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Food That Lowers Cholesterol

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By : Ririn Sholiha


Food That Lowers Cholesterol Levels. The word “cholesterol”, may have been familiar in the ears of everyone. Did you know, cholesterol is one or more body fat known as a lipid. As body fat, cholesterol certainly has various functions in our body. But if, levels of bad cholesterol in the blood to rise or high. Then this may be a serious problem for health. Different types of foods shown to reduce your cholesterol levels. So, what are the cholesterol – lowering foods …. ???

cholesterol levels

cholesterol levels

Cholesterol does have several important functions in the human body, if the cholesterol levels in the body under normal circumstances or stable. Some of the functions of cholesterol as body fat is as a constituent of the structure of the cell membrane, protecting the skin from toxins and drought as well as the formation of vitamin D (along with UV light). However, a variety of health problems in the body such as erectile dysfunction, kidney failure, and heart are some consequences of increased levels of cholesterol in the body. Here are 9 foods lowering cholesterol in your body :

1. Tomatoes
Is the first cholesterol – lowering foods. Although classified into fruit, consuming tomatoes may help reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. You can make a delicious tomato juice and drink two glasses of tomato juice every day.

2. Pomegranate
A second cholesterol – lowering foods. The small red round fruit was also very good for lowering cholesterol levels in the body in particular serves to reduce the buildup of cholesterol plaque and were able to increase the production of nitric oxide, which can help in reducing plaque in the arteries.

3. Avocados
Is a cholesterol – lowering foods third. Fruit with sightings of green colored oval and it is one of the fruits that can increase levels of good cholesterol in the body. This is because, there are two types of cholesterol in our body which is the bad cholesterol, or better known LDL and HDL cholesterol is good with names.

4. Wine
Cholesterol – lowering foods is fourth. The grapes were also very good to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. By regularly drank two glasses of grape juice per day is recommended to maintain the levels of good cholesterol in your body.

5. Garlic
Is a cholesterol – lowering food fifth. Although relatively spices – spices or herbs one for all housewives. Garlic was also very effective to help lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. Try to consume a clove of garlic per day to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in your body.

6. Various processed soy are also effective for lowering bad cholesterol
. Both types of food are also very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body. Another benefit that can be gained that there are sources of protein in both types of food.

7. Nuts – Nuts into the seventh cholesterol-lowering foods. Nuts – Nuts are referred to as peanuts, walnuts and almonds. The content of omega 3 and antioxidants in nuts – these nuts was also very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body.

8. Salmon is also listed as a cholesterol – lowering foods. Salmon contain omega – 3 fatty acid source is quite high, which serves to increase the levels of good cholesterol in your body.

9. Spinach ranks ninth on the list of cholesterol-lowering foods
. Green leafy vegetables contain lutein sources. Lutein in spinach helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. So, it’s good to start supply of spinach as your daily diet.

Thus the explanation of our foods that can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in our body. In addition to eating Reviews These foods is better for symptoms that already had the disease Also consume 100% natural herbal ingredients. We were on the team provides a wonderful thing herbal remedies for diseases of cholesterol derived from plants – natural plant, where we process into natural capsules without preservatives, so it is easier to consume, and is already registered POM TR and RI Health Department. If you want to book, bookings can be contacted directly at our email aries.kurniawan@gmail.com. Here is a list of the herbs that can treat diseases of cholesterol :




High levels of bad cholesterol in the body to trigger the emergence of various diseases.
LDL cholesterol can be bad whereas HDL cholesterol is the type of cholesterol that can dissolve the bad cholesterol in the body.
1. Derived from Red Rice Bran organic options, Teak Leaves Dutch and ginger-quality, hygienically prepared with stringent quality control.
2. It is suitable for children and adults.
3. Containing Natural Fibers, Vitamins and Minerals.
1. Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.
2. Antioxidants.
3. Increasing solubility in cell membranes.
4. Inhibit obesity.
– Oryza sative extract 100 mg
– Guazamae folium extract 200 mg
– Xanthorrhizae Curcuma rhizome extract 100 mg
Contents : 75 capsules
Price : Rp. 85.000, –
Now ORYZRED with potent formula for patients :
1. High cholesterol.
2. Impaired liver.
3. Preventing cancer.
4. Obesity.
5. Fatigue and lethargy.




Omega-Vit is a supplement that contains four elements and work optimally as well as synergistically to maintain a healthy heart, skin and brain.
– Fish Oil 500 mg
– Vitamin E 10 mg
– EPA 18%
– DHA 12%
Softgel 2 times daily morning and evening after meals.
1. Prevent the occurrence of blood clots.
2. Control your heart rate so as to prevent a heart attack.
3. Maintain healthy skin from bacterial and fungal infections.
4. Optimizing the health of pregnant and lactating mothers.
5. Support the process of growth and development of infants and children.
6. Helps Stroke problem.
7. Improve memory.
Contents : 60 capsules
Price : Rp. 234.000, –


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