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By : Aries Kurniawan

History of New York Life Insurance

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New York Life Insurance Company start- established on April 12, 1845, and then was elected secretary of Lewis Benton buying the first policy for $ 5,000. Thus began the legacy of security and commitment to fulfill the promise is still reflected today in the core values of the insurance company , and is always committed to provide protection to people who are already running almost two centuries .

New York Life is an insurance company that is resilient and able to thrive in all economic conditions. This means that New York Life will always be there for our policy owners, and for future generations, and there has never been a better time to be with New York Life.

Being a leader in the insurance and financial services industry for more than a century, the insurance company will continue to strive to make improvements, and because of consistent financial strength, as well as dynamic innovation, New York Life became famous and a New York Life’s first priority is always good holders of insurance finances. To keep pace with the needs of the insurance holder, the company has launched new products; enhanced product features, quality expand services, and pioneered new technologies. In addition , New York Life can work with individuals , families and business owners to :
• Reviewing each situation and personal goals
• Analyze and review needs and goals
• Coordinate their financial activities
• Monitor progress and provide ongoing service as needs and situations change

New York Life is dedicated to maintaining its position as both a leader among insurance companies and a major force in the financial services industry , hiring and developing capable men and women from all backgrounds who can provide effective and innovative solutions for the problems people and businesses . By sticking to the principles of prudence expansion, conservative growth, full service, strong field force, New York Life will maintain and improve its quality as possible. One of them is this commitment that makes this company a lot of getting an award, any award ever get the New York Life! ! ! , We will provide the following information :

Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies for 2013
Fortune magazine’s list of World’s Most Admired Companies is the definitive report card on corporate reputations. For the year 2013 , 16 companies ranked in the Life and Health sector , and the New York Life is ranked fourth overall in the nine key attributes of reputation of the management , use of corporate assets , financial soundness , quality of management , quality of product / service innovation , social responsibility , long-term investment and global competitiveness . A total of 687 companies from 30 countries surveyed.

Fortune Magazine’s Fortune 500 for 2013
New York Life ranked 89 on the prestigious list of Fortune 500. Every year, Fortune magazine collects income data from the largest companies in the U.S. and publishes rankings. It is published a list of American companies. New York Life has a stronger position on the Fortune 500 list.

With 2012 revenues of more than $ 34 billion, according to a proprietary formula Fortune, New York Life once again retained the title as the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States and Working Mother Best Companies for Multicultural Women 2013.

Working Mother 100 Best Companies 2012
New York Life was selected for the 2012 Working Mother 100 Best Companies based on an extensive application with more than 500 questions on workforce representation, child care, flexibility programs, leave policies and more. It surveys the availability, usage and tracking of programs, as well as the accountability of managers who oversee them. For this year’s Working Mother 100 Best, particular weight was given to child care, flexible scheduling options and advancement programs and many more awards that have been won by the New York Life insurance company.

Further information is on one of the products provided by New York Life, among which :

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the simplest form of life insurance. This provides affordable protection for a specific period of time at a premium rate scheduled. Premiums may increase of at the end of the half.

You choose the level of coverage, period of time (typically 10, 15, or 20 years) and the recipient’s name, the person who you want to receive your insurance money if you died. If you die while your term life insurance policy in force, the death benefit paid to the beneficiary you choose.

At the end of the term, you can renew your coverage with a higher premium, without having to provide evidence of good health. You can also be converted to permanent life insurance policy that builds cash value and may earn dividends.

Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance with a lot of bang for the buck

Protect your family or business no matter what is in front of the New York Life Insurance Whole Life , permanent policies remain in force from the day you bought until you die , as long as premiums are paid . Policy death benefit can be used for :

1. Survivor needs
2. A Mortgage Protection
3. Property transfer
4. Giving a charity
5 . Business needs

The cash value accumulated in a lifetime policy can also be accessed during your lifetime through policy loans and used for :

1 . Supplementing retirement income, as your needs for life insurance decrease
2. A Tuition
3. A down payment home
4. Emergency and other needs

The insurance company has your unique financial goals. With the company, it is not only offers whole life policy one size that fits all. But it also offers a standard lifetime of death benefit protection, cash value accumulation and offers the potential to earn dividend policy.

Custom Whole life insurance offers insurance protection or death the same base as for life, while also allowing you to choose how long you pay the premiums. It is designed to build cash value that can be accessed more quickly after the policy is paid up.

That was the explanation of the history, products and rewards that never reached New York Insurance, with a commitment to work to build a strong financial future, and for more than 168 years, we have continued to fulfill the commitments we have made to our customers. If you want to discuss your life insurance needs in the insurance company, you can contact at :

New York Life
3401 North Front Street
1st Floor
Harrisburg , PA 17110
Phone : (717) 232-2555
Fax : (717) 238-6580

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