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We as a team Wonderful Thing, this time trying to provide new information for the loyal readers of our blog, that of insurance companies around the world, with the aim to help facilitate you find and choose the insurance according to your desires and needs, we hope the new information on insurance companies this can be useful :). To begin with we will provide the first information that sense, the history of the insurance and the insurance company lists several countries.


By : Aries Kurniawan


History The Creation of Insurance
In the history of human civilization, a concept similar to the philosophy of insurance, actually began in Hellenistic times during the reign of Alexander the Great.

Later in Roman times there are also many clubs which is similar to the concept of insurance such as : Collegium Collegium Lambaesis and Tenuiorum. In short the members provide a number of dues collected, and if there was one member who requires such case of death and so on will be given some sort of compensation.

The concept is similar to the actual insurance has also been formed in the spirit of mutual cooperation of the Indonesian nation since the first. While modern insurance into Indonesia since the Dutch colonial era where most insurance companies today are originally from the Dutch colonial era and the beginning of the era of independence.
Call it like BNI Life Insurance, Life Insurance Bumi Putera, Insurance Prog, Insurance Services Indonesia and others.


General Insurance Basics
As we know one way to control risk is to insure a risk to the insurance company. This method is considered as the most important methods in an effort to cope with risk. Therefore many people who argue that risk management with insurance. Though the actual circumstances it is not so.

Insurance or Coverage is an agreement between two or more parties, by which the parties committed themselves to the insured to receive the insurance premiums, to provide reimbursement to the insured for loss, damage or loss of expected benefits, or legal liability to third parties which may be suffered insured, arising from an uncertain events, or to provide a payment based on the death or life of an insured person.

Insurance can also be interpreted insured transaction, which involves two parties, the insured and the insurer. Which the insurer guarantees the insured, that he will get a replacement for any loss which may be suffered, as a result of an event that the original is not necessarily going to happen, or that previously could not be determined when or when it happened. As the performance counter insured in the compulsory pay some money to the insurer, the amount so per cent of the sum insured, the so-called “premium”.

Viewed from some angles, then the insurer has a goal and solving techniques are manifold. In addition it also has insurance insurance basic principles that guide the implementation of the activities of insurance.
Insurance is now indeed been recognized by many people all over the world, and has also been growing. Here we will explain about the General Insurance products :

1. Motor Vehicle Insurance
2. Fire insurance
3. Insurance House Live and Household Furniture (Houseowners & Household Insurance)
4. Burglary Insurance (Burglary Insurance)
5. Insurance Education
6. Health Insurance
7. Life Insurance

From a variety of products above, the insurance protects the insured from the risk of loss that may arise in connection with ownership and usage. The insurance company will only sell the program based on the ability of customers. If the consumer’s ability to meet its implications not insured fell through. Therefore when choosing an insurance company look at the financial condition of the insurance company itself. Currently there are some insurance companies tend to be stalling three will pay the claim. So choose the insurance company is financially sound.

Learning to be preventive and thorough in completing each form of insurance filings. Many cases of rejection of claims occurred only because of form filling errors that seem unimportant. Here, we provide information about the list of insurance companies in some countries and you can click on it to find out information directly :

1. Insurance
2. Allianz Car Insurance
3. Metlife Car Insurance
4. Nippon Life Insurance Company
5. Prudential Financial Car Insurance
6. Zenkyoren (JA-Kyosai Ren)
7. American International Group (AIG)
8. Generali Insurance
9. Legal & General Car Insurance
10. Aviva Car Insurance
11. Manulife Financial Insurance
12. Aegon Insurance
13. ING (ING Verzekeringen N.V.) Car Insurance
14. TIAA-CREF Car Insurance
15. CNP Assurances Car Insurance
16. Berkshire Hathaway Insurance
17. Zurich Insurances Group Car Insurance
18. Dai-Ichi Life Insurance
19. Ping An Insurance Car Insurance
20. Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company
21. Munich Re Insurance
22. Sumitomo Life Insurance
23. Hartford Financial Services
24. Old Mutual Insurance
25. China Life Insurance
26. Standard Life
27. Life Insurance Corporation of India
28. Great West Lifeco
29. Swiss RE
30. Sun Life Financial
31. New York Life
32. Lincoln National Insurance
33. Tokio Marine Holdings
34. State Farm Insurance Cos.
35. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
36. Resolution Insurance
37. Northwestern Mutual
38. ERGO Insurance Group
39. Cathay Financial
40. Swiss Life Insurance
41. T & D Holdings Insurance
42. Talanx Insurance
43. Principal Financial Insurance
44. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
45. Phoenix Insurance
46. MS&AD Insurance
47. Samsung Life Insurance
48. Allstate Insurance
49. Groupama Car Insurance
50. Achmea Insurance
51. Fubon Financial
52. Ageas Insurance
53. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
54. The Travelers Companies
55. Progressive
56. Loews Corporation (CNA)
57. Chubb Insurance
58. Liability Insurance
59. Household contents Insurance
60. Accident and disability
61. Inability to work
62. AIG Korea Insurance
63. Dongbu Fire Insurance
64. Hanwha General Insurance Co Ltd
65. Hanwha Life Insurance
66. Heungkuk Life
67. Aflac Inc
68. African Alliance Insurance Co PLC
69. AIA Group Ltd
70. American Equity Investment Life Holding Co
71. American Independence Corp (AMIC)
72. AMFI Corp
73. AMP Ltd
74. Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik AS
75. Anicom Holdings Inc
76. AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat AS
77. Bangkok Life Assurance PCL (BLA)
78. BUPA Arabia (BUPA)
79. Challenger Ltd/Australia (GK9)
80. Chesnara PLC (CSN)
81. China Pacific Insurance Group Co Ltd (CHPXF)
82. CIG Pannonia Life Insurance PLC (0CK)
83. Citizens Financial Corp/KY (CFIN)
84. Clientele Ltd (CLI)
85. CNO Financial Group Inc (COS)
86. Crown Alliance Capital Ltd (CACL)
87. Discovery Ltd (DSY)
88. European Reliance General Insurance Co SA (EUPIC)
89. FBL Financial Group Inc (FFG)
90. Fidelity & Guaranty Life (FGL)
91. Forever Enterprises Inc (FVEN)
92. Goldlink Insurance PLC (GOLDINSU)
93. Great Eastern Holdings Ltd (GEHDF)
94. Great Nigerian Insurance PLC (GNI)
95. Great-West Lifeco Inc (GWLIF)
96. Grupo Profuturo SAB de CV (GPROFUT*)
97. Hanwha Life Insurance Co Ltd (088350)
98. Hansard Global PLC (HSD)
99. Health Insurance Innovations Inc (HIIQ)
100. Independence Holding Co (IHC)
101. Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial Services Inc (IAG)
102. ING Groep NV (ING)
103. Investors Heritage Capital Corp (IHRC)
104. John Adams Life Corp (JALC)
105. Kansas City Life Insurance Co (KCLI)
106. Kentucky Central Life Insurance Co (KENCA)
107. Koumbas Synergy Group SA (KOUM)
108.Car insurance ABDA
109. Florida 1st Insurance Car insurance
110. Information about auto insurance in Florida 1st Insurance
111. Insurance terms from multiple angles
112. Basic principles of insurance
113. Atlantic Coastal Insurance Car insurance
114. Axa Insurance Car Insurance Asia Pte Ltd
115. 1st Central Car Insurance
116. General offering car insurance ABDA (Asuransi Bina Dana Arta)
117. Asuransi Bina Dana Arta (ABDA) in the Fundamental Analysis
118. Cheapest car insurance in Indonesia
119. 2Gether Insurance Car Insurance
120. Japan Post Insurance

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