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House Thinnest in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

General sense, the house is one of the building used as a place to stay for a certain period. The house could be the place to stay human and animals, but for a term unique shelter for the animals are caged, hive, or enclosure. In a certain sense, the house refers to the concept – the concept of social community that exists in residential buildings, such as the family, life, eat, sleep, move, and others.

Having a residential house in the big cities are crowded into something quite difficult to achieve now. In addition to home prices are more expensive (especially downtown), land to build a house had already started to run out. So the best option to have a shelter in the city – a big city is by purchasing or renting Apartment Apartment and House. However, the Polish architect has a unique architecture with the idea of making the World’s Thinnest House.

Keret House is the name given to the buildings that house. Derived from the name of a tenant who is a writer and filmmaker from Israel, Etgar Keret. The building is not included in the category of homes in the Act – legislation in the country of Poland, so occupancy is filed under Art Installation. Keret House was designed by the architecture of Polish nationals named Jakub Szczesny.

The house was built in 2009 by an architect experienced enough, this house is one of the world’s thinnest house built in Warsaw, Poland. Known as the “home impossible” by the designer Jakub Szczesny Centrala studio, the house will have a width of only 152 cm (60 inches) flanked by two spacious houses beside it. The house is located in the center of Warsaw in the form of a small slot that is located between the two buildings and will officially defined as an art installation, because it does not meet the legal standards of construction in Poland.

Home interior width varies from 122 cm to 72 cm (48-28 inches), with a length of 12 m and has two floors. The home goal in general is to produce creative work conditions for artists and scholars representing these fields. Thinnest house is scheduled to be occupied by the Israeli writer Etgar Keret named as workplace and hiding where he also has the desire to live in Warsaw, like where his parents met. Thus, this house has been dubbed the “Hermitage – home Etgar Keret.” To save space, architect designed a staircase automatic controlled by a remote control which, if the owner does not want to use the entrance. The upper floor is accessible via stairs. The house will be fully sufficient as a place to live with the mini bathroom and bedroom, with a lighting system and complete piping is supported through the neighboring buildings. It is based on a steel frame, finished with a layer of wood and Styrofoam panel, white painted both inside and outside the building. Cost of initial funding of US $ 53,000 from the Warsaw city council. Here is a picture of a house that is included in the world’s thinnest house :



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