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By : Aries Kurniawan

History of Insurance Manulife Financial

manulife financial corp

manulife financial corp

Manulife Financial Corporation is a Canadian insurance company and financial services provider . Manulife Financial’s global head office located in Toronto , Canada . The company has operations in 21 countries and territories around the world .

The company currently operates in Canada , Asia and the United States under the name ” Manulife Financial ” and through its division of John Hancock . Manulife Financial is one of the largest life insurance companies in the world as measured by market capitalization , and has approximately 26,000 employees worldwide .

Manufacturers Life Insurance Company was founded in 1887 . The first president was the Prime Minister of Canada , Sir John A. Macdonald . In 1897 , Manulife Financial expanded its operations to Asia , including China and Hong Kong .

In 1999 , of the voting policyholders are entitled to The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company , all agreed its demutualization . In 1999 , shares of Manulife Financial Corporation , parent company of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries , began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange ( TSX ) , New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) , and Philippine Stock Exchange ( PSE ) under the ticker ‘ MFC ‘ , and on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ( SEHK ) under the ticker ‘945 ‘ .

In 2002 , Manulife – Sinochem Life Insurance Co. Ltd. , has received approval by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission ( CIRC ) to officially open a branch office in Guangzhou , China . This is the first branch license granted by the CIRC to invest in a joint – venture foreign life insurance companies . Then in 2003 , Manulife – Sinochem received approval to open a branch office in Beijing . This is the second branch license Manulife – Sinochem , and the first multiple – branch license granted to a joint venture life insurance foreign investment . Manulife – Sinochem is now licensed to operate more than 40 cities across China .

In 2003 , Manulife Financial Corporation and John Hancock Financial Services , Inc. and ( including children Maritime Life Canadian unit ) Board of Directors announced that they have each agreed to merger stock – for – stock tax-free , the company creates a leading global insurance franchise . Completed in April 2004 , the merger creates the largest insurance company in Canada , and including the second largest in North America , and the fifth largest in the world at that time .

In 2008 , Gail Cook – Bennett became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Manulife Financial . In 2009 , Donald Guloien , Chief Investment Officer , Dominic D’ Alessandro succeeded as President and CEO of Manulife Financial . Shortly before his departure , faces shareholder revolt as the company posted a quarterly loss for the first time in the history of the public , D’ Alessandro modify retirement package , unit is limited to a total of $ 10 million if the shares reach $ 36 by the end of 2011 , and he will receive $ 5 million when the stock reaches $ 30 . However , the first initiative under the leadership of Guloien it is cut dividends and equity offerings to raise capital levels Manulife , making it difficult for the share price to reach the target levels required .

In September 2009 , Manulife Financial Corporation closed the transaction to purchase AIC’s Canadian retail investment business funds . In October 2009 , Manulife Financial announced that it has purchased Pottruff & Smith Travel Insurance Brokers Inc. , a leading broker and third party administrator of travel insurance in Canada .

Companies included in the largest life insurance companies in the world , it is not very easy to achieve it , from some earlier history shows that insurers Manulife Financial is always trying to be the best , to help the welfare of society in Canada , Asia , and the United States , then how about the company finances . The following financial review insurer Manulife Financial :

Looking for a finance company that you can trust is not young , Manulife Financial has been operating around the world , from Asia to the United States , and also in Canada , for more than 125 years . By having a large number of employees , Manulife Financial offers a variety of financial products such as insurance , and wealth management services.

In a subsequent review , we will explain a little about the insurance products offered by Manulife Financial . According to the company website , is now offering Life Insurance and Health Insurance , the insured trip offered by CoverMe . There are also additional insurance created by Manulife Insurance , known as Synergy , which combines several unique coverage into one policy . Below we will describe life insurance and health insurance owned by an insurance company Manulife Financial :

Life Insurance

You will be able to have a choice of three types of Life Insurance : Term Life Insurance , Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance . A Term Insurance will allow you to have 10 or 20 years of your life is closed , until you reach 100 years old . It can be purchased for mily or business . The Universal Life Insurance is an insurance product that combines Life Permanent Protection and Investment Opportunities together . This means that your recipient will be able to get tax-free results . And lastly , Whole Life Insurance is coverage that will last throughout your life .

Health Insurance

There are three options available under Medicare. First is Critical Illness Insurance , which allows you to be insured from a disease that can cause you to lose revenue . These include drugs , recovering from illness , travel , and more . The second option is Disability Insurance , which allows you to be protected if you suddenly become disabled and can not work anymore . If you are a business owner , this policy should be the one that decides . The third is Long Term Care Insurance , which guarantees your financial security if you suddenly run out of money and could not care for themselves .

That was the history and information about the insurance products offered by Manulife Financial , hopefully that information useful , for those of you who are interested , make sure you check out the company ‘s website , or contact directly at phone number 1-877-884-8283 or ( 519 ) 251 -7417 .
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