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Information about Achmea Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan

medical health insurance

Achmea was established in the Netherlands in 1811, as insurance companies mutual cooperation with a strong and is one of the leading banks in Europe. The Shareholders is especially Achmea Association.

Achmea remains committed to ownership model with,and to be the largest together or cooperative companies in Europe, with a strong focus on developing products and services that meet our customers’ needs individual and corporate commitment. As a result, Achmea were not registered in the stock exchange.

Achmea employs 16,000 people in the business Dutch and 4,000 in all international operations
In addition in the Netherlands, Achmea is also active in 7 other European countries including Ireland, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia. This Company managed total assets of has received € 97bn and have a total equity of has received € 10.4 billion in December 2012. This was holding financial strength and long-term ratings Handle settlement credit (Standard & Poors) from A.

The aim is to consolidate Achmea market leadership in the Netherlands and to build an integrated, the group insurance pan-European always present in international market, with their position market significantly.

The effect on his ability to adapt to market environment and remain faithful to work ethic, Achmea aspire to present to insurance companies that most credible in the domestic market and at the end in the international market in which it was present through the company operations. But the products that are in insurance companies are:

Insurance Companies have long presence in Northern Ireland and gained a reputation as one of the leading financial services group Northern Ireland. We provide various comprehensive retired, investment, products and services protection to companies, organizations and individuals in the Northern Ireland.

As insurance specialist, this company continued to bring new products to market and innovative in the name distributors and customers. The following information about our product

everyone needs to plan their future. Life expectancy increased and those who retired today, we could hope to live with both the age of 80. So, when you’re finished work you can spend up to 30 years or more in their retirement time, and it is a very long time if you don’t get money. This makes it so important to planned to the future and make sure you have enough money to support life style that is comfortable during the your retirement.

A Pension is one of the best ways to planning for retirement is a way to retirement. tax efficient saving for retirement time you. Country pension is now only has received € 230 (2010) pw could not be enough to live. More early you begin to retire, you more and more time for your money.

We offer various pension program and the solutions after retirement, according to all the : , company boards or the owner, an entrepreneur. If you are a employers we can help you manage pension plan for your employees .

whether sum for you have total value investing or interested to keep or investing in an orderly way, this company offers products and funds to suit your needs. However, there are a few things to you are considering before you choose savings or investment products or funds :

1. What is the purpose financial that you have in mind?
2. How long do you want to save or invest your money to?
3. How the attitude you take the risk? Invest your money with the risk that you It may not get it back so that you should think about this and Decide what high risk you’re comfortable with them.

After you have been considering these questions, it is time to look for saving and investment products which are right for you. Insurance Company was offered two. One of them is main product is to sum total value investment and the other is to saving products. These two products to give you access to various funds.

Life presents we have a habit unexpected events with. If there is something that occurs to you today, your family or business safe in financial, It is the reason why you need certainty and security financial protection.

The plan our protection can provide you with his hands help when you need it. They are designed to provide financial security you with that you need to protect her income, the house, the family, business and life style in the events accident all of a sudden, sick or dead.

For comprehensive coverage for all possibilities for life. There are several types of products for refuge, which is available. Each product designed to serve a purpose. Some products protection will be suitable for your needs and other people.

Financial needs And What is your life cover, is determined The cover disease or Protection money. Company offers various products to suit your needs. The following is more information about product protection insurance company Achmea :

1. Protect your money
2. Protect your family
3. Protect your mortgage
4. Protect your business
5. Protect your employees
It is this information and the products of insurance companies; Achmea Achmea is for private financial services group in insurance. this company registered in the Netherlands. With the operation in 8 countries, Achmea Group has more than 20,000 employees and offers various insurance product – to live and Non-Life and pension products, health insurance and services, asset management and banking stocks, as we have been listed above. For those of you who are interested you can contact directly at:

Achmea Insurance
Handelsweg 2
Zeist, 3707 NH
Was Established in 1811
Have 18,738 employees
Phone : 31 30 693 7000


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