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By : Ririn Sholiha


Definition and development of Northwestern Mutual Insurance

northwestern mutual life insurance

Northwestern Mutual is the U.S. financial services organization based in Milwaukee , Wisconsin . Its products include life insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and employee benefits services. Northwestern Mutual also provide consultation on asset and income protection , personal needs , investments , financial planning , estate planning , trusts , business needs , retirement , and employee benefits .

Financial Representative company offering expert guidance in the areas of life insurance and disability income , long term care insurance , annuities , investment services , retirement solutions and more . Whether you are seeking help for yourself, your family or your business, the Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives will work with you to help you find the right answer.

The mission of the Northwestern Mutual financial representative of the collective is to help clients realize their financial goals by helping them achieve financial security. Representatives and specialists who help each other , share ideas , shared values , and utilize their individual talents to help you achieve the dream of financial security .

Financial security is often a major goal in every life. You are trying to do what’s right for those you care about, but the wrong financial decision can often undermine good intentions. Are you concerned for your own financial needs or those of your family and your business, Northwestern Mutual can help you identify your needs and provide complementary solutions?

The mission of this company is :

Its mission as a Northwestern Mutual Representative is to help you identify your current financial picture with your future financial goals. Along with the network specialist, I provide innovative solutions using world -class insurance services and investment products are internationally recognized. Through this, the insurance companies develop enduring relationships with clients.
The insurance company also maintains an unparalleled ratings for insurance financial strength from the four major rating agencies , Standard and Poor downgraded to a number of insurance companies , including Northwestern Mutual , to AA + in August 2011.

The insurance company is the largest direct provider of individual life insurance in the United States, with more than $ 2 trillion in force. It is also an industry leader in total individual life insurance dividends paid to the policy owner.

On September 25, 2013, Northwestern Mutual launched the design of a new office tower that will replace 16 existing story east towers. The building is called The Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, will stand 550 meters tall and has 32 stories, making it the second tallest building in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

Northwestern Mutual has a solid foundation with over 150 years providing financial services. With this strong history, St. Louis local network we instill confidence in our clients. Our financial representatives share the values and ideals of their local community and understand the environment in which people live and work, and what it takes to succeed.

With exclusive access to a vast array of high quality products finance, services, and expertise through a network, our financial representatives take a personal approach with each client. They work closely with each individual client to provide customized recommendations that will help them manage financial risk and achieve their financial security goals.

Northwestern Mutual is indeed the largest life insurance companies in the United States, a glimpse of the development and understanding of the above; the company is constantly improving the quality of the products that have been provided to the public as one of the life insurance. For those of you who are interested and want to know or to register, you can come in or call on :

Northwestern Mutual
Mailing address
720 East Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee , WI 53202
Phone : (414) 271-1444

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