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Mall Unique in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

The mall is kind of a shopping center that is architecturally a building covered with regulated temperature and have a path to walk regularly so that the road is between the small-shop between stores facing each other. The architecture of the building wide and spacious, generally a tall mall has three floors. Mall can also be interpreted as a shopping complex had to buy or to view and compare the goods – goods in the economic needs of society as well as provide comfort and security to shop for visitors.

In a mall, there are more than one major tenant. Such as the type of shopping center is a department store to get in on it. According to Rubinstein, the Mall is a depiction of the town which is formed by the elements – elements :

1. Anchor (magnet) which is the transformation of the nodes can also function as a landmark.
2. Secondary Anchor (secondary magnet) which is the transformation of the district, its manifestations in the form of retail stores, supermarkets, superstores and cinema.
3. Street mall which is a transformation of the edges, as a barrier outside a shopping center – the place.

Aside from being a shopping mall is also known as a place of recreation, because in the Mall there are leisure facilities such as restaurants, a bowling alley, a mini zoo, exhibition center, club fitness, casino, ice skating rinks, sports center, swimming pool, cinema and playground child.

In determining strategies to attract visitors then can apply the theme indoor mall and outdoormall, natural theme park concept, the concept of thematic and also mall hotel concept. For those of you who love to go to the Mall, Here we will give information Mall unique in the world :

1. Canal City Hakata

canal city hakata

Mall This one is located in Fukuoka, Japan. Mal color – colors can make your shopping convenient. The shopping centers are also decorated with fountains and foliage around her.






2. The Pier Shop

the pier shop

Located at Caesars, Atlantic City, USA, the mall is built on the pier with views of the Atlantic Ocean. On the third floor of the mall, there is also an indoor beach that you can visit.









3. The Dubai Mall

the dubai mall

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping center in Dubai with more than 1,000 stores in it. There is also an ice rink, an indoor garden, as well as the largest aquarium in the mall.










4. Khan Shatyr

khan shatyr

Mall is located in Astana, Kazakhstan is designed like a giant tent. The sky – the sky was transparent, allowing sunlight to shine in the mall. The mall also features a garden, mini golf and a beach resort.









5. The Mall of The Emirates

the mall of the emirates

Mall of the Emirates is the resort’s entertainment and shopping. Situated in Dubai, the center with an area of 223,000 square meters offering a wide range of shopping facilities, recreation and entertainment.

This shopping center is home to more than 450 retailers and also features a full of entertainment options including Ski Dubai, the purpose of the first indoor ski in the Middle East, a Planet Magic two – level center, indoor amusement largest family in the country, 14 – screen Cinestar Cinemas , Dubai Community Arts and Theatre with a gallery 500 – seat theater and the arts.

The development will combine using a mixture of the two hotels, including Kempinski 5 -Star, which will offer more than 900 combined rooms, a licensed restaurant, tennis courts, and a swimming pool.


6. Mall of America (Minnesota, USA)

mall of america

This large mall has a garden and a wedding chapel, where more than 5,000 couples have been married since its opening. Mall of America opened in 1992 and is the third largest mall in North America.

The mall has an area, 4,200,000 square feet available as retail space. That equates to seven Yankee stadiums inside Mall of America is the shopping center of the most visited in the world with over 40 million visitors annually (or about – about eight times the population of the state of Minnesota). If you are in the store for 10 minutes then you will spend more than 86 hours to complete visits to all stores at the Mall of America. This mall has a cinema, Nickelodeon Universe theme park, aquarium, adventure golf, flight simulators, and comedy houses.


7. Tokyo Midtown Mall (Tokyo, Japan)

tokyo midtown mall

Tokyo Midtown opened in 2007 and is a mix use development in Roppongi. The main tower has an important company as a tenant, such as Yahoo, Fuji Xerox, and a clinic by John Hopkins Hospital and the Ritz Carlton Hotel.













8. Grand Canal Shoppes (Las Vegas, USA)

grand canal shoppes

Grand Canal Shoppes kaki2 500,000 (46,000 m2) upscale shopping center adjacent to The Venetian Hotel, Casino and The Palazzo on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada.

The mall opened along with the Venetian Hotel in 1999. It has indoor canals, where gondolas will take you around the mall. This mall houses a variety of flagship stores, Barneys New York fashion designer boutiques and many top class. Live performances can be found throughout the mall.
In 2008, the mall has 20 million visitors a year, including the highest.

9. Wafi Mall (Dubai)

wafi mall

Wafi City Mall has over 350 stores that offer brand – brand of the world’s most original, appreciated and significant, many of which are restricted to Wafi.

Whether it’s art, fashion, food, entertainment or lifestyle, you will find the most advanced display at Wafi. In 2008, received the Best Wafi Shopping Mall, Best Restaurant, Best New Hotel, Best Spa and Best Independent Boutique. With the famous souk, world-class shopping and best dining in Dubai, there is only one Wafi.













10. West Edmonton Mall (Alberta, Canada)

west edmonton mall

The 5th largest mall in the world and the largest in North America features the largest indoor water park, which has the largest wave pool in the world.

Built in 1981, the mall has more than 800 stores, services and parking for more than 20,000 vehicles. The mall also includes theme areas, including Bourbon Street (New Orleans – style clubs and restaurants), Europa Boulevard, and Chinatown. This mall has a park called Galaxyland a number of attractions including a roller coaster. In addition, the mall has an indoor lake, which is home to four sea lions and a replica of the Santa Maria. The mall also has a hotel, a variety of indoor shooting area, the zoo, theaters, cinemas, four radio stations and a chapel inter – denominational.


11. King of Prussia Mall (Pennsylvania, USA)

West Edmonton Mall

Offers seven world-class department stores and more than 400 shops, boutiques, and restaurants, king of Prussia has a pure retail shopping space than another attraction in America and shops that can not be found elsewhere in the region.



















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