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By : Aries Kurniawan

ING Insurance Group which located in Netherlands (ING Groep ) is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in the Netherlands , Amsterdam. Its core business is retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, and insurance services. ING stands for Internationale Nederlanden Groep , the Dutch International English Group .

ING is an allusion to the Group under the Dutch House of Orange – Nassau. ING is a Dutch member of the Inter – Alpha Group of Banks, a cooperative consortium of 11 leading European banks.

According to Fortune Global 500 in 2012, the insurance company is serving in banking / financial services and the world’s largest insurance conglomerate, with revenues exceeding $ 150 billion gross receipts per year. Because the great income so that the company is entered into the world’s 18th largest by revenue. In 2009, ING served more than 85 million individual and institutional clients in more than 45 countries, with a worldwide workforce exceeds 100,000.

ING Insurance is also involved in the insurance and investment management businesses. The company is involved in the public life of one of the non – life insurance, pension and asset management activities. It also offers investment strategies and investment advisors. The company sells life , retirement , and the products of non – life through a multi – platform distribution , in a way of serving individuals , families , small businesses , large corporations , institutions , and governments in the Netherlands , Belgium , across Europe , North America , Latin America , Asia , and Australia .

The development of the expansion of the insurance company ING is a worldwide financial services organization that provides a global Dutch banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services in more than 85 million of individuals, small companies, large companies, organization and operations in more than 40 countries. While ING Group operating in Greece since 1980 is one of the most powerful financial institutions in the region of Greece with the various branches and offices across the country and one of the largest networks of financial advisors.

In addition, the company also provides ING Investment Management, which is the investment manager of ING Group with activities in Europe, America, Asia – Pacific and the Middle East. In October of 2011, ING sold ING IM IM Australia. ING IM provides a variety of actively managed strategies, investment vehicles, and advisory services across all major asset classes and investment styles. It’s providing a variety of investment strategies and services to a global network of business and client ING third party.

After understanding the history or information of ING, the arising questions is how about the products provided by this company? Because the theme of this article is discuses car insurance company on ING. Here we will give a little information:

ING’s car insurance has two vehicles, namely :

1. ING Lion Assistance with vehicle assistance (annual policy)
Engine trouble , flat tire , filled up with the wrong fuel or lost your keys ? Do not panic! Your annual ING Lion Assistance with vehicle assistance policy means you can call our helpline assistance vehicle day and night and get help within the hour.
• Vehicle assistance in Belgium and Europe: both at home and abroad you can rely on quick and efficient vehicle assistance in the most unthinkable Situations.
• Replacement car: you will be given a replacement car to use if yours can not be repaired immediately.
• Here for you, 24/7: our advisers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on +32 2 550 06 00.
• Year – round insurance: each time you get into your car, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re covered.
• Total package: vehicle assistance and assistance to persons, at home or on your travels. You only need one policy!

2. ING Car Insurance
Want to insure your car for an amazing price? With an ING Car Insurance you get complete, tailor-made cover at an excellent rate even if you are not yet an ING customer. You can also calculate the premium for your car insurance yourself and apply for your policy online or via your Home Banking?
The Advantages
1. Attractive: you get an attractive tailor-made rate.
2. Complete: you have the optimum cover, tailored to your requirements.
3. Easy: you can manage your policy online, via Home Banking, over the telephone or at your branch.
4. Flexible: you have the option of paying monthly at no extra expense.
5. Reliable: if you need to make a claim, 24 – hour assistance is available and you can count on a very quick settlement.
That was the information about ING car insurance, that information may be useful to you. For those of you who want to know more information on the insurance company, you can contact:

Amstelveenseweg 500
Amsterdam, 1081 KL
phone : 31 20 541 8722
Fax : 31 20 576 0950

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