name to The Pearl Assurance Company. In 1990 then acquired by Australian group insurance, AMP, and then in 2003 Pearl, NPI and London in the demerged from AMP to be a part of the Henderson Group.

In 2005 the business was purchased from Henderson Group by Sun Capital Partners, where business is a leading partner Hugh Osmond and TDR Capital. Then, in 2008, Pearl acquired Resolution plc including guarantee business in Phoenix.

In June 2009, the business was acquired by Liberty Acquisition Holdings International, and then changed its name to Pearl Group. On March 15, 2010, Pearl Group changed its name to Phoenix Group Holdings.

For The Phoenix Group is divided into two parts a guarantee of life and asset management is :
Life insurance
Phoenix Life consists of four life insurance companies and arranged :
1. Phoenix Life Limited; Phoenix Life Assurance Ltd. prior to September 28, 2012, known as the Pearl limited warranty)
2. Phoenix Ireland -Phoenix Life (Ireland Branch)
3. NPI-National Provident Life Limited
4. Scottish Mutual International Limited (the Republic of Ireland

asset management
Ignis Asset Management (formerly Resolution Asset Management)

that was the group that is in the insurance company, since there is a change of name in 2010, the company is increasingly showing its existence. Meanwhile, the meaning of The Phoenix Group itself is one of the largest providers of insurance services in the UK. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and traded on Euronext Amsterdam earlier. Phoenix Insurance Group offers a wide range of insurance products, financial services and employee benefits for businesses and individuals across the country. No matter what type of risk management or insurance product you need, this company has the knowledge and experience to help you. When you work with Phoenix you can rest assured knowing that your best interests are the top priority of this company. In addition, the company also has always maintained a good relationship with the investor, the following investor relations at The Phoenix Insurance :

1. 1949 – The Company was founded by the late David Hachmi,
2. 1978 – Phoenix shares issued to the public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
3. 2002 – Control Group was acquired by Mayer
4. 2004 – The merger Operations: Israel Phoenix and Hadar
5. 2006 – Acquisition of 40 % of Excellence Nessuah – leading investment houses in Israel
6. 2006 – Control acquired by Delek Group

Phoenix was founded by the late David Hachmi in 1949. He was the one who set the vision of the company that will be based on caring for the personal welfare and securing one’s future and the future of the next generation. This vision remains one of the company’s mainstays.

Since its establishment , the Phoenix has consistently put attention devoted to your personal and customers at the forefront of the corporate philosophy , with care for when your future security, while providing your needs in all aspects of life .

Phoenix is a company of people who work on behalf of people, a company that believes in customers, agents, employees and stand for them in hard times.

As a leading company, Phoenix engaged in activities to the wider community, by actively supporting and sponsoring various organizations and individuals in the fields of culture, education and health. Contributing to the community is one vision of the insurance company and is one company consistently implement and embed the employees, both financially and management serving as role models. The following sector insurance company’s operations :

Long-Term Savings
Phoenix is a leader in providing optimal solutions in the sector of long-term savings.
This sector focuses on products that integrate the life insurance, pension and provident funds, designed to accompany the customer throughout his life.

Health line
Private drug coverage that is within reach for medical treatment, surgery, transplants in Israel and around the world, pharmaceutical and many more. Phoenix insurance products ensure the best medical care money can buy. Half a million households have health insurance Phoenix.

General insurance
this sector includes all individual and commercial property insurance: Homeowners insurance and comprehensive automotive insurance, various insurance, marine insurance, engineering insurance and many more.

Phoenix Investment and Finance
Phoenix Investments and Finance Ltd. are responsible for investing the fund and members to invest themselves in a financial company, primarily through ownership (joint control) at Excellence Nessuah Investment House.

Overview Product Range

Phoenix Health Fund has a variety of products to suit your particular circumstances.

Thus had surgery Phoenix Group Insurance sector, may be useful information earlier. For those of you who are interested or want to know more details of the company profile , you can directly call on :

Phoenix Group Insurance
11615 Forest Central Dr.
Ste 103
Dallas , TX 75243
Neighborhood : North Dallas
Phone : (214) 253-0570


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