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Foods Containing Vitamin A at The Most

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Vitamin A is essential for the health of our bodies, especially to maintain the epithelial cells of the cornea and vision, hair, as well as useful for the prevention and cure skin infections. In addition, vitamin A can prevent acne, dandruff, dry skin, facial wrinkles, helps the growth of bones and teeth, also play a role in the regulation of hormones and helps protect the body against cancer. Other benefits of vitamin A are :

1. Benefits of vitamin A or retinol for man who first was for growth and immunity of the body.
2. Vitamin A helps nourish the various layers of the skin and mucous membranes in the human body. Mucous membranes or mucosa in a healthy human body will be able to prevent cell damage. The mucous membranes plays an important role to prevent cancer as well as HIV disease. Therefore, the consumption of the vitamin A good man will be able to prevent the risk of cancer, tumors and so on.
3. Other benefits of vitamin A related role for healthy mucous membrane is to prevent the emergence of leukemia cells in humans.
4. Vitamin A is good for preventing various diseases caused by viruses. Different types of viruses such as respiratory viruses, measles, even the HIV virus will be inhibited by the consumption of vitamin A in the body enough.
5. Vitamin A also helps prevent stroke. The stroke patients are strongly encouraged to consume a variety of sources of vitamin A such as fruits and vegetables.
6. Benefits of Vitamin A is essential for eye restructuring. Humidity eye is the work of the vitamin A is.
7. Vitamin A is also believed to prevent the risk of skin cancer. Eating a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables will help you become the skin look smoother and healthier.

According to the study, Vitamin A is produced from two different compounds are converted in the body into vitamin A. In animal food sources, is available in the form of retinol, in plant-based foods is in the form of beta-carotene, which is less efficient than retinol for production of vitamin A. This makes the recommended amount of vitamin A given in the form of retinol equivalents, RE. The recommended amount of vitamin A is 1000 micrograms RE per day for men and 800 micrograms for women.

The symptoms of vitamin A deficiency if we can lead to serious consequences. It is usually accompanied by a lack of protein and minerals. Vitamin A can be stored in the body for a year. This means that no deficiency symptoms appear soon after the cessation of intake of this vitamin. However, if it appears after a long period of time there is no consumption, the symptoms may be very clear and heavy.
One of the first symptom is night blindness. If the shortage continues, it could also play a role in decreased function of the cornea and cause blindness. Lack of this vitamin can also prevent the growth of bone, or cause bone deformation, forming cracks and damage to the teeth and atrophy tooth-forming cells. Anemia is caused by the other. In addition, this deficiency affects bone and nervous system and can cause paralysis.

Once we know the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency, it helps us also to recognize the symptoms of vitamin A poisoning, poisoning occurs when proteins bind vitamin A have been met so that the behavior can attack the body’s cells. This usually does not happen if the vitamin comes from the daily diet, but this can happen if someone is using the supplement. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss. Nervous system and muscles can also be affected, causing symptoms such as loss of appetite, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and muscle weakness.

Thus the explanation of the benefits of vitamin A, vitamin A deficiency symptoms, and toxicity of vitamin A. Now we will describe foods that contain vitamin A that we can consume. Here is a list of foods that contain vitamin A most :



1. Cereals
Cereal Derived from yellow corn and wheat

vitamin b 1

2. Tubers
Tubers contain a lot of vitamin A is the sweet yellow, sweet steamed yellow, red sweet potatoes, yams red.


3. Cereals
From seeds or beans are peas and beans

vitamin b 1

4. Vegetable
Vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin A such as daffodils, spinach, spinach fried chips, bunkil taro leaves, red amaranth, velvetleaf leaf, guava leaf, cashew leaves, bean leaves, and other green leaves, Gandaria, beans, kankung, chinese cabbage , pumpkin, soy pack, princess shy, young ranti, seaweed, mustard, clover, eggplant and carrots Hintalo

fiber foods

5. Fruits
Fruits that contain vitamin A are apples, country, persimmon, mango, papaya, banana, and breadfruit Sowa

fruits for diet


6. Animal
Animal sources of vitamin A derived from chicken, duck, lamb kidney, beef liver, chicken liver, liver sausage, different types of fish (rabbitfish, skipjack, cork, kawalinya, clams, lehoma, malugis, crab, sardines, coral trout, and tuna Titang ), fish eggs and salted eggs.

7. Processed
In addition there are also vitamin A naturally derived dri processed as head of milk, butter, fish oil, palm oil, fish flour and milk powder.


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