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By : Ririn Sholiha

About Old Mutual Insurance


old mutual life insurance

Old Mutual was founded in 1845, and has grown in the state in South Africa in the last decade through organic growth and strategic acquisitions and listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges, since 1999. Old Mutual has a history of over 160 years as a community -based Mutual South Africa before a public listing in 1999.

Old Mutual is the largest provider of financial services companies in South Africa. Leading position in the industry is reflected in the company’s strong performance throughout business operations, good balance sheet position, and strong financial flexibility with demonstrated access to international capital markets and diversity of business. The company is also working with Nedbank , Mutual & Federal ( M & F ) , two subsidiaries under Old Mutual , and enables the company to offer a range of financial products and services , investment , life insurance , asset management , banking , health and general insurance . Client base consists of individuals, businesses, corporations and institutions.

In addition, by using this insurance can make international long-term savings, protection, banking and investment group. The company provides life assurance, asset management, banking and general insurance in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. And have more than 14 million customers and 55,000 employees. Because the largest insurance company in South Africa, of course, has a special vision and strategy, while the vision and strategy are as follows:

Its vision is to become the largest partner for our customers, and helping them achieve their lifetime financial goals.

The company’s strategy is to drive strategic growth , by harnessing the power of the people and by speeding up the collaboration between businesses . The focus of this company is to expand in South Africa, Africa and other emerging markets are chosen, as well as enhancing and developing the Old Mutual Wealth and Asset Management U.S. The insurer Old Mutual Strategic priorities are:

1. Customer promise
2. Driven a profitable growth in the core business
3. Accelerate collaboration in Group
4. Building a culture of excellence
5. Continue to simplify the structure to unlock value

Committed to operating responsibly, socially, environmentally and economically. Old Mutual Insurance pursue value by balancing the risks covered by the capital required and see good governance as a vital ingredient of a successful business operation . As at December 31, 2012 , Old Mutual reported adjusted operating profit before tax of £ 1.6 billion ( on the basis of IFRS ) and funds under management from core operations £ .

That was the history and vision of the Old Mutual insurance company, hopefully this bit of information can add to our knowledge about the insurance companies, for those of you who are interested to enroll or want to know more detail information, you can contact at:

General Enquiries
Phone: +27 21 509 9111
Suzanne van Schoor
Phone: +27 21 504 4390
Lisette Lombard
Phone: +27 21 509 3318

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