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By : Ririn Sholiha

A history of Munich Re Insurance

munich-re-insuranceIn 1880 , Carl von Thieme , a native of Erfurt , whose father was the director of Thuringia , Münchener Ruckversicherungs – Gesellschaft founded together with Wilhelm von Finck ( co -owner of the Merck Finck & Co bank ) and Theodor von Cramer – Klett . This was followed by the establishment of Allianz Versicherungs – Gesellschaft in 1890 . Carl von Thieme is the head of Munich Re until 1921, and Wilhelm von Finck served as chairman of the supervisory board until 1924. Munich Re became famous after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 as the only insurance company that remained standing after paying all claims .

In 2012 the company’s equity amounted to € 27.4 billion . Premium income for the group ‘s gross premiums amounted to € 52000000000 , with a consolidated profit of € 3,211 million . In February of 2010 , U.S. investor Warren Buffett became part of the Munich Re is the largest single shareholder with 10.2 percent of the company . Munich Re shares recorded in all German stock exchanges and the electronic trading system Xetra . Munich Re are included in the DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange , the Euro Stoxx 50 index , and other indexes .

Munich Re Group is a reinsurance company based in Munich , Germany . This is one of the leading reinsurance companies in the world , which is a subsidiary of Munich Re , which includes the main branch of the insurance group . The structure of the company Munich Re is as follows :
Structure of the Munich Re insurance companies in addition to its reinsurance business , Munich Re Group also conduct business transactions through a major insurance ERGO Group , and since 1999 , through MEAG asset management ( MUNICH ERGO AssetManagement GmbH ) . In 2012, the Group ‘s gross premiums written amounted to approximately € 52 billion .

While for Reinsurance Munich Re has his clients ( insurance companies ) around the world . This assumes part of the risk borne by the insurance company , as well as providing comprehensive advice on insurance business . In addition to its Munich headquarters , Munich Re has more than 50 business units around the world . Munich Re provides reinsurance protection to the life , health , accident , transportation , aviation , space , fire and engineering business . In 2012 , gross premiums in reinsurance segment amounted to approximately € 28.2bn , of some of the protection provided by the insurance company . Until the end of 2009 ‘s segment of the company under reinsurance and primary insurance , but since the beginning of 2010 the company’s fourth major division oversees all health reinsurance business group as well as primary health insurance outside the country outside of Germany.

The insurance company , there are two kinds , in addition to Munich Re ( Group ) which has been described above , there are also Munich Reinsurance America , Inc. . which was established in 1917 , Munich Reinsurance America , Inc. is one of the largest reinsurance companies in the United States , and can develop your business and improve your bottom line .

As a member organization of U.S. Munich Re , Munich Reinsurance America , Inc. offers financial strength and stability that comes with being part of the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance brand . Our risk experts work together to combine products and services to help you stay competitive , traditional reinsurance of insurance coverage , with a niche specialty reinsurance and insurance products are fixed .

Subsidiary of Munich Re insurance company , they both have good quality , and of course provide the same service goal of serving the community to live in peace DAPT . If you are interested or want to know more detail information please contact at :

Munich Re
Königinstr . 107
80802 Munich
Phone : +49 ( 89 ) 3891-0


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