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By : Ririn Sholiha

History of Ping An Insurance

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Ping An Insurance ( Group ) Company of China , Ltd. ( ” Ping An ” or ” the Company ” or ” Group ” ) established in 1988 in Shekou in Shenzhen . The Group is the first insurance company in China to have a shareholding structure of stock ownership.Today; it has evolved into an integrated financial service conglomerate with three core businesses: insurance, banking, and investment. the Group shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with stock code ” 2318 ” and on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the ” 601 318 ” .

On 30 June 2013, Ping An has 549,000 life insurance sales agents and approximately 200,000 full – time employees. Total assets and the Group’s consolidated equity shareholders of the parent company amounted to RMB3, 17 billion and RMB172, 756 billion, respectively. Both Ping An Life and Ping An Property & Casualty is ranked as the second largest insurance company in China by revenue premium.

Ping An was ranked # 83 on Forbes 2000 global league tables in 2012 , 181 in the U.S. Leading Global 500 companies and Fortune magazine ranked # 1 among non -owned enterprises – Countries China . In addition to these awards, Ping An was ranked # 84 in WPP Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

Ping An is the firstchinese insurance which have introduced foreign investors into its shareholding structure. Operating under the principle of ” Group Holdings , Operating Segments , Control Segment , List Group ” , Ping An has been able to ensure the Group as a whole that is moving towards the goal , on the basis that brings together strategy , branding and corporate culture . It has the most integrated financial platform in China’s financial services sector. Back office support operations nationwide in Zhangjiang , Shanghai , is the leading financial backend support center in Asia . Through this center, Ping An has established a systematic backend operations. By having in place the infrastructure services that include telephony, Internet and customer service staff, a variety of financial services can be delivered to customers in a professional manner and comprehensive standards. Value-added services are also delivered to customers through Day Customer Service and other innovative services such as Wanlitong and One Account.

That was the history of Ping An insurance company , this company from year to year is always improving its quality , it is proven from the rank achievement , it is also achieved by the this company as the mission and vision has always been the guidance in running the company , while the mission and vision this company is as follows :


Ping An insurance company’s mission is to fulfill its commitments to investors by increasing the value of assets and gives stable results , to provide customers with the best service with integrity , while for employees by offering career development opportunities and satisfying work environment , to the community by providing back to the community is to do our part in nation building .

Ping An Insurance Company in executing its business has the following principles: “Creating Value Expertise “. Our actions are guided by our belief in creating value. In pursuit of excellence, the company is trying to be an individual with strong values that are useful to society. It promotes personal integrity and values among employees by relying on behavioral virtues such as ” honesty , trustworthiness, entrepreneurship , and accomplishments , ” as well as the quality of the team as ” unity , vitality , learning and innovation ” . Ping An has implemented a mechanism of ” competition , motivation , elimination ” , along with a distinctive , professional , sophisticated business philosophy and long term .


Ping An’s corporate vision is to become a leading integrated global financial services group with businesses utilizing insurance , banking and investments to achieve long-term growth , stable and healthy , and sustainable while creating greater value for stakeholders child . The insurance company also serves the community in the field of Ping An Life Insurance company of China , Ltd. ( ” Ping An Life ” ) , Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China , Ltd. ( ” Ping An Property & Casualty ” ) Ping An Annuity Insurance Company of China , Ltd. ( ” Ping An annuity ” ) , Ping An Health Insurance Company of China , Ltd. ( ” Ping An Health ” ) , Ping An Bank Co. , Ltd. ( ” Ping An Bank ” ) , Credit Guarantee Insurance business unit of Ping An Property & Casualty insurance companies of China Ltd ( Ping An of Consumer Finance ) , or PA P & C business unit CGI ( PACF ) , China Ping An trusts Co. , Ltd. ( ” Ping An trusts ” ) , Ping An Securities Co. , Ltd. ( ” Ping An Securities ” ) , Ping An of China Securities ( Hong Kong ) Co. , Ltd. , Ping An Asset Management Co. , Ltd. ( ” Ping An Asset Management ” ) , Ping An China Asset Management ( Hong Kong ) Co. , Ltd. ( ” Ping An Asset Management , Hong Kong ” ) , Ping An Futures Co. Ltd. ( ” Ping An Futures ” ) , Ping An – UOB Fund Management Company Limited ( ” Ping An – UOB Fund ” ) , and the Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange Co. , Ltd. ( ” Lufax ” ) , the Group is included in the Ping An insurance company providing products and comprehensive services in the field of insurance , banking and investment under the unified brand through various channels and networks to around 80 million customers .

Ping An has always been committed to taking social responsibility by following the philosophy of “Focus on Tomorrow “. Ping An has been creating business value while operating in accordance with the laws , regulations and paying taxes , because the public , Ping An assume moral responsibility , the responsibility of charity , and embeds the core values of the environment , education , Red Cross , community and much more . So far, Ping An has donated more than RMB300 million in the environment, education, Red Cross to the public. At December 31, 2012 , Ping An has saved 890.60 tonnes of paper by switching to operation – high efficiency in the launch business , e – insurance policies , files , e – bills , etc. , on the educational front , Ping An has sponsored the construction of 112 ping An Hope Primary Schools in remote areas across the country . From 2007 until December 31, 2012, more than 2,000 volunteers from all walks of life participated in our education initiatives, providing assistance to nearly 30,000 students. More than RMB10 million has been awarded to 4,820 students through Endeavour Scheme. In terms of social welfare Red Cross , 1 year insurance scheme covers critical illness , accident and hospitalization benefits with a limit of RMB 1.1 billion has been awarded to nearly 3,000 donor hematopoietic stem cells for free . In the case of disaster relief, since 2008 Wenchuan earthquake until the end of July 2013, the money donated has reached nearly RMB100 million, the value of donated materials has reached RMB3.5 million and donated the insurance limit has exceeded RMB33.5 billion. In terms of community initiatives, on December 31, 2012, volunteer service time cumulatively exceed 140,000 hours, which shed 35,000 hours in 2012, an increase of 13 % compared to 2011. In addition , Ping An has received numerous honors and awards in recognition of his charity work , including ” The Most Respected Companies of China Awards ” for 12 consecutive years , ” China’s Best Corporate Citizen ” for 8 consecutive years , ” Most Enterprise responsible ” for 7 years in a row , and ” CBN • Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award of China ” for 3 years .

Further information about the Online Motor Insurance Services product which has been provided by the insurance company, the following information is:

At first every vehicle in Hong Kong must buy third party liability insurance to protect other road users .

Third party liability insurance (Third Party Liability Only Policy) is only a basic protection. Self Insured (i.e. protection of the driver) of the vehicle is not covered. If you are a car lover, this can be used as solution for you, you can choose to buy comprehensive insurance to protect third-party liability, but also to protect your own repairing from vehicle accidents, damage and theft risks.

China Ping An Insurance provides car insurance services online , and do not need to fax or send documents , free instant quote can instantly and can print your certificate within five minutes , convenient and fast . The insurance facility is made by the company in order to facilitate serving the community in the register and obtain auto insurance information in Ping An Insurance. For more details you can contact at:

Galaxy Development Center
Office at 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 Floor
Fu Hua No. 3 Road
Futian District
Shenzhen , 518048
Established in 1988
phone : 86 40 0886 6338
Fax : 86 755 8243 1029


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