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How Kidney Disease Treatment

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By : Ririn Sholiha


A kidney stone is a disease caused by the presence of small brownish white stones contained in the cavity of the kidney or renal tract. Kidney stones are formed due to the deposition of mineral and organic compounds. Precipitation of stone is caused by infection of the kidneys or the inundation of urine in the kidney.

Indonesia is rich in herbal plants the which admittedly has a function and a tremendous benefit to cure various types of ailments ranging from chronic illness and mild. The effects of herbal remedies do not cause side effects that worrying for the health and physical condition of a person.

Diseases that are now pretty much attacking humans is urinary stone disease who had close ties to the kidney. Urinary stone disease or kidney stones if not treated immediately will lead to diseases of the kidney or urinary tract stones. Here is information about Indonesian herbal plant used as medicine to cure bladder stones or kidney stones, such as :

1. leaves cat whiskers or Techspeak with Orthosiphon aristatus

leaves cat whiskers

Leaf cat whiskers have properties and pharmacological effects which have a sweet taste, slightly bitter and cool. Efficacious as urinary laxative, laxative kidney stones or urinary stones and anti-infection to the bladder. Contains sinensetin efficacious as anti-inflammatory and urinary laxative.

Usefulness leaves cat whiskers are used as therapy of kidney infections, urinary tract infections, kidney stones and bladder, kidney inflammation, prostate inflammation, pain and difficulty passing urine, gallstones, high uric acid and hypertension. Leaf cat whiskers have active compounds such as saponins, polyphenols, falvonoid, myoinositol, orthisiphon glycosides and essential oils. From the cat’s whiskers plant that can be used are all parts of the plant cat’s whiskers.


2. Leaves tempuyung or Sonchus arvensis

leaves tempuyung or sonchus arvensis

Tempuyung leaves have properties and pharmacological effects which have a bitter taste and cold. Efficacious removing heat, urinary laxative as well as grinding stones in the urinary tract and gall stones.
Tempuyung leaves usefulness as a therapy of kidney stones or urinary stones and urinary tract also for gallstones, hypertension, hemorrhoids and ulcers.

Leaves tempuyung has active compounds that oc-laktuserol, P-laktuserol, mannitol, inositol, flavonoids (kaempreferol, luteolin-7-O-glucoside), coumarin, taraksasterol and phenolic acids. Tempuyung of plants that can be used are all parts of the plant.


3. Leaves Alang – alang

leaves alang-alang

Plant grass – this grass is rich with various chemical ingredients that are already known, among other things: Malic acid, citric acid, coixol, arundoin, cylidrin, fernenol, simiarenol, anemonin, grit acid, skharosa, glucose, mannitol, resins and alkali metals.

Alang – alang called Imperata cylindrica or Lagurus cylindricus. This plant belongs to the plant family Gramineae or Poaceae. This plant is known as the area of weeds, hilalang or kambengan.




Diseases Healed and Method Usage Among them are :

Vomiting blood
The fresh root 30-60 grams, washed, cut – cut, boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining 1 cup. Drink when cool.

The fresh root is washed, crushed and squeezed the water to collect 100 cc. Drinking water juice.

Air Urinary Bloody
Boil 10 grams of fresh roots with water until the remaining 2,000 cc to 1,000 cc. Drink the water.

300 grams of fresh roots washed, cut – cut as needed, simmering with 2,000 cc of water until the remaining 1,200 cc, plus rock sugar to taste. Divided by 3 times a drink or as a tea. Ten days for a cure.

Those are some plants that can be used to treat kidney failure, for the health of the body you should know to prevent diseases – diseases such as the above that must be maintained to keep a healthy life, keep the diet, diligent exercise and one of them consume natural traditional medicine. We were on the team provides a wonderful thing herbal remedies for diseases KIDNEY FAILURE derived from plants – natural plant, where we process into natural capsules without preservatives, so it is easier to consume, and is already registered POM TR and RI Health Department. If you want to book, bookings can be contacted directly at our email Here is a list of the herbs that can treat diseases KIDNEY FAILURE :

PRO-GINFIT “Friends of your kidneys”
Kidney Stones affects about 9% of the world population, the majority suffered by men, but in recent years the number of patients women rise up to 70%.
Keep the body healthy, pay attention to the health condition of your kidneys.
Each capsule contains flavonoids and potassium Proginfit of herbal extracts that have a diuretic effect and anticalcurenal. The content of the above compounds found in many Tempuyung Extract, Cats Whisker, Kejibeling, and Reed that has been proven empirically and clinically overcome kidney stone disease.
– Sonchi folium extract 125 mg
– Orthosiphonis folium extract 125 mg
– Strobilanthi folium extract 100 mg
– Phylanthi herbal extract 50 mg
– Imperatae rhizome extract 50 mg
Contents : 75 capsules
Pro-Ginfit help solve the problems of your kidneys :
1. shed and inhibit the formation of kidney stones.
2. relieve inflammation of the kidneys.
3. prevention of urinary tract infections.
PRICE : $ 8, – (not including postage)

pro – ginfit









RADIX COFFEE BOX “Coffee healthful and refreshing herbal”
Radix herbal coffee concoction made from extracts of maca, noni and various other herbs, combined with a special coffee and savory vegetable Krimmer and best refined sugar. Coffee Radix uses technology “double extraction” with a composition of 80% of robusta coffee and 20% Arabica coffee. RADIX caffeine content is very small, only 0.24% so it is safe for all ages.
The image of the original coffee taste with herbs tremendous benefits. Special health drink mixed with some herbal genuine synergies. Has many benefits that no doubt, and can directly enjoy the benefits. Through the extraction of herbaceous aromas and flavors so that the enjoyment of coffee to stay awake but have better benefits. Herba contained in coffee radix has an active ingredient content is higher and the quality can be maintained.
The main herbs used are earth peg (Eurycoma longifolia) which has been trusted for generations and proven to be effective.
– Coffee
– Sugar
– Krimer
– earth peg
– Other Herba
1. Increase stamina and vitality.
2. Maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels of the heart.
3. Making the formation of red blood cells.
4. Increase sexual desire and improve fertility.
5. Reduce fatigue.
6. Overcoming depression.
7. Improving mental fatigue.
8. Preventing osteoporosis.
9. It has a diuretic effect.
10. Reduce the risk of headache
11. Helps alleviate sleep disorders.
Package Contents: 15 Sachet – Price: $ 6, – (not including postage)
Package Contents: 30 Sachet – Price: $ 10, – (not including postage)

coffee radix












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