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Gastric Pains

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Symptoms and Causes

Ulcer disease commonly found in the community is a functional heartburn. Functional heartburn is caused by various factors. Complaints that arise could occur because of the increased excessive stomach acid in the stomach. May be mentioned flooding stomach acid. This condition can be caused by certain foods and beverages, such as eating food that is too acidic, spicy, drink coffee or alcohol. Often too late to eat or not eat regularly can also be the cause of heartburn functional. In addition, the physical and psychological stress can also stimulate the production of excess stomach acid causing heartburn disturbance.

In addition to excess stomach acid, the stomach can also be disrupted due to rising bile from the duodenum to the stomach can even rise up the esophagus. The presence of bile that rises may cause disruption in the stomach to cause damage to the walls of the stomach.

Gastric motility or movement is also one of the causes of functional heartburn. Their slow gastric emptying resulting liquid food contact and stomach longer than usual, it is certainly going to cause disruption in the stomach.

Impaired motor movement system of the gastrointestinal tract that can also cause heartburn functional, among others : the deployment of an unbalanced diet in the stomach, antral hypomotility (which usually causes someone vomiting – vomiting associated with abdominal movement is abnormal), gastric dysrhythmias or movement of the stomach slower compared to the normal movement of the abdomen (tachygastrias, bradygastrias, and mixed dysrhythmias), and changes in the movement of the duodenum in the body.

Functional changes or movement in the body, especially the digestive system that occurs after food is digested normally would lead to slowing the emptying of the stomach space so that the size of the abdominal muscles swell more than normal size, you will feel bloated and nauseous.

According to reports, the emptying of the stomach space occurs in 30% of patients with ulcers, and 70% of these patients are caused by abnormal movement of the digestive system.

The cause of ulcer disease organic

Before explaining about the cause of stomach ulcers are organic, which can be found on the abnormalities during endoscopic examination of the upper digestive tract so that his stomach ulcers are grouped into organic heartburn is the discovery of injuries to the esophagus, was found ulcers in the stomach or duodenum. Besides the presence of polyps or malignant tumor on endoscopy patients with symptoms of heartburn is also an organic heartburn. Although statistically a tumor in the upper gastrointestinal tract is found less than 1% in patients with symptoms of heartburn, we must remain aware of the possibility of gastric cancer in patients with symptoms of heartburn that.

Drug history – especially the use of drugs rheumatic drugs or drugs – drugs to relieve pain, especially joint pain should also be suspected as the cause of complaints arising heartburn. In addition, often also due to a use of headache medication routine can also create problems in the stomach and cause organic disorders. Blood-thinning drugs are also frequently used by patients with coronary heart disease such as acetyl salicylic acid can also cause problems in the stomach.

Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria germ that also should be considered as the cause of the person experiencing heartburn. Germ Helicobacter pylori is one – the only germs that live in the stomach and if the bacteria living in our stomach, the presence of these germs will create problems. Abnormalities arising from the bacteria in the stomach is quite varied from without complaint, the red – red on the wall of the stomach, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Even the presence of these germs can cause tumors in the stomach. In contrast to other digestive bacteria Helicobater pylori bacteria usually do not cause complaints, but after many – years in the new hull cause problems. Therefore, the bacteria must always be ensured if someone is having problems with his stomach ulcers.

If someone is experiencing something amiss in his solar plexus area, which also must be considered is whether there are other complaints that we often call the alarm (alarm symptoms) on such person. Danger signs to be aware of other than pain in the gut if there are complaints that the black bowel, vomiting complaints – especially with complaints of vomiting blood vomiting, weight loss for no apparent reason, and their pale limp along. In addition, if a person feels the pain of heartburn the first time when already over 45 years, the heartburn experienced at this time should be considered as an organic cause.

In addition to a disturbance in the upper gastrointestinal tract pain complaints in the area of heartburn can be caused by other diseases, such as gall bladder abnormalities in either -pasir sand, stone or simply in the form of inflammation of the gallbladder can also cause complaints solar plexus area. Several times the authors get a patient who has been treated by another doctor as heartburn regular ultrasound to find out when it found the existence of gallbladder stones. Of course, after the problem gallstones treated his complaint of heartburn is reduced. A variety of other chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus (DM) of mumps in the form of increase in hormone disorders mumps can cause interference with the ulcer patients. Digestive diseases such as liver disorders disturbance on food absorption (malabsorption) can also cause complaints in the side.

Here is food and drinks should be avoided :

1. Food and drinks that contain lots of gas and too much fiber, among others, certain vegetables (cabbage, cabbage), fruit – certain fruits (jackfruit, banana), certain fiber foods (dried fruit), drinks containing gas (such as soft drink).

2. Drinks were induced stimulation of gastric acid among others : coffee, alcoholic beverages 5 -20%, white wine, citrus juice, milk.

3. The food is difficult to digest that may slow gastric emptying. Because it can lead to increased stretching of the stomach which eventually can increase stomach acid include fatty foods, cake, chocolate and cheese.

4. Food which directly damage the walls of the stomach foods that contain vinegar and spicy, pepper and spices that stimulate.

5. Foods that weaken the lower esophageal valve causing gastric fluid up into the esophagus can include alcohol, chocolate, high fat food, fried food. The enhancing activity of gas in the stomach also be avoided include chewing gum and smoking in particular.

That was some of the causes of ulcer disease, as well as foods that should be avoided, as this information may be useful, if you want to know more clearly about the symptoms – symptoms of heartburn and cure please click here.


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