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Fubon Financial

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By : Aries Kurniawan

Fubon Financial

Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. is a financial holding company based in Taiwan. The company operates business through property insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, flood insurance, insurance, ocean freight and insurance cost, among others: commercial banking, deposits, remittances, wealth management, personal loans, corporate finance, credit card services which are relevant, lottery services , and others, business security, including security brokerage, trading and underwriting, life insurance, accident insurance, annuity insurance and others. In addition, he was involved in marketing, venture capital investment, asset management, investment management and consulting services.

Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. provides various financial services in Taiwan. The company offers corporate and consumer banking, wealth management, credit cards, financing, trust, and the public treasury services, investment banking services, and insurance products that include medical care, which is a major disease such as anti-cancer treatment for life, long-term personal care , and investment securities, such as asset management consulting, professional analysis and research. The insurance company also provides brokerage, advice, assistance, clearance, settlement, and clearing futures are assigned a variety of products and services work together to help brokers with securities firms. In addition, business investment finance company, offering management and consulting services firm, has promoted investment in the industry to government and emerging national infrastructure projects, particularly in digital media, bio-technology, medical care, information technology, and logistics sectors. Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Fubon Bank Hong Kong Limited (“Fubon Bank”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holding Co. by, Ltd. (“Fubon Financial”), a leading financial services group in Taiwan which is engaged in institutional banking, consumer finance, wealth management, investment management and insurance. Fubon Financial is the only financial services group; Taiwan has two locally registered banks in Hong Kong and a strategic investment in a bank in China Mainland. Fubon Financial acquired 75% stake of the former shareholders of the Bank, Arab Banking Corporation and China Everbright in April of 2004. Bank officially adopted the name of Fubon Bank on April 6, 2005. After the success of the privatization of the Bank by Fubon Financial, Fubon Bank became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial by June 2011.

Fubon Bank operates 24 retail outlets in Hong Kong including 22 branches and 2 Securities Services Centres, and provides a range of financial services covering consumer and wholesale banking, wealth management, financial markets, securities brokerage and investment services. Fubon Bank holds short-term A – 2, BBB + long-term rating from Standard & Poor’s. The rating reflects Fubon Bank’s strong capitalization, good liquidity and sound asset quality.

Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. is Fubon Asset Management, Fubon Insurance Co. Ltd., Fubon Securities, Fubon FTaipei Bank, Fubon Bank and Fubon life are located in Hong Kong, decided to get together to form Fubon Financial. The entire conversion formalities were completed on December 19, 2001.

Committed to becoming one of the first class financial institutions in Asia, Fubon Financial has built a strong lineup of financial services companies. Main subsidiaries include Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Bank (Hong Kong), Fubon Insurance, Fubon Life, Fubon Securities and Fubon Asset Management. Fubon Financial has approximately U.S. $ assets at the end of December 2012, the second highest number among the public assets of Taiwan financial holding companies and most profitable financial holding company in Taiwan.

In 2013, Fubon Financial posted NT $ 32.69 billion (U.S. $ 1.09 billion) net profit or NT $ 3.31 in EPS, up from NT $ 28.98 billion, or NT $ 3.05 EPS recorded in 2012, Fubon Life after generating NT $ 212.9 billion the first year of the highest premiums in the life insurance companies in Taiwan.

Fubon Life benefits from the disposal of the U.S. treasury last year to help hit NT $ 19130000000 in net income, up from NT $ 12970000000 registered the previous year.

Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, the banking arm, posted a net profit of NT $ 12120000000 of last year, down from NT $ 12990000000 net profit recorded in 2012, after the bank assigned to write the terms of the possibility of large losses.

While market analysts expect that Taipei Fubon Bank will benefit from the acquisition of a majority stake in the Shanghai-based First Sino Bank began this year. The transaction was completed in early January. For those of you who are interested or want to know more detail information, you can contact directly at:

Fubon Financial Holding Co Ltd.
237 Chien Kuo North Road
Chien Kuo South Road, Da-an District
Phone : 886 266366636
Fax : 886 266360111


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