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Food Containing Vitamin E at The Most

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Vitamin E is the common name for the two classes items, namely tocopherols and tocotrienols molecule , the which has the activity of vitamin E in nutrition . Vitamin E is not the name for each unit of specific chemicals , however , for any mixture that Occurs in nature that provides the function of vitamin E in nutrition .

Vitamin E was first discovered in 1922 by Dr . . HM Evans from California through research to maintain a normal pregnancy female rats required an unidentified substance . Without these ingredients , fetal mice will die within ten days when conceived . Male mice that lack these ingredients also have abnormalities in the testes . So when that vitamin E known as anti – Sterility vitamins . In women is also recommended as a treatment for infertility , menstrual disorders , vaginal inflammation , symptoms of menopause , miscarriage Prevent and seed fertility .

Vitamin E was first isolated in 1936 from the oil wheat flour . Called Vitamin E Because it was discovered after the vitamins that are already there items, namely A , B , C , and D. Form of Vitamin E is a combination of eight highly complex molecules called ‘ tocopherol ‘ .

The word ‘ tocopherol ‘ is derived from the Greek Toketos the which means ‘ birth’ and Phero means ‘ I take ‘ , the suffix ‘ – ol ‘ is added to indicate that this material is one of the alcohol that causes a hangover if Consumed in large quantities .

Fruits or foods containing vitamin E is a substance that is needed by the body . Unlike the case with hormones or blood cells , vitamins can not be produced by the body . The only way to get vitamins is a body of material that originated outside the body . The process of getting vitamin E or vitamin sources can come from food that contains vitamin E , be it vegetables or fruits that contain a lots of vitamin e . There are also other ways to get vitamin E in istan or faster is by way of injection of vitamin e . Benefits and uses these vitamins very much at all , the following benefits if we consume vitamin E :

• Increase endurance , help cope with stress , improve fertility , minimizing the risk of cancer and coronary heart disease .
• Serve very important for healthy skin , by maintaining , improving skin elasticity and moisture , prevents premature aging , Protects the skin from damage by the caused by ultraviolet radiation , as well as Accelerate the wound healing process .
• As an antioxidant . All Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is INVOLVED in many body processes and Operate as a natural antioxidant that helps protect cell structures that are important especially cell membranes from damage due to free radicals . In carrying out its function as an antioxidant in the body , vitamin E works by searching , reacting and damaging free radical chain reactions Y. In these reactions , vitamin E itself converted into a radical . However , this radical will quickly intervening regenerate into active vitamin through a biochemical process involving other compounds.
• Protect red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body tissues from damage . In addition to protecting from the effects of excess vitamin A and vitamin A protect from damage , this vitamin can also protect animals from the effects of various drugs , chemicals , and metals roomates support the formation of free radicals .
• Helps Accelerate wound healing . If we have a regular Wounds or burns , vitamin E in the body of the which we can work to help speed up the drying of the wound and the wound healing .
• Inhibits aging . Vitamin E can help to Prevent aging is visible on the skin , and makes our skin look fresh natural.
• Prevent skin burned by the sun . Use lotion or cream containing vitamin E and apply on the skin surface when traveling in daylight . It can help you so you do not burn the skin by sunlight roomates consequently Becomes black skin .
• Helps reduce menstrual cramps result . For women who are menstruating , vitamin E can help you to relieve cramps . Drinking capsule of vitamin E supplements every day , about 1 or 2 weeks before your menstrual cycle .

That’s some of the benefits of vitamin E that we can get . Apparently quite important also to meet the needs of vitamin E in the body , for that once again I suggest to consume fruits and foods that contain a lot of vitamin E , if the fruit such as apples , blueberries , papaya , bananas and some other fruits . But in addition to the benefits that so many , there is some information that will be given if we lack and excess of vitamin e . Here we will give the information:


Vitamin E deficiency of red blood cells will lead to a split . This process is called hemolysis eritrodit and can be avoided with vitamin E. Another consequence if we are deficient in vitamin E are :
• degenerative changes in the nervous system and muscles
• weakness and difficulty walking
• Pain in the calf muscle
• impaired vision
• anemia
• fluid retention ( edema )
• skin disorders

In Infants , vitamin E deficiency can cause abnormalities that interfere with fat absorption in preterm Infants and malnourished . However , vitamin E deficiency is very rare indeed Because this vitamin found in many foods , especially in vegetable oil . In humans , vitamin E deficiency can be the caused by a diet that is very bad for a long time .


In general , vitamin E is Considered as a fairly safe . In some cases , excess vitamin E cause interference on the performance of the immune system against infection . Will be felt symptoms are headache , weak and always tired , and headache accompanied by visual disturbances . To that end , the amount of vitamin E in the body must be in strict limits .

Thus had the information if we lack and excess of vitamin E , a source of food and fruits that contain a vitamin E are also quite numerous and varied . Not only from the type of beans but also from vegetables and fruits . Even tubers such as taro also contain a vitamin E is quite high . The following information will be given food that is included in the list of foods containing vitamin E most :

1 . Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds or what we call the sunflower seeds contain a vitamin E is very high , in 100 grams of sunflower seeds contain a vitamin E as 36.6mg or at 222 % of the daily requirement of the body .

foods that contain magnesium

foods that contain magnesium


2 . Avocado fruit
Vitamin E in avocados is also Easily found . In fact it contains vitamins avocados to 11 and 14 minerals needed for the body . In the content of an avocado 100gr you can meet the daily needs of vitamin E up to 10 % . The avocado was a lot of benefits for the body . In addition to free radicals , can also reduce Prevent stroke and cholesterol in the blood . And also can make the formation of red blood cells and Prevent ulcer disease . For fulfillment you can combine it with other fruits such as oranges or other fruit to be used as a salad .

what contains vitamin e

what contains vitamin e


3 . Mango
Mango fruit also contains vitamin E. Vitamin E is contained in mango fruit as much as 2 to 3mg every single mango fruit . Because by eating mangoes can get many benefits . Benefits such as nourish the eyes , keeping the digestive processes in the body , keeping Constipation , and Prevent acidity . Improve memory and memory in the brain . And also can Prevent cancer and heart disease , as well as to fight against diabetes .

what food contains vitamin e

what food contains vitamin e


4 . Vegetable Spinach
Spinach is a vegetable that is familiar to the people of Indonesia . Spinach is very beneficial for the body Because it contains a lot of fiber . Very good for people with diabetes Because it can absorb glucose remaining in the intestines . Were also Able to reduce levels of cholesterol and bile acid binding . The more Consumed , cholesterol , fats , bile acids will be issued Often more . Indeed , there is the content of vitamin E in vegetable spinach . Unfortunately not as much vitamin K. Although vitamin K also plays a role in the function of vitamin E but executed better . So that the dose of vitamin E at 100 g spinach was not much .

what food contains vitamin e

what food contains vitamin e


5 . Fruit Paprika
For bell pepper , red pepper and green peppers contain a no vitamin E. Yellow peppers are not vitamin E in it . For red peppers contain a vitamin E 1:58 mg for every 100 mg of red bell pepper . As for the green peppers contain a vitamin E 7.4 mg for every 100 mg of green bell pepper . Efficacy is the pepper fruit lowers the risk of cancer , maintaining healthy heart , lower blood cholesterol levels . Paprika is also Commonly used in vegetable concoction .

what food contains vitamin e

what food contains vitamin e


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