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By : Aries Kurniawan


Definition and history of Swiss insurance RE


swiss reinsurance

swiss reinsurance

Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd. is generally known as Swiss Re , established on December 19, 1863, by Helvetia General Insurance Company nowadays uses the trade name of Helvetia insurance in St. Gallen , Swiss reinsurer Swiss Re is the second largest in the world , having acquired GE Insurance Solutions . The company has its headquarters in Zurich, and offices operate through more than 25 countries.

On May 10 and May 11 in 1861, more than 500 houses were burned in the town of Glarus. Two-thirds of the city submerged in debris and ash, approximately 3,000 homeless. Like the Hamburg fire in 1842 which led to the foundation of the first professional reinsurers in Germany, a large fire Glarus in 1861 showed that the totally inadequate insurance in Switzerland in terms of the disaster. It is therefore necessary to provide a more effective means to address the risks posed by such damage.

The articles of association of the company have been approved by the government of the Canton Zurich on December 19, 1863. The capital of the foundation, which is 15 % paid, amounting to 6 million Swiss francs. Official foundation document bears the signature poet Gottfried Keller, who at the time was the first secretary of the Canton of Zurich.

Swiss Reinsurance is the primary insurance of the World Trade Center during the Sept. 11 attacks that led to a dispute with the owner’s insurance, Silverstein Properties. On October 31 2008, Swiss Re completed the £ 762 million acquisition of Barclays PLC subsidiary of Barclays Life Assurance Company Ltd. . In 2009, Warren Buffett invested $ 2.6 billion as a part of Swiss Re’s capital increase. Berkshire Hathaway already has a 3 % stake, with rights to own more than 20 %.

After announcing the acquisition of a 14.9 % stake in Brazilian insurer SulAmérica , Swiss Re said its goal to remain a minority shareholder at this stage , as part of our main investment activities , Swiss Re are seeking attractive investment opportunities among the leading companies globally . High growth markets in Latin America, especially Brazil, is a major focus area for us and this transaction execute on that strategy. While Swiss Re’s core business remains the leading reinsurance provider, equipped with its role as a provider of commercial insurance through Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in Brazil, and also have chosen a major investment in the company.

SulAmérica is the largest independent insurance group in Brazil and a leading provider of health and car insurance. In addition, the company offers property, victims, and life insurance as well as retirement, asset management and premium savings bonds. SulAmérica is a leading franchise in the Brazilian market with significant brand recognition, national presence, distribution capabilities are sufficient and diversified operating platform. Swiss Re estimates that the fundamentals for SulAmérica position to take advantage of the above GDP growth, as expected in the Brazilian insurance market must be met with the maturity.

On Monday November 18, Swiss Re announced that it has agreed to acquire 11.1 % stake in the Dutch group ING SulAmérica (NYSE: ING) and a 3.8 % share of total family members Larragoiti with U.S. $ 334mn. After the second closing of the transaction, Swiss Re will become the second largest investor in SulAmérica after Larragoiti family, which will have a 28 % stake.

Swiss Re has always had a tradition of responsible and contributes effectively to society and the world we work, log in Swiss Re Foundation we can make visible and tangible social values and humanity of Swiss Re, coordinate and channel the efforts and ensure the benefits reach as far as possible.

The goal of insurance companies is to address the social and humanitarian issues around the world and build local capacity to deal with the problem. The problem we are discussing is about social inequality, economic and ecological with a variety of causes, including natural disasters, climate change, water, population growth and pandemics. We collaborate on a long-term project and are providing emergency assistance. Finally, the company can carry out work locally and in communities Swiss Re.

With the aim of Swiss Re which upholds human, of course, the year the company is growing and is always good for the sake of improving the quality of customer satisfaction. for those of you who want to know more clearly the insurance company and would like to register , you can contact at :

Swiss Re Ltd.
Mythenquai 50/60 , P.O. Box ,
8022 Zurich , Switzerland
Phone +41 43 285 2121


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