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Food is Delicious But Dangerous in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Food is a substance , usually derived from animals or plants , eaten by living things to provide energy and nutrients . Fluids used for this purpose is often referred drinks , but the word ‘ food ‘ also be used . This term is sometimes used obscure figures, such as ” food for thought ” . Adequacy of food can be assessed with anthropometric nutritional status .

The food is usually made of human needs through farming or gardening that includes animal and plant sources . Some people refuse to eat foods from animals such as meat , eggs and others. Those who do not like to eat meat and the like are called vegetarians are people who only eat vegetables as their staple food .

In general, foods contain some elements or compounds such as water , carbohydrates , proteins , fats , vitamins , enzymes , pigments and others.

Every day we do need to eat , because eating is one of the needs of every human being . In the future more and more advanced , eating is not just filling the stomach , but there should be a delicious sensation . Yummy food is always a top choice , would cost a fortune , use preservatives or very spicy , delicious important . So this is what makes many people competing to create the most delicious food in the world . Not just about food so alone , many natural food ingredients unique , odd and even a headache , but still edible and tastes good .

Food does have a distinctive and unique sensations , there are some foods that can make a person dangerous even die . However , the desire to enjoy good food can make a lot of people willing to take risks .

Hazardous food is as it should be avoided to ensure the health of the body , some of these foods can even kill and very deadly . But surely these foods will cause many dangerous diseases are very detrimental to our bodies . In some cases , these foods are the source of the deadly diseases that attack humans .

In choosing good food , we have to pay attention to various aspects such as nutritional content and ingredients preservatives and other ingredients contained in the food . Information this article we will give information but dangerous delicious food in the world :

1 . Fish Pufferfish

puffer fish food

puffer fish food

In the liver of puffer fish contain toxins , if any of the fish processing tersbut can kill people who eat it . So if you do not know how to process these fish are suggested to not cook it in vain . In Japan these fish often though with sushi .

Puffer fish is poisonous fish is one that should be avoided . Although in some countries do not prohibit restaurants serving this dish , but each chef must have a license to manage fish Pufferfish . At the puffer fish contain toxins that can kill 30 adults easily . This poison is tetrodotoxin , which is 1,200 times more deadly than cyanide .



2 . Cayenne pepper teroedas

cayenne pepper diet

cayenne pepper diet

Average Indonesian people love looking at the spicy and there are even people who do not care about the health of the stomach itself . It was tasty but spicy meal if too excessive so dangerous . Try to imagine if you eat your chili will definitely diarrhea and at the anus feels sore , if you eat the hottest peppers in the world what’s going to happen at you .

Because many people are obsessed with spicy food , in 1912 , a man named Wilbur Scoville developed the Scoville scale . The scale can measure the level of spicy . For the hottest food in the world , a record still held by cayenne pepper named Trinidad Moruga Scorpion .

Spicy food is dangerous for those who have a sensitive digestion . In fact , too much spicy foods can cause stomach or intestinal bleeding .



3 . Burger

chemicals in fast food

chemicals in fast food

Burger is the most practical and preferred foods , ranging from children to adults . But you know, a guy named David Whipple inadvertently save a burger for a dozen years . This burger was purchased on July 7, 1998, but still durable to open in early 2013 .

Horrible is not it , this burger is not even the smell of decay . Bread and meat sections remain intact as the new burger . Supposedly , natural foods will rot after a few days , but this burger from decay -resistant up to 14 years . This burger was purchased at a fast food restaurant is very well known , even very famous in Indonesia .

Of course, the controversy arises from these findings , how much preservative is used in order burgers remain intact . But sometimes good taste trumps everything .



4 . Fruits Durian

fruit seeds

fruit seeds

Durian fruit is one that is full of fruit and nutritional benefits , but the fruit is not suitable for those of you who have suffered a variety of complaints such as diabetes and high blood pressure . This fruit contains a lot of calories , fats , and carbohydrates . Why fruit is said to be dangerous , because this fruit can be deadly for some patients , especially high blood pressure, cholesterol , and diabetes .







5 . Tapioca

tapioca starch

tapioca starch

Processed cassava flour is quite popular in the culinary archipelago , usually made in the flour thickener . If tapiokan in though incorrectly , substances in cassava roots and leaves can trigger the production of cyanide . If the toxicity of these substances can harm the health , ranging from headaches to heart attacks .






6 . Inky Cap Mushrooms

edible mushrooms

edible mushrooms

This fungus is found in many European and North America . This fungus can eat and often in the process into the soup and salad . But once you take it you do not ever drink alcoholic drink later you will experience nausea , vomiting , and palpitations .

Most people do know that mushrooms can be delicious food . But keep in mind there are many poisonous mushrooms that can make quick death . Although there is a fungus that can be cooked and eaten , keep in mind there are hundreds of others who have a deadly poison . There have been many people who die because they do not know this type of fungus .







7 . Gras Peas

healthy meals

healthy meals

Nuts are often used Indian culinary da east Africa is usually entered into soups and stews , and some are made into flour . Trees of this bean can be grown in a dry place . These plants can cause neurolathyrism , the disease that can cause paralysis .







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