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Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure

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By : Ririn Sholiha


Speaking hypotension or low blood pressure, certainly in our minds is the first symptom that is frequent dizziness and fainting, it is often really asked by my patients in practice, when they come with complaints of dizziness sure that they ask is’ how my blood pressure dock ?, is down? according to the notes I read, hypotension (low blood pressure) is a condition where blood pressure is lower than 90/60 mmHg or blood pressure low enough to cause symptoms – symptoms such as dizziness and fainting.

So no one khan questions posed by the patient? dizziness and fainting are the most common symptoms experienced by the patient is hypotensive symptoms arise because of the disruption oxygen delivery to the brain.

Actually, the body has a mechanism to stabilize blood pressure, stability of blood pressure is important because the pressure should be high enough to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in the body and dispose of the waste generated, if the pressure is too high, can tear the blood vessels and cause bleeding in brain (hemorrhagic stroke) or other complications, if the pressure is too low, the blood can not deliver oxygen and nutrients are sufficient for the cell and can not dispose of waste generated properly.

Of the many causes of hypotension then hypotension due to changes in body position or orthostatic hypotension is the most frequent, when the patient is said to suffer from this type of hypotension? When encountered a decrease in systolic blood pressure below 80 mmHg settle or drop in systolic blood pressure greater than 30 mmHg followed by clinical symptoms when a change in body position of the bed to stand arrived – arrived.

Clinical symptoms that occur quite varied complaints of patients with a complaint neuropathy, autonomic such as tiredness, dizziness, fainting, frequent yawning, speech vague, blurred vision, facial pallor, cold sweat, nausea, uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, complaints which appears sometimes not closely related to the quality of the disease, there is a tendency to increase the quality of symptoms in the morning when I wake up, the more subsides if the patient has lunch or lay back down.


So, what exactly is the cause of hypotension? cause here can be grouped into three, namely :

* Cardiac output is reduced, cause abnormal heart rhythm, damage to or dysfunction of the heart muscle, heart valve disease, pulmonary embolism.
* Blood volume decreases, cause severe bleeding, diarrhea, excessive sweating, excessive urination.
* Increased capacity of the blood vessels, cause septic shock, exposure by heat, diarrhea, drugs vasodilators (nitrates, calcium inhibitors, ACE inhibitors).


Then, what should be done in patients with hypotension? some things you can do to reduce the symptoms of hypotension include :

– Physical activity performed regularly such as walking quite capable of reducing the onset of symptoms.
– Sleeping with your head elevated ± 30 cm and bedding can improve orthostatic hypotension via the renal artery pressure reduction mechanism which will further stimulate renin release and increases blood volume.
– Using drugs that may raise blood pressure.

Thus earlier – typical characteristics of disease hypotension or low blood pressure, and tips on how to reduce the symptoms, if you are one of this disease, we team of wonderful thing providing herbal remedies for low blood disease derived from plants – natural plant, from material Amomum cardamomum, Curcuma xanthorriza, though we’ve become a natural capsules without preservatives, so it is easier to consume. In addition, already registered POM TR and the RI Department of Health. If you want to book, bookings can be contacted directly at our email aries.kurniawan@gmail.com.

1. RADIX COFFEE BOX AND KANTONG “Coffee healthful and refreshing herbal”

Radix herbal coffee concoction made from extracts of maca, noni and various other herbs, combined with a special coffee and savory vegetable Krimmer and best refined sugar. Coffee Radix uses technology “double extraction” with a composition of 80% of robusta coffee and 20% Arabica coffee. RADIX caffeine content is very small, only 0.24% so it is safe for all ages.

The image of the original coffee taste with herbs tremendous benefits. Special health drink mixed with some herbal genuine synergies. Has many benefits that no doubt, and can directly enjoy the benefits. Through the extraction of herbaceous aromas and flavors so that the enjoyment of coffee to stay awake but have better benefits. Herba contained in coffee radix has an active ingredient content is higher and the quality can be maintained.

The main herbs used are Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia) which has been trusted for generations and proven to be effective.

– Coffee
– Sugar
– Krimer
– Pasak Bumi
– Other Herba

1. Increase stamina and vitality.
2. Maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels of the heart.
3. Making the formation of red blood cells.
4. Increase sexual desire and improve fertility.
5. Reduce fatigue.
6. Overcoming depression.
7. Improving mental fatigue.
8. Preventing osteoporosis.
9. It has a diuretic effect.
10. Reduce the risk of headache
11. Helps alleviate sleep disorders.

Package Contents : 15 Sachet (US $. 6 not including postage)

radix coffee box

radix coffee box











Package Contents : 30 Sachet (US $. 10 not including postage)

radix coffee bag

radix coffee bag














2. EXTRA HABBASAUDA PROPOLIS “Whatever the illness, Extra Seed remedy Propolis”
The basic ingredients Propolis Habba Sauda Extras, comes from the seeds Seed selection of organic plantation crops Egyptian Al Baladiy best. Combined with Propolis Extracts of wild forest in the UK and processed modern in Germany by way of cold pressed, and got the certificate of GMP and halal capsule shell of the Islamic Center of Europe makes Habba Sauda Extras Propolis as a cure all sorts of illnesses.

In extract form
– Habbatus Sauda Cool pressed oil 400 mg
– Propolis 100 mg
– Soyben oil 76.45 mg
– Lecithin (soy) 18.9 mg
– Capsule shell: Gelatin (Halal), Glycerine, Purified Water, Iron oxide red, Iron oxide yellow Iron oxide black.

– Adults : 1-2 capsules per day after meals
– Children : 1 capsule per day after meals

Maintain health, increase stamina and endurance and prevent various diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Contents : 30 capsules (US $. 13 not including postage)
“It is recommended drink plenty of water”

habbatussauda propolis













Omega-Vit is a supplement that contains four elements and work optimally as well as synergistically to maintain a healthy heart, skin and brain.

– Fish Oil 500 mg
– Vitamin E 10 mg
– EPA 18%
– DHA 12%

Softgel 2 times daily morning and evening after meals.

1. Prevent the occurrence of blood clots.
2. Control your heart rate so as to prevent a heart attack.
3. Maintain healthy skin from bacterial and fungal infections.
4. Optimizing the health of pregnant and lactating mothers.
5. Support the process of growth and development of infants and children.
6. Helps Stroke problem.
7. Improve memory.

Contents : 60 capsules (US $. 17 not including postage)

omega – vit















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