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Information about company ERGO Insurance Group

ergo insurance group

ERGO Insurance Group is one of the major insurance groups in Europe. Worldwide, ERGO is represented more than 30 countries and concentrates on Europe and Asia. In Europe, ERGO claims in the health segment and legal expenses insurance, and in the home market of Germany it is one of the market leaders. It’s about 50 000 people working full- time for the Group, either as salaried employees or as self-employed sales representative. ERGO is part of Munich Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurers and risk carriers. Munich Re holds a 99.69 % stake in ERGO.

Out of German area, ERGO Insurance Group operates more than 30 countries. The majority of foreign are in participation in the ERGO International AG. The ERGO mostly active in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. The insurance company is growing rapidly enough, began its inception in 1997 until now always trying to improve the quality of the best. Here are the details of history will be explained about the insurer of ERGO Insurance Group :

1 . In 1997 DAS , DKV , Hamburg – Mannheimer and Victoria join the insurance company
to find ERGO Insurance Group .
2 . In 1999 established asset managers, Meag , and IT service providers Group , ITERGO . group
breaks into Polish market .
3 . In 2000 the group broke into the Italian market and the Baltic States.
4 . In 2001 sales partnership with the German HypoVereinsbank (member of
UniCredit Group ) .
5 . In 2002 the Group took over the direct insurer Germany, KarstadtQuelle
Versicherungen .
6 . In 2004 the Group Re-organization and the new management organization in accordance with the
branch. Group breaks into Chinese market.
7 . In 2006 the Group breaks into the Indian market and Turkey.
8 . In 2008 the group broke into the South Korean market.

With premium income amounting to € 20 billion, ERGO is one of the market leaders in all segments in the domestic market of Germany. ERGO offers a wide range of insurance, provision and services. More than 40 million subscribers, of which 20 million are based in Germany alone, putting their trust on security, expertise and support provided by ERGO and experts in various fields of business.

ERGO is strictly geared to the wants and needs of customers and intends to continue to increase further in close dialogue with consumers.

More than 22,000 full- time self-employed insurance agent , staff working in direct sales , as well as insurance brokers and strong cooperation partners , both in Germany and abroad , the address private customers and corporate clients . ERGO always maintain partnerships with major European banks UniCredit and Volksbank International Group, both in Germany and in many European countries.

The ERGO Insurance Group operates in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia. In recent years, international business has become an important pillar, with enormous growth potential.

ERGO Group’s foreign business accounts for almost a quarter of total premium income. Activities in the international market is the most dynamic growth areas in the ERGO. This group is the European market leader in health and legal expenses insurance to focus on Europe and Asia.

ERGO trying to expand internationally, particularly where any level of medium and long -term growth is expected. In particular, this includes eastern and southern Europe, China, India and other selected countries in Asia. In developing its business, ERGO focuses on expertise in legal fees, direct insurance and bancassurance , making optimal use of the know how and experience of the German domestic market . The ERGO International markets are as follows:

ERGO operates in many European countries. Large companies are under the umbrella of the ERGO Hestia including, insurance one of the most famous brands of Poland, with more than four million customers in the victim’s property and life insurance. In the State of Turkey, ERGO offers products for all lines of business of 1.7 million customers.

In the State of Italy, Italian ERGO offers her some 750,000 clients a broad palette of products and provision for elderly life insurance and property and casualty insurance. In addition, protection against legal costs and travel insurance products can be purchased through its subsidiary ERGO.

In the Baltic countries, the various companies of the ERGO Group enjoyed a successful operation in the field of property, life and health insurance. The companies have a uniform management in all three Baltic countries.

In India, ERGO is represented in a property insurance joint venture with HDFC ERGO success. ERGO is operating on the market under its own name and also in its insurance specialists, using a variety of sales channels. The company that offers customers is expert advice and a wide range of insurance products major. They serve private customers in all stages of their lives and corporate customers. ERGO and the company is represented worldwide in more than 30 countries.

ERGO Group offers life insurance and property insurance offerings under the ERGO brand. In Germany, for the supply of varied products the old, build wealth, income maintenance and protection of the goods offered by the life insurance company ERGO Lebensversicherung property and casualty insurance ERGO Versicherung . Both rank among the leading providers in the German market and have more than a century of experience behind them.

ERGO Insurance Group is owned by one of the largest German companies in the field of insurance. Group activities consist of life insurance, health insurance, non-life insurance and accident, legal expenses insurance, travel insurance and financial services.

ERGO aims to be a top choice reinsurance companies in Germany and internationally for customers, shareholders, and employees, as well as in- house and third -party agents. Has also increased the capacity of the two providers Evolution and flexibility both in terms of new business and consolidate existing business property owner where it is placed in a non – strategic markets. If you want to take advantage of this new opportunity please contact us for further information, please contact at :

ERGO Insurance Group
Company Information
Victoriaplatz 2
Düsseldorf , Germany


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