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The Grandest University in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Education is a lesson that is vital for every man, developing education world makes a desire to undergo seats at the university’s, so many universities was established in each country, starting from the university of simple to universities with comprehensive facilities’s flagship model. Here is a list of university’s flagship model in the world:

1. Orestad High School, Copenhagen

Orestad High School

Orested University High school campus is one of the most luxurious in the world, the building is nice and interesting, as well as supported by complete facilities, just look at the picture below there is a relaxing room with plush sofas as well as a comfortable atmosphere for student learning in a group or individual.









2. Gakuan Spiral Towers

circular staircase

Gakuen Spiral Towers is campus buildings that were in the city Nagoya, Japan with spiral form and made by Nikken Sekkei. Buildings, one of which contains 36 floors with height for around 170 m is a campus for 3 majoring; there are fashion design, computers and medicine.

Speaking on the technology environment-friendly that applied in this building is window systems use Double-Glazed Water Flow, which aims to absorb heat that entered into the building as well as the use ventilation air naturally. Both of the technology or system that is used is to reduce the usage of Air Conditioning in the room.





3. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

king abdullah

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, or who called KAUST is the largest and grandest in the region of the Middle East’s King Abdullah. The University is located 80 KM North of the city of Jeddah has been proposed for construction than in 2006 and has been completed from the year 2009 yesterday, the University was designed and built by HOK, a large European contractors.

The University has only two Departments namely, Department of science and technology, because King Abdullah University building mission is to produce graduates students that can advance the science of science and technology in the Middle East.


4. Modern High School

modern high school

The Modem University High School is located in Central LA, the campus has a unique building design more likely a museum of art, thus creating an atmosphere which full of creative and innovative in carrying out activities lectures and learning.







5. Nanyang University

sp jain global

Nanyang University in singapore, the campus is also one of the most luxurious in the world with a typical building of the green roof that reveals natural natural atmosphere makes students feel comfortable and cool in carrying out activities of College and learning.






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